Loop Media, Inc. Launches Loop TV for Commercial Businesses

Commercial Media Solutions Leader Delivers First Affordable Streaming Service for Businesses of Any Size

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Commercial Media Solutions Leader Delivers First Affordable Streaming Service for Businesses of Any Size

BURBANK, Calif.–Loop Media, Inc., an innovative streaming media company focused on premium short-form video for businesses and consumers, announced today the launch of Loop TV. The new technology provides a complementary product to the company’s current Loop Screencast hardware and downloadable media system by making Loop’s entire content library cloud-based, allowing customers to receive automatic digital software and content updates via smart TVs and low-cost connected devices. Loop TV is currently available on the Amazon Appstore and will soon be available on Roku devices, along with more apps and device support to be delivered throughout the year. Loop Screencast, originally developed by ScreenPlay, will continue to be marketed to businesses requiring an enterprise level audio, video and advertising solution.

“Loop Screencast is already being successfully implemented by clients including Yard House, Buffalo Wild Wings, Bubba’s 33 and Margaritaville to provide a premium music video experience. It’s a valuable and well-known product we continue to champion for venues requiring multi-zone experiences,” said Jon Niermann, CEO, Loop Media. “Loop TV, using the online Loop Business Portal and Loop stick, moves the entire buying and customer experience online and delivers a low-cost, plug-and-play solution for any sized retail location. It’s a new solution for businesses looking for an incredibly simple way to entertain and engage customers, and build brand loyalty.”

Loop TV’s service starts at $89 per month (or $119 including public rights obligations) and allows businesses to immediately stream curated music videos through an admin-controlled mobile app, to choose from a variety of human-curated and up-to-date playlists, or create their own. The UI also gives venues the freedom to seamlessly transition between on-demand videos and playlists with live channels. Loop TV is offering a trial rollout to the first 1,000 venues that sign up.

Loop Screencast includes scheduling, which lets venues program specific playlists to begin and end at scheduled times throughout the day or week; List Mixer, allowing venues to intelligently curate their music and videos based on genres, eras, BPMs, etc.; and the Digital Ad Creator, letting venues promote F&B specials or event details onto their screens while still playing back music video content. Businesses can easily upload their own creative assets or create them from a provided library of creative content.

Loop’s consumer app, which will enable public-to-private and real-time interaction between venues, artists and fans, will be available later this year. To join the waitlist for early access, please visit loop.tv.

About Loop Media, Inc.
Loop Media, Inc. is an innovative premium streaming media company building products and solutions for both businesses and consumers. Loop improves the entire viewing experience for premium short-form content by focusing on venues and consumers in the evolving frontier of digital out-of-home, streamlining the public-to-private viewing experience and providing platform transparency to allow artists to create and realize new revenue streams. Loop’s growing library of over 200,000 music videos and film, game and TV trailers can be viewed in many popular hospitality, dining, and retail venues; on leading branded media and entertainment sites; and on over-the-top TV platforms and IPTV devices. To learn more about Loop products and applications, please visit online at Loop.tv, Twitter or Instagram.

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