Cannabis and CBD Shops Can Leverage Digital Signage, Entertainment, & Social Media

While the U.S. is still a patchwork of different state laws and regulations when it comes to cannabis use, marijuana legalization continues to spread across the country. As of July 2020, retailers in the majority of states are legally able to sell either cannabis or CBD, with varying levels of THC.

With these new markets opening up, retailers have to not only increase product awareness but also educate customers on those products' uses and benefits. And in the age of COVID-19 when customers are spending more time at home than ever before keeping customers entertained while shopping and engaged via social media is crucial.

From the potent Blackberry Kush strain to CBD-infused gummies, the variety of strains and products is easy to get lost in, even more so for first time users. Aside from broadening product awareness, customers will have distinct needs when shopping. While one customer may want a product to deal with their anxiety, another may require pain management, and yet another may need help falling asleep at night.

Cannabis and CBD shops should seek to market and educate customers on products, and continue to engage when customers head home--especially now that customers spend more time on social media. How can retailers advertise, entertain, and educate consumers, while also gaining their attention at home?

Build brand with in-house advertising, entertainment

Due to the ongoing pandemic, many retailers and shops are justifiably looking for ways to cut costs in order to protect their bottom lines. An affordable way to advertise is to have short targeted ads featuring new products and deals playing inside their own shops on their screen(s).

These ads help increase customer awareness of less well known products and are effective in building a retailer’s brand for an already captive audience. Whether customers are browsing the shop floor or checking out at the counter, in-house ads show the wide array of products available and help establish a burgeoning brand, especially in new markets.Additionally, shops should offer consumers short-form content that’s engaging and interactive. Long-form content, like tv shows and movies found on Netflix or Hulu, isn’t the best way to engage customers preoccupied with shopping or exploring on the shop floor. It doesn’t exactly set the right shopping ambience for your shop’s brand, either.

High-quality, short-form content on your shop’s big screen (like music videos, movie trailers, viral content, and sports highlights) not only sets the right tone for your place of business but also keeps customers inside your shop longer.

Provide customers with information on products’ uses, benefits

To keep customers coming back and entice new customers to explore, businesses need not only introduce new-fangled products (cannabis-infused dried pineapple, anyone?) but should also highlight tried-and-true buds and strains to newbies.

While an old pro may know exactly what bud she wants when she walks in, she may not be aware of the benefits new products provide. An experience good’s characteristics, like a vape pen’s efficacy and convenience, are difficult to fully telegraph without buying an actual pen, but can still be broadcasted for customers, who are willing to buy and try. By having digital signage that spotlights new products, a shop can fully maximize the time a customer spends while waiting to pay.Moreover, new cannabis or CBD customers may not even know where to start. Digital signage can provide customers basic information in addition to sales representatives on the floor.

While most shops are happy to provide small free samples to existing customers, it would be impossible for a new customer to try all or most of the products they’re interested in. Giving customers information about various products and what their benefits are is an easy way to help customers find the right strain, bud, or oil for them.

Connect with consumers on social media
With capacity limits still in effect in many regions and face mask requirements in others or both, people are not exactly socializing while shopping like they used to. Coronavirus has forced folks to find novel ways to connect.By connecting social media to the aforementioned short-form-in-venue entertainment, customers can actively interact with the content and shops themselves. Customers, who see their recommendations or posts on a retailer’s TV, or their comments on a music video on an app, will have fun interacting with shops in an innovative way.But what about after customers leave? How can your shop stay in touch with customers while they’re at home? Businesses can go even further by using an app for customers to take that short-form content anywhere they go. Customers will still be able to experience the venue even when they’re at home. Having a tie via social media will give retailers a much needed connection as they establish a wide customer base and continue to grow their brand.

Digital signage, short-form content, and social media are key

Retailers should use all tools at their disposal given the current economic reality, cannabis and CBD shops especially will need to leverage those tools as they open and continue to expand nationwide. Digital signage, short-form content, and social media are invaluable assets that no shop should be without.

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