Digital Signage: Highlight your Venue, Promos, Menus, and More with your Loop Player

If you're still discovering the many features offered on your Loop Player, you may have found our digital signage offering, which like all other features on Loop is, of course, free.

Loop's sophisticated digital signage solution highlights your venue, in-store promotions, menus, upcoming events, and more. Whatever digital sign you make and want to display in your venue can be uploaded to your Loop Player in a matter of minutes.

To upload your digital signage set or add a URL to a signage set, go to your portal at biz.loop.tv and login to view your profile. In the left hand drop down menu, click the small plus sign (+) next to signage sets. Name your signage set. A pop-up will then ask if you'd like to add it to your TV now. You can accept to add it now or cancel and add it to your TV manually later.

Your digital signage set has two components: content (i.e. an overlay image, video, web page display) and a text ticker. The content will be displayed over your video stream or in between videos if it contains audio, while the text ticker will run underneath at select moments. Click "add sign" to upload content and change the text. You can also add short videos to run.

The ideal aspect ratio for uploaded content is 16:9. Anything not in 16:9 landscape format will cropped.

Signage can be scheduled to run on certain days of the week and at certain times of the day. You can also control how frequently your signage is shown. Additionally, signage can be set to expire after a certain date, e.g. if you don't want those St. Paddy's day drink specials to run after March 17.

There is no set limit for the length or file size of your video signage, but keep in mind larger files may take longer to be processed. Static images will be displayed on your screen for 20 seconds at a time. Once uploaded navigate away from the 'Add Sign' screen and check back or just wait and you'll see it on screen once it has processed.

Finally, you can add your own custom TV logo to permanently display on-screen. This frees up your digital signage slots for drink and food specials and other announcements. Your custom TV logo will then sit permanently in the top left-hand corner of your screen.

Once you’re good with the changes you’ve made, make sure to click save and add the signage set to your desired TV on the right-hand side 'signage set' drop-down menu on your main home page of the portal when viewing any one of your TVs.

And that's it! Your very own digital signage has been created.

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