Loop Support Page Now Available

It's finally arrived! Your brand new Loop for Business Player is now at your place of business for your customers to enjoy. Whether you want to take advantage of scheduling, digital signage, or playlists on the Loop Player, you may need a quick tutorial on how to use these interactive features. The Loop support page is here to help.

You can access the Loop support page directly from the Loop homepage by clicking on "SUPPORT." Once on the support page, check out the categories, such as The Loop Player and Application, Your Account, or Loop Hardware. Select the category you need help with and have your questions immediately answered online.

Additionally, you can check out our Loop Player Tutorial Videos for a more visually engaging experience.

Take advantage of our support page to have your Loop Player questions answered straight away. No waiting on the phone or waiting for a reply.

The support page can also help you discover features, for example, did you know there's a Loop remote app for your mobile device?

If your question isn't answered or you don't see a category you have a question about, feel free to reach out by clicking on "Get in touch" at the bottom of each article.

To learn more about the Loop player for business, check out https://loop.tv/business/