Scheduling: Set Your Playlists to run on Your Schedule with your Loop Player

Loop Player owners! Did you know that on top of creating your own playlists and digital signage, you can create your own schedules?

Are you tired of having to manually switch playlists throughout the day? Do you want to automate playlists and not have to worry about them again? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should definitely give the scheduling feature a try!

Just like all the other business-friendly features that Loop offers, scheduling is completely free through our ad-supported plan and can be customized through your business portal. You'll be able to set one of the many playlists curated by Loop experts, or playlists that you've created to run on certain days of the week and at certain times of the day.

Once you’re logged in to your profile, go to the bottom left where you'll see, “Schedules.” Click the small plus sign (+). Give your schedule a name. Then a pop-up will ask if you want to add this schedule to your TV now, if not, you can always add it later manually.

Now here comes the fun part! After you create a new schedule, you should see a calendar for the entire week. This is the section where you can determine which playlists you want to play at whatever time you desire.

Loop's scheduling feature makes it easy to automate playlists.

Let’s say you want to play "Business Lunch" at noon and automatically switch to "Happy Hour" starting from 3pm everyday. All you have to do is click “Add Playlist” on the top right corner and select the playlist, day, and time accordingly. And of course, your custom playlists will appear as selectable options, too!

After you finish setting up your schedule, don’t forget to go back to your desired TV's homepage and assign it to your TV from the “Schedule” drop down menu on the right side.

With Loop’s new EPG interface, your schedule will also show up as a channel that you can quickly select with the remote, so make sure you give it a fitting name!

Remember, you can always override your schedule using the remote to load a playlist on the fly, your schedule will then pick up the next day. The Loop Player restarts at 5am each day; you can manually restart the Player by going “Home” then selecting “Open Loop.” Finally, you can also reload playlists using the Loop app on your mobile device.

Voila! In just a few minutes, you’ve successfully set up the content to play automatically until you decide to make changes! Now you can just leave the Loop Player running and not have to worry about going back and forth to switch channels.