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An unlimited world of streaming entertainment awaits your business. Loop is a best-in-class music video, business TV and digital signage service, fully licensed to run in your public business. Delight  your customers with our original music video playlists or play any of our audio-optional lifestyle, drone, trivia or viral channels.

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The Powerful Benefits of Waiting Room TV Advertising

Installing a waiting room TV presents a unique way to deliver content to an already captive target audience. Effective waiting room TV services, when strategically placed and managed, can offer numerous advantages to your practice, clinic, or hospital, enhancing the patient experience:Here comes text about this section. More details coming soon!

Create a Positive First Impression

Employees at dental practices, hospitals and doctors' offices all understand that waiting rooms can sometimes seem impersonal and sterile.

To enhance the patient experience, many introduce amenities like a TV for waiting room visitors. This addition, combined with comfortable seating, tasteful artwork, and toys for children, transforms the space from clinical to cozy, making patients feel more at ease.

Provide Personalized Experiences

Recognizing patients as individuals beyond their medical needs enhances their overall experience. Imagine the positive impact on a patient when they're given the choice of what to watch during their wait. With Loop's free waiting room TV, our clients can display  a diverse array of high-quality content catering to everyone's preferences.

Ease Waiting Time Stress

No medical practice purposefully plans for delays. But sometimes, having patients wait longer than expected is unavoidable. Research shows that most patients perceive waiting times to be shorter when there’s a free medical office waiting room TV to keep them entertained. Plus, you can use the digital signage feature to provide updates on queue status, which has also been shown to reduce perceived wait times.

Reduce Patient Anxiety

The wait in a doctor's waiting room can often heighten anxiety, especially for those already apprehensive about medical appointments or those with underlying medical phobias. A doctor's waiting room TV, like the Loop system offering hundreds of channels of on-demand content, can help alleviate patient anxiety.

Build Brand Consistency

Maintaining a consistent brand image is pivotal for business prosperity. By customizing the content on your medical office waiting room TV, you can align your brand's visual identity, tone, logos, color themes, and more with what patients encounter on your website, social media channels, emails, and appointment reminders.

Provide Dynamic Updates

Medical establishments can tailor their waiting room TV content based on current news, seasonal shifts, and notable events to stay relevant and timely. This ensures that patients waiting are always informed about any promotions, alterations to opening hours during holidays, unique appointment scheduling processes, or pertinent health alerts in the vicinity.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Utilizing a TV for waiting rooms offers a valuable avenue to share vital preventative healthcare information, fostering a more patient-centered approach through education during wait times. Engaging patients in their healthcare journeys results in more frequent check-up bookings, improved adherence to medication routines, and prompt responses to emerging signs and symptoms. These proactive steps not only enhance immediate patient outcomes but also facilitate early disease detection, uplifting the morale of patients and staff.

Revenue and Growth Cost Savings

By using breaks between programming for custom ads, you can market your products and services more efficiently, make patients aware of specific promotions, and grow your CRM by encouraging people to sign up for your email marketing lists and subscription packages. Plus, your waiting room TV can save you costs in other areas. For example, by providing information about medication regimens and aftercare instructions on your digital signage, you can reduce the amount you’d spend printing individual leaflets and pamphlets for each patient.

Manage Your Reputation

Having complete control over what’s shown on each waiting room TV channel gives you the power to direct patients’ attention to the content you want them to see. For example, you might want to introduce a new staff member, share previous patient reviews, showcase the latest technologies your practice is using, or direct customers to follow you on other marketing channels where they can keep up to date with your news and achievements.


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