Digital Signage in your Small Business Venue

While many small businesses across the country have already embraced televisions inside their shops to entertain customers, most are not optimizing time with a captive audience through digital signage. Digital signage, or electronic signs on one or multiple screens can be centrally controlled, is something that all businesses should leverage especially now that any time spent with customers is sacred.

There are many advantages to using digital signage as opposed to print. Digital signage saves you time and money, not to mention additional stress, and allows you to focus on customers instead. Moreover, with digital signage, you can build your brand with customers and inform them about new products and services in real time.

Digital signage is easily available and can be found in a variety of different types of shops and establishments, including but not limited to:CBD Stores: Increase customer engagement particularly with new customers and increase sales with screens throughout your store.

Restaurants/Bars: Let your customers know about your daily specials, new drinks, and upcoming seasonal specials. Even if they’re stopping by just for take out, take advantage of every minute they’re inside your venue.

Casinos: An affordable way to advertise food and drink specials, tournaments, drawings, and other promos is to have short targeted ads playing throughout the casino floor and at restaurants.

Gyms/Health Clubs: Screens throughout your facility can be used to promote upcoming classes, advertise specials, and even provide the occasional motivational reminder for members trying to shed the pandemic 15 pound gain.Digital Signage>Traditional Print

Scheduling: Signage can be updated automatically. Run what you want, when you want. There are signage solutions for your business to promote your website, promotions, menus, events and more.

Plug and Play: With an enterprise level device specifically built to keep the video playing at all times, even with no internet, it's as easy to plug into your TV as it is in your venue's AV rack.Setting up digital signage is easy. Loop TV is trusted by some of the world’s largest brands for their branded streaming video solutions. Join them today to inform and entertain your customers with a best-in-class entertainment experience at your business.

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