UpShow TV Competitor Analysis

According to the US Chamber of Commerce, 80% of small businesses are using at least one major platform to show products and services, as well as to advertise.

So, if you are in the market for an entertainment and digital signage platform for your business’s screens, it is important to think about what factors will influence your choice the most. It could be their business model, library of media content, and even pricing that effect which company is best suited for you needs.

Loop TV and UpShow both offer entertainment options, but whether you are a brick-and-mortar business or a amusement park, a free streaming platform with a large choice of channels and fully-licensed music videos is better for your ROI than paying for costly monthly subscriptions.

So, let’s get down to the offerings and benefits of each company.

Overview of the Products

What you show on your screens can change the atmosphere of your business. Customers form impressions about your business based on what entertainment is playing.

So, you want to ensure that you are broadcasting the right atmosphere for your business by catering your entertainment to the specific audience you want to attract.

Many factors can go into your decision. The technical setup you have in your business, your budget, and even your brand may influence the type of entertainment you choose.

To make it easier, we are breaking down what UpShow and Loop TV have to offer with their products, so you can make the best, most informed decision for your company.

Business Model Comparison

UpShow uses a SaaS business model. This means that the software used for their device is accessed through a subscription via a cloud-based platform.

Because of this, UpShow can entertain with no outside ads. However, you are subjected to the monthly cost of the subscription, which we will go into detail about later.

In contrast, Loop TV runs using an ad-supported video-on-demand, free streaming platform. Third-party, non-competing ads show on the screen intermittently every about 5 to 10 videos.

These ads do not interrupt the audio during music video playback. They are built to be non-intrusive during music videos. Both the ad and the music video play simultaneously on the screen.

However, ads will interrupt non-music channels. This is understandable. Ads are what pay for the service, so you don’t have to.

Online Portal Perks

UpShow offers actionable insights from analytics to drive customer interaction.

They have a data dashboard designed for business owners to access up-to-date information about what is working and what is not in their ad campaigns. This data helps business owners to target and measure customer ROI.

To boost employee engagement, they offer gamification to drive retention. They also create incentives based on customer habits to influence customer behaviors. Business owners can set business goals in their platform to help boost their campaigns.

The online portal for Loop TV allows business owners to access and create custom playlists, upload digital signage, schedule their digital messages, upload their business’s logo, and more. This is an easy-to-use portal that can be accessed anywhere.

In addition, Loop TV has trivia channels such as TriviaLoop, which plays non-stop. TriviaLoop brings multiple choice quizzes in eight different categories to challenge and entertain your customers.

There is also TriviaLoop All Sports and TriviaLoop All music channels available on the player, as well.

These quizzes are a great way to spark interaction and loyalty in customers. They help pass the time during wait times, and they are also a great tool for employee engagement.

Trivia can boost workplace morale and improve the workplace atmosphere, and remember that happier employees make happier customers.

You can even show TriviaLoop channels in your breakroom and use them as your own custom incentives program.

Exclusive Music Content

According to a recent study, background music can increase productivity in employees and shape customer moods. So, finding the right music to play in your business is paramount.

You want the energy of the music to match your business’s atmosphere. For a casual coffee shop, you want soothing, jazzy beats. For a bowling alley, you want lively, exciting music.

You’ve been in a business before where you question the musical choices, or you’ve heard the same song over and over. These can be detractors to customers, making them want to leave or not return to your business.

On the other hand, you’ve probably been in a business before where every song seemed to be your favorite. This makes customers happy and encourages them to visit your business again.

You could plug into a radio or stream a popular music platform, but you don’t get to control that content. With a digital signage platform, you can completely customize your music to make sure the right songs end up playing in your business.

Both UpShow and LoopTVprovide music streaming. UpShow Premium Audio gives businesses access to 50 stations with commercial-free playlists that pair with images designed for your business.

Yet, this doesn’t compare to the hundreds of hand-curated music video channels that come with your Loop TV device. Loop is partnered with major music labels throughout the US to provide customers with fully-licensed content.

Some of the channels available are perfectly picked for your business such as the Sports Bar Channel which plays songs with an upbeat vibe to encourage a fun, lively atmosphere in your business. There are also workout music video channels meant to help pump up your gym with the best beats to work out with.

The list of genres and moods is truly spectacular. You can choose playlists that include the latest pop songs, Latin favorites, rock classics, country, holiday music, kids, K-pop, and so much more.

There is no need to pay an upcharge for music catered to your business’s needs when Loop TV offers such a large selection for free.

You can control the playlist and even the ratings of the songs in the online portal. So, you can customize your content to your business’s needs. You can also schedule your digital signage to play intermittently between a certain number of videos through the online portal.

