TV made for Business

If you're like the majority of Americans, you either already have or will soon cut cable at home. According to a recent CBS poll, less than half of all Americans now watch television via cable or satellite. And with the rising costs of cable and satellite packages, that trend will likely continue.

But if you're a business owner with a customer facing venue, you may have noticed that there are no free streaming tv options for your business. Moreover, as discussed in a previous blog article, there are restrictions and fees with playing copyrighted works in your place of business.

Meaning that while you as a customer have every right to stream every episode of Bridgerton non-stop at home (and you totally should), streaming Netflix at your place of business would be considered commercial use and a violation of Netflix's terms of service.

So what free streaming services are available for businesses?

Loop for Business is a free service that provides premium entertainment for your business. The service is free, the hardware is free, and even shipping is free. Loop is supported by premium ads that run every 10 minutes on average.

Even better, unlike consumer music services, like Netflix, all content on Loop is fully licensed for business venues. If you run music videos and opt in, Loop will even cover performance-rights organization (PRO) royalties on your behalf (for the Loop service only).

From funny viral videos to movie trailers, Loop has hundreds of on-demand channels highly curated for any business. Finally, with Loop's digital signage, scheduling, and custom playlists you can curate your business experience for your customers.To get free business TV today or learn more about the Loop player for business, check out https://loop.tv/business/