Loop Media Stars Shine

San Fernando Valley Business Journal

Erin Kinsey is Loop TV’s artist of the month for August and was
featured in a meet-and-greet with fans in Dallas on Aug. 6.

Loop Media, the Glendale short form video distributor, named Kinsey as a “First Watch” artist and presented the Records Nashville singer at the Texas Roadhouse. The date also marked one year since the release of Kinsey’s single “Just Drive,” an ode to young love and long drives around her hometown of Rockwall, Texas. The song has been streamed more than 36 million times.

Kinsey, a self-proclaimed “Texan through and through,” said there is no better location to mark this occasion than her hometown Texas Roadhouse, a long-time Loop business client and venue partner.

Records Nashville is the country division of Records – the New York-based record label run by founder Barry Weiss in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment.

The video for “Just Drive” can be seen now at all Texas Roadhouse locations throughout the U.S.

Within the mix of Loop Media’s many streaming music video channels, “First Watch” appears as a curated and editorialized early look at music videos from three artists on each episode.

Kinsey was featured in the second episode.

Loop Media’s chief executive, Jon Niermann, said the company was bringing artists “out of your screens and into your venues.”

“We are thrilled that our long-time business client, Texas Roadhouse, has the ability to share such an engaging and exciting event with their patrons — one they definitely don’t see every day, but one that Loop’s creative team is working toward hosting much more often,” he said in a statement.

Kinsey’s career and the meet-and-greet event are tangible examples of the emerging out-of-home and digital out-of-home opportunities for artists, performers, labels, publishers and stakeholders in the music, arts and entertainment industries, a release from Loop Media said.

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