Tattoo Shops Can Overcome COVID-19 Changes

While some tattoo artists may be breathing a sigh of relief that the days of impulse tattoos are paused right now (and are unlikely to return?), most owners also know that this means less time with their customers. Not having to deal with indecisive customers aside, less time with potential customers also means that some new customers may ultimately not go through with their first tattoo. Being able to connect with customers especially during these socially distant times is vital to establishing and keeping existing relationships with customers.

Lure Potential Customers In with the Right Content

During the limited time customers are in salons, it’s important to make them feel welcomed and as comfortable as possible. Most shop owners are setting their own health and sanitization procedures with temperature checks at the door and face mask requirements. While oxygen levels remain the same with a face mask, a tattooee may become more anxious wearing a face mask and getting poked with a needle. By taking more breaks during a session, both the artist and customer can feel more at ease with the experience.

Unfortunately with capacity limitations in place, most shops are sparsely populated with only the artist and customer booked for that block of time in the shop for proper social distancing. Moreover, customers in the majority of shops are no longer allowed to bring a friend for emotional support. For big, complicated pieces, customers may Facetime a friend or two to relieve the loneliness. After that, they will likely feel the boredom coming on, especially as phone batteries drain, and become less comfortable with the needle.

Short-form entertainment, such as music videos, viral videos, movie trailers, and sports highlights, will keep customers entertained, and most importantly less fidgety in their seats. Short-form content, as opposed to long-form content, like television shows and movies, provides novel content every few minutes and much needed quick dopamine shots for viewers getting prodded with a needle. Additionally, they’re good conversation starters for the artist and tattooee and can help establish a bond between the two.

Maximize Time Spent In the Shop

Moreover, digital ads and promos are not limited to the airport itself. Local businesses can promote their own sales and attractions for a small fee as well. In order to decrease conflicts of interest with partners inside the airport and local businesses outside of it, airports can set a 5-10 mile restricted radius on what can and cannot be promoted, i.e. not promoting direct outside competitors to partners inside the airport. And, while airlines may be tightening their ad dollars, being able to specifically target people already traveling is an advantage airports have over other ad locations. Thus, digital signage brings another potential source of revenue to airports worried about their bottom lines.Leverage the COVID Shift

Attracting customers and keeping a relationship with existing customers was already difficult before the pandemic. Doing so now with the COVID shift requires new tactics and strategies. Digital signage can attract new customers, or at the very least connect with them on social media, and short-form content is key to keeping them entertained while they get inked. Shops should be looking for any way to leverage the COVID shift and keep customers coming back.

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