The Best & Worst Things to Show on Coffee Shop TVs

Many coffee shops are starting to make use of televisions inside and outside their stores to attract more foot traffic into their stores and improve the customer experience.

This trend has been especially popular with the rise of digital signage solutions, which allow coffee shops to display all sorts of different types of media on their television screens.

Of course, there are some things that are good and beneficial to show on coffee shop televisions, while there are also some things that coffee shop owners will definitely want to avoid displaying on their digital screens.

In this article, we go over the best and the worst things to display on coffee shop screens, so that your business can best take advantage of their digital real estate, driving sales, improving customer engagement, increasing dwell time, reducing perceived wait times, and many other benefits that will become clear throughout the rest of this article.

The Best Things to Show on Outdoor Coffee Shop TVs

Many coffee shops are ditching traditional signs for commercial-grade televisions outside their stores, while others keep the traditional signs and augment the content they are able to display to people passing by the establishment with commercial-grade TVs.

It's important to stress the importance of commercial-grade television screens when using the screens outside. Consumer-grade televisions are usually not weatherproofed and often are not able to get as bright as is needed to make sure that the content displayed is highly visible even on the sunniest days.

On the other hand, many commercial-grade televisions are specially equipped for outdoor use, meaning that they are weatherproofed, have high maximum brightness, and have anti-glare displays.

Keeping these important factors in mind, let's talk about some of the best things you can show on your outdoor televisions!

1. Shop Logos and Other Branded Content

Digital signage solutions offer the functionality to display all different types of content. These include videos, images, text, and animations. In comparison, a traditional sign is severely limited. Using your outdoor televisions, you can level up your logo displays and other branded content.

Making use of many of the different types of media available, you can be sure that your sign will be far more eye-catching than a traditional sign. This, in turn, can drive much more foot traffic into your store. Think of the logo and shop name as integral parts of the first impression that your store gives off to people who pass by.

When you use digital signage to display logos and store names, you have the ability to make a great first impression with highly visually appealing content. More people will take notice of your store, and with a good first impression, will likely be predisposed to have a better experience once they enter the store and get their beverages or food offerings.

2. Promotional Material

One of the best ways to draw people into your store is to display the promotions customers can expect to take advantage of by being patrons of your establishment rather than a different coffee shop. You can highlight deals that you might have on specific drinks or combos, such as breakfast combos which include beverages and breakfast sandwiches, for example.

3. Special Offerings

One of the best things that you can display on your outdoor televisions is the special drinks that you might have available. For example, you might have gotten high-quality coffee beans that your customers simply must taste, or you might have special seasonal offerings, which will draw the attention of both new customers and customers that have already been to your shop.

The great thing about employing digital signage solutions in conjunction with your outdoor televisions is that you can and mouth-watering images or videos of your delicious drinks. Many people who would otherwise have passed your store will find that content of this kind is irresistable, prompting them to come into the store.

4. Mini Movies

Coffee shops can make videos that capture the spirit of the coffee shop. Such videos might include your baristas making coffee with beautiful latte art, footage from events hosted by your business, videos showing the places that the beans used by your shop are harvested from, happy customers inside your store, quotes that encapsulate your business ethos, and other similar material.

Such videos do not promote specific drinks or food items, but rather promote the store itself and give a sense of the atmosphere people can expect when entering your store. This is a great way to draw more foot traffic into your business, and if the videos are done well, they can be the perfect first impression that you want to make on customers.

5. Promotion of Business-related Events

Many coffee shops that host events, such as coffee tastings, meetups, live music, and stand-up comedy will only promote these events inside the store. However, this is not the best way to take advantage of the marketing potential of events.

Many people that pass your store may not be in the mood for coffee at that moment. However, they may be inclined to go to your coffee shop at a later date or a later time if they see that your shop is hosting an event that they would be interested in attending.

By promoting your events outside of the store, you may find that many people who have not gone to your store become first-time customers by attending an event hosted at your business. That's why it is so important to advertise your events both inside and outside of the store.

The Worst Things to Show on Outdoor Coffee Shop TVs

1. Music Videos and Other Visual Entertainment

As we will discuss, music videos can be effective when used inside of a store, but they do not really further the purpose of outdoor televisions, which is to draw more customers into your store.

