Hair & Beauty Salons, Barbershops Can Optimize New Intimate Experience

Despite being among the first venues to open during the pandemic in many states, clients are still uneasy about visiting hair and nail salons. Still, self-care and confidence in how a person looks and feels is key to their self-esteem. And after being deprived of other small pleasures since the pandemic began, going to the salon is exactly the little pick-me-up a lot of folks need.

Like other businesses, returning salon clients can expect a different experience while there. Depending on the location, salon owners have leeway in setting their own health and sanitization procedures on top of whatever state and local requirements they’re under. Despite temperature checks and face mask requirements, both clients and salons want a pleasant experience i during an appointment.

Having less people inside the salon allows for more social distancing but hampers the human interaction we crave. This more intimate salon experience, with face masks most likely involved, is unlikely to go away any time soon. Salon owners should maximize the time that clients spend inside their salons by leveraging that intimate experience and keeping customers entertained while they get their much needed self-care.

Maximizing the New Salon Experience

Salons should offer clients short-form content, that is content under five minutes, that’s engaging and comforting to help them relax and establish a sense of normalcy. Long-form content, like tv shows and movies found on Netflix or Hulu, isn’t exactly the best way to engage clients only there for a couple of hours or less. It also doesn’t really set the right ambiance for your salon.High quality short-form content on your salon’s big screen, like music videos, can not only set the right tone for your salon, but also provides quick nuggets of novel entertainment as either conversation starters or background ambience for clients and stylists to finally reconnect. Setting the right tone with curated playlists will help keep clients at ease as they take a much needed break outside their homes.

Connect with Clients Outside the Salon

Despite all the “social distancing” measures throughout the country, we are in fact physically distancing, not social distancing. Even with the pandemic, people want to stay connected with loved ones. By connecting social media to venue entertainments, clients can interact with others, salons, and content. They can have fun interacting with salons in new and innovative ways seeing their recommendations or posts on a retailer’s TV or their comments on a music video on an app.

Once customers leave, they can stay in touch while they’re at home by taking short-form content like music videos anywhere they go. Clients can still experience your venue at home or wherever they are. Social media can give retailers a much needed connection with clients as they continue to grow their brand.

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