Loop Rewards Program is Here!

What if entertaining your customers actually made YOU money?

What if entertaining your customers actually made YOU money?

This holiday season, we’re giving you the gift card that keeps giving as long as you keep streaming: Loop Rewards. Loop’s latest feature flips the script for venue owners, transforming the traditional business relationship from a payment-based service to a revenue opportunity.

By running your Loop player for 8 hours a day, you can earn real money - just make sure to keep your player on during business hours! As long as your player stays on our Loop network ad-supported channels, we’ll send you $20 at the end of the month if you let Loop stream for 8 hours a day.

Again, make sure to select an ad-supported channel and watch the level on your cash-thermometer rise. You must stream 8 hours a day for 7 days a week to reach the proper threshold, but you can also stream in other increments (for example, 5 days a week at 12 hours a day).

The $20 allocations are given on a per-player basis; the more screens you have connected, the more money you can make from the rewards program. With 10 connected players streaming at 8 hours a day, you could be bringing home $200 a month for your business!

Our client Chrome Truck Stop and IHOP helped pilot Loop Rewards. Read their testimonial on our product:

“I decided to install Loop because I enjoyed the immersive and broad programming at locations I visited. Once installed here, we decided to make the audio part of our dining experience due to the variety of programming options offered."

"The absolute best part of the Loop program is the ability to create our own in-house advertising.On numerous occasions, I have interacted with our guests and they have commented on being captivated by the programming.

Recently we had a guest leave a Google review and stated that the Christmas music helped put her in the mood!

The idea that I’m getting paid to have such great programming running is just a win win, as far as I see it."

-Chris Shaffer - Chrome Truck Stop and IHOP