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An unlimited world of streaming entertainment awaits your business. Loop is a free music video, business TV and digital signage service, fully licensed to run in your public business. Entertain your customers with our original music video, sports, lifestyle, news or kids channels.

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Sophisticated signage solutions highlight your site, in-store promotions, menus, upcoming events, and more.










150+ fully licensed channels

Schedule professionally curated music video channels designed for your business.

Powerful Benefits of Streaming TV Services for Business

Streaming TV for business provides unique opportunities to captivate and build meaningful customer relationships. Compared to old-school marketing and entertainment methods, Loop’s free business streaming services can help transform your space.:

Authentic Entertainment

Our streaming TV service for business curates content from the best channels, including music videos, viral moments, drone footage, and trivia.

Diverse Programming

Catering to various interests and preferences helps you attract a broader audience. Business TV streaming services offer a wide range of customizable content spanning genres suitable for any age range.

Customer Engagement

Streaming services for your business provide engaging, stimulating, and immersive programming tailored to enhance the customer experience.

Interactive Experiences

If you’re searching for an interactive streaming service for your business, our streaming TVs provide a rich assortment of interactive games and trivia channels, elevating customer engagement. Our offerings range from general knowledge to sports and music trivia games, ensuring varied content for wide appeal.

Customer Retention

Businesses that offer a consistently superior experience tend to see returning customers. By implementing streaming TV for business, you'll observe that customers linger longer and exhibit increased engagement. This heightened involvement encourages repeat visits and prompts them to introduce new patrons, perpetuating a cycle of customer growth.

Brand Awareness

Loop’s integrated business streaming TV solutions are a great way to showcase your branded content as part of a carefully curated customer experience. Educating viewers about who you are and what you offer as part of a convenient, organic viewing experience is an effective way to increase brand exposure.

Generate Conversions

Loop's streaming TV for businesses enhances your communication channels, offering an interactive way to guide customers through desired actions. By integrating regular prompts within the programming, you can direct viewers toward strategic engagements, such as subscribing to your email list or trying out a new product or service.

Press Releases

Loop Media Announces Viewability Measurement and Fraud Protection Partnership with DoubleVerify

July 17, 2024

Learn more about the new partnership between Loop and DoubleVerify

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Loop Media Announces Launch of Premium Consumer Streaming Channels For the US and Worldwide

July 12, 2024

Loop's channels including Trivia, Weather and more will soon be available for home consumption.

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Press Releases

Loop Media Inc. Announces Platform Certification from Alliance for Audited Media

July 9, 2024

Loop's new certification helps bolster the credibility of its ad efficacy and viewership

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