Business TV: Loop for Business

Whether you've already ordered your Loop Player or are still just checking it out, you may have some questions on what Loop offers. Loop for Business is a streaming service made specifically for businesses.

While the streaming landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade for consumers, business streaming has remained largely unchanged. Indeed the share of Americans, who watch cable or satellite at home, has plunged from 76% to 56% in the last six years.

Despite rising cable and satellite subscriptions and more on-demand content available to stream online, many businesses still pay for cable or satellite subscriptions.

For business owners wanting on-demand premium content, scheduling, and digital signage, Loop for Business is for you.

Loop has hundreds of on-demand channels curated for any business. Loop has music video channels for any mood or genre.

Loop also provides the latest movie trailers, travel and lifestyle channels, college sports highlights and hilarious viral video channels. On top of all this premium content, owners can also schedule, customize digital signage and playlists at no cost.

That's right. Our content and player are free for your business to use. The Loop ad-supported model is available to all business owners in the U.S. No credit card is required, but you must have a valid business address that is open to the public. Unfortunately, home offices are not licensed at this time. Click here to order your player.

Moreover, all content on Loop is fully licensed for business venues. If you run music videos, Loop will even pay performance-rights organization (PRO) royalties on your behalf (for the Loop service only).

To learn more about the Loop player for business, check out https://loop.tv/business/