liam mccallum

chief product officer | co-founder

Liam is an experienced Mediatech executive with 20 years experience leading international product development teams. Enjoying a career foundation at Electronic Arts Asia, Liam, as Director of Online Technology, built the online platforms that powered the world's most successful online games — "Liam has a unique ability to foresee upcoming trends, then build the supporting technology for millions of users." - Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, Forbes' 2015 most Powerful American CEO's Under 40. After 10 years with Electronic Arts, Liam left to found QVIVO, an enterprise cloud media platform with lead investment from the SingTel Group who serve over 550 million mobile customers around the world. In addition, Liam is board member and advisor to the Hong Kong charity Lizzie Bee, a foundation dedicated to bringing art projects to the underprivileged of all ages. McCallum is based in Loop's Glendale, CA headquarters.