bruce a. cassidy sr.

board of directors

Mr. Cassidy, who is currently retired, was the founder of Excel Mining Systems LLC (“EMS”), a manufacture of roof support systems for the mining industry located in Bowerston, Ohio. Mr. Cassidy served as Chief Executive Officers of EMS from 1991 until the sale in 2007 to Orica Mining Systems (“Orica”), an Australia-based company. In 2008 Mr. Cassidy became President and Chief Executive Officer of Minova North and South Americas, a subsidiary of Orica, and served in that position until his retirement in December 0f 2009.

Mr. Cassidy joined the Selinsky Force Industrial Services (“Selinsky”)
Board of Managers in 2007. His family partnership acquired Selinsky in 2008, an Ohio company that specializes in plant maintenance, industrial construction, steel erection, heavy rigging and hauling, and equipment rental. In addition, a sister company, Defcon, was acquired in 2010, to specialize in plant
maintenance for pulverizing equipment processes used by coal fired power plants. In 2009, Mr. Cassidy, through Excel Golf, a family partnership, purchased The Concession Golf Club in Bradenton, Florida, ranked number one in Golf Digest’s 2006 list of best new private golf courses and where the 2021 PGA WCG was held. Mr. Cassidy acted as a founder and board member of Ohio-based Premier Bank & Trust from February 2010 to February 2017. Mr. Cassidy currently spends his time investing in, operating, and serving as a board member for various companies in multiple industries. Mr. Cassidy serves as Chairman of Sarasota Green Group, Sarasota Florida; Chairman of Arboreta, Sarasota Florida;, Chairman of Loop Media, Inc (LPTV), Glendale, CA;, Chairman of Hyype Space, Sarasota Florida; and is involved in several
other operating companies.

Mr. Cassidy originally hails from Jefferson County, Ohio and currently resides in Sarasota, Florida, where he enjoys being involved in his community.