Music videos have entertainment value, but they are not a great way of representing your coffee shop. People passing by are not looking for entertainment, which they would likely ignore anyways because it does not directly relate to the drinks, food, or atmosphere that they can expect from your establishment.

2. Store Hours

It's not that you do not want people to know what your hours of operation are. However, digital screens can be highly valuable marketing tools, and your hours of operation would simply take up space in your digital signage playlist. There are many things that are best displayed on digital screens like televisions, but hours of operation can be adequately displayed by traditional signs or posters.

The Best Things to Show on Indoor Coffee Shop Televisions

1. Digital Menu Board

One of the absolute best things that you can display on your indoor coffee shop televisions is a digital menu board. In fact, if you were to only display one thing on your televisions, then a digital menu board would probably be your best bet.

Digital menu boards have the advantage over traditional menu signs and paper menus in that they are highly customizable. If your drink offerings change, then it costs nothing to change the menu. Moreover, the digital menu board is highly visible and can be much more visually attractive than a traditional menu board.

One of the best aspects of a digital menu board is that you can display images, videos, text, and animations. For example, you can have pictures of your delicious drinks and food. People who might have come in planning on buying a plain drip coffee might find their mouths watering when they see an image of one of your more expensive drinks.

Digital menu boards also have the benefit of tending to reduce perceived wait times. Nobody likes to wait in line, and this is especially the case when they are craving caffeine. Waiting in a coffee shop line can feel like a harrowing experience.

Digital menu boards are usually more entertaining to customers because of the visuals and when people are more entertained, time seems to pass by more quickly. Thus, a digital menu board may very likely reduce the amount of time it feels like a customer has been waiting, which can really improve the customer experience.

2. Promotions

Just as with outdoor television screens, displaying your promotions on indoor television screens can be highly beneficial.

When displayed on your television screens, it will be hard for customers to miss the promotions that your business is offering. This will be much appreciated by customers who have the information readily available to them to get a good deal.

3. Social Media Feeds

A great way to increase customer engagement with your business is to display social media feeds on your coffee shop TVs. You can display posts by customers that have tagged your social media accounts, which will in turn encourage other people to post about your business. This is a great way to let customers do the work of brand exposure for you.

Additionally, simply showing your business’s own social media feed alerts customers to the fact that you have social media accounts. When they see that you are posting good content on your feed, they will be more inclined to follow, and this opens up a new line of customer engagement and marketing.

With your social media, you can alert customers of upcoming promotions, new drink offerings, and much more. Additionally, you can get customers engaged by hosting polls, such as polls asking what drink your customers would like to see on your menu.

4. Light Entertainment

Many coffee shops will find that showing entertaining content on their television screens does not easily fit in with their brand image or the atmosphere they are trying to create.

However, for many coffee shops, showing things like music videos can be great for entertaining customers, both when they are waiting in line and when they have sat down to enjoy their drinks and food. However, if your coffee shop is geared towards customers who want to use the space to work, it may be best to avoid entertainment content.

The Worst Things to Show on Indoor Coffee Shop TVs

1. Long-form Entertainment

While light entertainment, such as music videos, can work great for some coffee shops, nearly all coffee shops will want to avoid entertainment content like TV shows and Movies.

The fact is that this will likely not be entertaining, since people do not come to a coffee shop to watch movies, and it is likely that they will not be staying in the coffee shop for long enough to complete a show or movie. In general, content such as this serves as an unwanted distraction.

2. News Programs

News programs are generally highly politically charged. People have such differing opinions about what type of news should be watched, and you do not want to alienate customers.

Moreover, news programs simply do not fit in with the vibe or atmosphere that most coffee shops are trying to create. Thus, it is just best to categorically avoid news programs on your coffee shop TVs.

3. Explicit Content

It should go without saying that coffee shops are not a place to display explicit content.

Many people come in with their children, and even those without children will likely find explicit content to be out of place in a coffee shop or just simply offensive. Thus, even if you choose to display music videos or other light entertainment, you will want to make sure that the videos you choose are family-friendly.

Making the Most of Coffee Shop TVs

Coffee shops have a lot to gain from installing televisions both inside and outside their establishment. This is especially the case if your business integrates a digital signage system in conjunction with televisions.

By using TVs, you can drive more traffic into your store, improve the customer experience, promote customer engagement, and keep your customers well informed. All of this can translate into more sales and a loyal customer base.