Is Loop real?

Is Loop real?

In one word: yes.

Does Loop Player for business sound too good to be true? Also yes, but IT IS REAL. Loop is a new TV streaming service that brings unlimited entertainment and powerful digital signage tools to your business for FREE.

All content is free, and fully licensed for business, including our entire music video library. Our music video library includes curated music video channels designed for your business and we even pay the performance-rights organization (PRO) royalties on your behalf (for the Loop-provided content only). We also have viral videos (People are Awesome, Pet Collective, Fail Army, etc.), action sports (Go Pro, Fuel TV, etc.), captivating drone footage, travel, fashion and lifestyle channels, and more.

Now, the Admiral Ackbar in you may be thinking, “It’s a trap!” But again, we’re not sure who hurt you in the past, but there’s no trap with Loop. Loop is supported by premium ads that run every 10 minutes on average.
Only businesses that are open to the public qualify for our Loop Player.
Sorry home businesses, we see you and respect the hustle, but our licenses only cover out-of-home venues, i.e. cafes, bars, restaurants, gyms, salons, tattoo shops, etc. We would lose our content licenses if we knowingly sent our player to private homes.

So that’s it. You just have to have a business that is open to the public with a TV and internet to order and plug-in your free Loop Player, and then stream our awesome content for free. The Loop for Business Player is free, the content is free, the shipping is free, and any customer service support you need is free. You can even create and run your own in-house ads (for special promotions, upcoming events, etc.) for free.

Now that you hopefully believe Loop is real and are considering it for your business, here’s the best part. Not only is Loop free, but with our new Loop Rewards program your business could even make money by using the Loop Player. As long as your Loop Player stays on our ad-supported channels during business hours throughout the month, we’ll send you a link to redeem your gift card (about $20 per screen per month as of January 2022). You can even track your progress right from the Loop Player menu.

Read more about our Loop Rewards program here.