Casinos Can Incorporate Digital Signage, Short-form Content

While the World Series of Poker (WSOP) circuit events are heading online like last year, many gamblers and thrill seekers are still off to casinos to play in person. Although the casino floor may look different with social distancing rules in effect and face mask wearing employees, customers coming to gamble still want to get the most bang for their gambling buck.

Aside from simply ensuring consumer safety and health (which, in itself, is no small feat), reopening casinos should aim to have new marketing, entertainment, and customer engagement strategies for incoming players-- especially now that live events are few and far between.How can casinos keep players safe while also keeping them entertained to ensure returning customers?

Leverage in-house advertising, entertainment

Due to the ongoing pandemic, casinos and venues are looking for ways to keep costs down as they reopen. An affordable way to advertise specials and promos is to have short targeted ads playing on the casino floor and restaurants.

These ads help advertise daily tournaments, drawings, or drink specials for a captive audience and can also help spread the word on any health updates or requirements like wearing a face mask inside the casino. Whether customers are gambling at a table or perusing the casino floor, in-house ads can display all the gaming action for that day, week, or month and help keep customers safe during the pandemic.Moreover, casinos can easily bring in revenue through local advertising customized for their players. These geographically targeted ads are effective in front of the right audience and simultaneously generate valuable revenue for a casino.While long-form content, like television shows and movies, are less than ideal on casino floors as players are too busy playing, short-form content is perfect for players. Short-form entertainment is almost a necessity for a casino in the age of the Coronavirus. Whether customers are chilling at the bar waiting for a table or at the craps table trying their luck, short-form content such as viral videos, movie trailers and sports highlights will keep them entertained and, most importantly, in their seats.

Gamify social media for players

Due to capacity constraints and face mask requirements or both, people are not socializing while gambling like they used to. COVID-19 has led to folks connecting in novel ways. Connecting social media platforms to in-venue entertainment can unlock player engagement both on-and off-the casino floor. Players won’t just be watching music videos or sports highlights but instead can actively interact with them through an app. Raffle winners announced on a television screen can also be enhanced with customer posts and shout-outs. Casinos can even gamify social media engagement to keep players enthralled and, of course, physically distanced.Furthermore, players can use that app to take content with them when they leave the casino so they can continue experiencing the casino action. Not leveraging social media would have been a mistake prior to the pandemic, not leveraging it now is letting the house lose money.

Casinos should use all tools at disposal

Reopening a casino, even without restrictions, after an extended closure is tricky. Players may be keen to play but wary of sticking around for too long having been away from the tables for so long. Keeping them enticed with the right rewards, whether it be in the form of promos, entertainment, or social engagement, will be key for casinos as they reopen.

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