Loop Player Provides Entertainment for Customers and Savings for Restaurants, Bars

As restaurants and bars reopen in some regions, others are aiming to keep customers coming back after weeks of capacity restrictions and takeout only ordering. 2020 was not been a smooth year for small businesses throughout the country. Rightfully so, business owners are keeping an eye on their bottom lines in 2021.

“As venue operators turn their attention to safely reopening upon government ‘stay at home’ orders being relaxed or removed, they are understandably focused on cost and value for money. These operators seek high quality premium content that is flexible and programmable and many of them are surprised at how easily the Loop Player can address these needs and how affordable it is,” said Jon Niermann, Loop Media CEO and Co-Founder.

Loop Media Inc. is a media company focused on premium short-form content. The “Loop for Business” player (or “Loop Player”) is designed for commercial venues of all sizes. First introduced earlier this year, “Loop for Business” can be streamed directly to televisions from the Loop Player.

“The ‘Loop for Business’ solution has been a reliable, easy-to-use system for our customers,” said Mohammed Aladhami, General Manager of Applebee’s in Mesa, AZ. “All our managers absolutely love the Loop Player at the Mesa location. We plan on using it for the ‘Drink of the Month’ and ‘Dine & Donate’ specials and look forward to seeing even more success as we continue to use ‘Loop for Business’ for our in-venue customer entertainment.”

Loop provides customizable entertainment, digital signage and flexible program scheduling for retailers. Loop’s suite of entertainment products includes a massive music video library, viral videos, movie trailers, and sports highlights. Additionally, it’s significantly more affordable than cable, satellite or other business video and signage systems.

“Despite the displacements and disruptions that have occurred since the Loop Player was introduced earlier this year, we have been working with various venues to help them be prepared for reopening and reengaging with their customers when they are able to do so,” said Niermann.

Any retailer with the Loop Player can enjoy high-quality short-form content for up to 80% less than what was previously offered to the market. Loop’s notable clientele includes Applebee’s, Bubba’s 33, Hard Rock Cafe, and Margaritaville.

“As a bar owner, I want customers to have their heads up, involved with what’s going on at the bar and not looking down at their phones,” said Nigel Cotterill, Co-Owner of Tillie’s Lounge. “With endless channels of engaging, streamable content ‘Loop for Business’ attracts customer attention and keeps them engaged.”

“Our reopening wouldn’t have gone off with the same amount of fanfare and success without the introduction of ‘Loop for Business.’ Repeatedly, our Huck-n-Finns' customers have lined up directly in front of our video displays connected to the ‘Loop for Business’ system and intuitively interacted with Loop’s content on the screens,” said Jefferson Jenkins, Owner of Huck-n-Finns Sports Bistro.

“Despite the uncertainties and anxieties associated with reopening during COVID-19, ‘Loop for Business’ has given Huck-n-Finns ease-of-use and client support that is second to none. We can’t wait to see even more enthusiasm from our customers while using ‘Loop for Business’ as we continue to re-introduce Huck-n-Finns to our local marketplace.”

To learn more about “Loop for Business” and the Loop player, check out https://loop.tv/free/.