Loop Remote app: Controlling your Loop Player Just Got Easier

So, you’ve activated your Loop Player for business. Now, you're playing your curated playlists and have your digital signage in your venue. Customers are no longer staring at empty black screens, but you’re also wondering what else can you do to make streaming on Loop even more seamless and convenient?

One of the ways you can do that is by downloading the “Loop Remote” app - a digital remote that allows you to search and select whatever content you’d like to play on your Loop Player from anywhere, any time.

The Loop Remote app is an incredibly handy tool that any Loop Player owners can download to their mobile devices directly from the App Store or Google Play Store (note that the Loop Remote icon is black while the Loop consumer app icon is white). Once you get the app installed, sign in using the same credentials as your business portal and you'll be able to control your Loop Player's content without having to be within line of sight of it.

Now imagine this, you’re away from your venue for a business trip and you realize that you forgot to assign and schedule the playlist you had carefully curated for that weekend. However, you're not even stressing about it because you know there’s a quick fix to this problem. You simply pull out your phone, open the Loop Remote app, and select that special playlist that will help set the mood in your restaurant for the rest of the night. Better yet, you don’t even have to bother calling employees you know are busy serving customers.

Here’s another scenario, you have multiple Loop players installed in your huge 2,600 square feet venue and each of them is playing a different video channel. If you don’t have the Loop Remote app installed on your phone and you want to change the content on all players, you would have to run to every one of them and switch channels using the physical remotes. But with the Loop Remote app, you can easily manage content across all of your TV screens on your mobile device. That’s right, multiple screens, one app!

While the Loop Remote app does not support customization features yet, you can control any customizations already made from the business portal on the app. In the meantime, we hope every Loop owner is utilizing the Loop Remote app to make your job a bit easier!To learn more about Loop for Business, check out https://loop.tv/business