Premium Entertainment Content

Besides music, both UpShow and LoopTV have a large inventory of entertainment channels. Both can be catered to your business’s brand and target audience. These channels offer you the latest and greatest in internet entertainment, meant to engage your customers with high-quality content.

UpShow offers 500+ channels including lifestyle channels that you can have selected specifically for your business. They have options for local and live television channels, as well.

There are also options for interactive games, sports betting, and links to your social media feed. Many of these don’t come with the most basic subscription package, though.

Loop TV has 200+ premium channels that are free for any open-to-the-public business. There is a channel for every business type. Dentist offices, retail, hair salons, arcades, you name it, Loop has a channel for you.

Here are some examples of channels Loop TV has to offer. You can choose the drone footage category and see breathtaking footage of landscapes around the world. The viral video category has the latest and greatest videos popular on the internet.

The lifestyle channels are perfect for particular businesses such as cooking videos for restaurants, fitness videos for gyms, and movie trailers for theaters.

There are also several sports channels including boxing, MMA, pro-wrestling, extreme sports, college basketball, college football, and surfing. In addition, a sports ticker widget runs along the bottom of your screens with all the major league sports news, scores, and games.

You can also show news channels that offer business news, trending headlines, and entertainment news.

Also, Loop TV has exclusive rights to the Wiggles channel for kids. This is the perfect channel to get the little ones moving and grooving along as they wait for an appointment or just to get them excited about your business.

For those who enjoy nostalgia, a Looney Tunes channel is also available through Loop TV.

Access to Varied Customer Support Options

It is important to have quality access to customer support with any digital signage option. You want to make sure you can troubleshoot any issues that may arise while using the technology that drives your digital message.

Both UpShow and Loop TV provide 24/7 online tech support. Yet, some of UpShow’s tech support and curated content come with the caveat of paying for a more expensive subscription.

Loop provides open-source tech support with access to several how-to guides on the company’s website. You can also call or email them anytime to get the answers you need.

For quick access, a chat option at the bottom of Loop’s home page allows you to find troubleshooting support at your fingertips. There are even videos on YouTube for those who need visual instructions.

The product itself is easy to install. It is an Android product that plugs into your TV screens using a HDMI cable. You can even sync multiple TVs together within your business using an HDMI splitter or contact customer service to talk about getting more free media players to use in your business.

The Key Difference

Although UpShow provides its 500+ channels with no outside ads, to get full access to these channels, you need to subscribe to their monthly service.

The quick start price for smaller businesses with 3 or fewer locations is $50. This gets you the most basic package. This subscription provides basic entertainment channels, access to the digital signage editor, trackable QR codes, content scheduling, and basic customer support.

Once you subscribe, UpShow ships your device to each location for your business to use with your digital screens. If you want to truly access all their 500+ channels, social media interactions, and employee gamification, you’ll need to subscribe to one of their more expensive packages.

You could go with either a standard ($95/month) or a professional subscription ($145/month) per location, and both of those have different channel, support, and feature options.

That’s a lot of money to shell out each month for your business’s entertainment content and digital signage.

Meanwhile, Loop TV provides 200+ channels and a large selection of music video channels on an ad-supported video-on-demand streaming platform. Ads on Loop TV will not interrupt audio during music video playback. This allows you to have a seamless, and non-intrusive ad experience.

This streaming service is free of charge with availability in locations throughout all 50 states. There are no limitations on access to content or support.

All you have to do is provide your business information, and you’ll be shipped a Loop TV device for free within 2-3 business days. You can start today and have your digital signage up and running in no time.

This quick and cost-effective entertainment option is ideal for businesses looking to elevate their digital signage while keeping their bottom line in mind.

The Choice is Clear

Choosing the right entertainment and digital signage provider comes down to choosing what works best for your business. You need to keep in mind what is most important to your company.

Although UpShow provides a variety of custom entertainment channels with no ads, catered to your business’s specific brand, some of these features and support are based on your paid subscription.

When you are a small business, every dollar counts. Your screens are supposed to help your business grow and create the best atmosphere for your customers, not pick your pocket.

LoopTV provides a completely free entertainment service, starting with the free and quick delivery of their media player. They also have unrivaled music video channels for every mood, genre, business type, and taste. With engaging content sure to spark loyalty in your customers, your digital messages have never been easier or more effective.

The outstanding free content of Loop TV is perfect for any business to capture and broadcast on their screens. Many companies have already made the choice to use Loop TV in their businesses.

Check out Loop’s website for more information about how you can get your free media player today and start optimizing your business’s screens.