10 Digital Signage Design Ideas That Will Turn Heads

Digital signage has become extremely popular in the business world. This popularity, in part, can be attributed to the versatility of this powerful technology.

In fact, today, it is not strange to come across different types of digital signage displays in different design styles. Are you planning to integrate digital signage into your business? Below are ten digital signage design ideas that will turn heads and blow minds!

What Can You Do With Digital Signage?

Digital signage is implemented in various settings in modern societies today. From malls establishments to schools and other business establishments, you can find digital signage anywhere you look.

Digital signage is a powerful technological solution for conquering marketing obstacles in the business world. However, this is not all it does. Digital signage is so powerful that it improves customer satisfaction, increases business efficiency, and increases reverence. Without a doubt, digital signage offers businesses a world of unlimited opportunities to grow.

What makes digital signage so successful is its versatility. Although when digital first became mainstream, it was used to support marketing campaigns. However, today, digital signage serves various purposes. This is possible because the technology can be implemented via different designs to maximize its benefits.

Exploring digital signage technology in various designs allows businesses to optimize the technology entirely. It enables them to reach new heights and make further progress in their business, thereby giving them an edge over the competition.

While this is great, it is impossible to optimize your digital signage technology if you do not know the best ways to make use of it. So, what exactly can you do with digital signage? The short answer is ‘anything’. As long as it involves visually communicating with viewers, digital signage will serve its purpose.

To help, we have curated a list of ten digital signage design ideas that will immediately grab attention, turn heads, and level up shy businesses.

Ten Digital Signage Design Ideas That Will Turn Heads

Are you looking for mind-blowing digital signage design ideas for inspiration? Here are our top ten favorite digital signage design ideas to help you immediately grab your audience’s attention.

1. Video Walls

Nothing quite says “look at me!” like video walls do. These structures command attention, and it is easy to see why.

Video walls sound precisely as they look like. They are literally walls made out of screens and can run the whole length and breadth of any wall. If you want to make a statement that will instantly get people interested in your digital signage message, building or erecting a video wall is the way to go.

With an extensive digital signage design, it is near impossible for viewers to miss your message. So, what exactly is a video wall? A video wall is a unique multi-screen setup that uses a collage of digital screens such as LED, LCD, or projectors to form one whole screen. In simpler terms, it combines different screen tiles to create one mammoth-sized screen.

These screens may be uniform (i.e., projectors, LED or LCD all through, with no mixing of screens) or mixed (a mixture of LCD or LED screens and projector screens for a more dramatic effect). Digital signage video walls offer a more immersive experience than most digital signage designs.

Thanks to its large size, a digital signage video wall makes it easier to display content on a larger scale. However, because video walls are made up of different screens, they can also be customized to display different content on each screen.

Video walls are a striking digital signage design option and offer businesses the opportunity to unleash their creativity. With these walls, you can make great first impressions, improve interactivity, and make it easier to scale your business.

Video walls can be used for anything from advertising to entertaining or informing.

2. 3D Billboards

Why have a regular boring billboard digital sign design when you can have a massive 3D billboard instead? 3D billboards are the new trend of out-of-home digital signage. They level up from regular digital billboards by breathing an air of reality into the designs.

With a 3D billboard, you not only see the design on the board but also feel like you can hold the design in the palm of your hand if you can just reach out far enough. Digital 3D billboards are hyper-realistic and extremely impressive.

What makes them extremely impressive is not only their size or the sheer creativity that goes into creating and installing them, but also the fact that they are not mainstream. In fact, you will probably not run into 3D billboards as often as you do with regular digital billboards.

3D billboards recently took off, and brands are lining up to secure their own powerful 3D boards. This is unsurprising, seeing that big brands like Coca-Cola and Nike paved the way for the technology. In 2017, Coca-Cola launched the world’s first 3D robotic billboard in Asia. This took the 3D billboard game to a whole new level.

3D digital signage billboard designs use 3D technology on digital signage technology, combined with design calculations and creativity to create larger-than-life three-dimensional visualizations of images and videos. This makes them the perfect option for advertising and bringing these products to life on a large screen.

3D billboards are rapidly taking over, and there is no better time to take advantage of this dramatic digital signage design than now. Admittedly, installing a 3D digital billboard might require a larger capital. However, these boards are worthy investments and innovative advert campaign solutions.

3. Video Wall Mirror

The video wall mirror digital signage design takes the traditional video wall design to a more impressive level. This design is so ingenious that it is uncommon, which makes it exhilarating and captivating. The feeling of seeing video wall mirrors can be compared to that of seeing a breathtaking painting. It is indescribable.

How do video wall mirrors work?

These digital signage structures are larger-than-life displays spanning the entire lengths of walls. They feature a seamless collage of screens with small bezels and high resolution to show crisp-clear videos that will leave anyone speechless.

Video wall mirrors show real-time activity in the environment in which they are installed. It is similar to looking into a mirror if the mirror is made out of creative engineering of screens and powerful technology.

A perfect example of a stunning video wall mirror is The Fashion Gallery video wall at the Vienna International Airport. The concept of The Fashion Gallery wall was to trigger an optical illusion by extending the shops seamlessly onto the LED screen wall, giving a hyper-realistic image that the virtual store is real.

Although The Fashion Gallery video wall in Vienna is an excellent example of what you can achieve with video wall mirrors, there is no rule as to what you can do. You can have fun displaying real-time videos of your establishment, or its outdoor area to impress and wow your audience.

4. Smart Fitting Mirror

Retailers everywhere, especially clothing and jewelry stores, are using digital signage to achieve feats that would have been considered impossible several decades ago. One of these is the use of smart mirrors.

If anyone had told you years ago that it would be possible to try on clothes without having to wear them, you would have laughed long and hard. However, digital signage has made it possible today.

We all love going shopping and buying new clothes. However, for many people, the least fun part of going shopping is having to wear the clothes they are interested in purchasing. For some, this is an unavoidable pain point.

But that was then, and this is now. Today, you can avoid trying on clothes and still know how they look on you. Digital signage has made shopping more enjoyable with smart mirrors, and fashion brands like Guess, Nike, and Adidas are taking advantage of it.

Smart fitting mirrors work by helping customers virtually try on outfits. This makes the shopping process easier, faster, and improves customer experience.

5. 3D Ceiling Display

Take the hint from The Center Bar in Las Vegas and create a stunning digital signage design that leaves people speechless. The ceiling 3D display is a variation of the 3D billboard display but is always found indoors rather than outdoors.

The ceiling 3D display in the SLS Las Vegas hotel is undoubtedly one of the most captivating designs anyone will see. It features a high-resolution four-sided screen hanging from the ceiling used to display 3D images that look so real. This not only forms a cool ceiling decor that makes the environment look good but is also always the talk of the room.

Like The Center Bar, you can create a four-sided ceiling digital signage design and have fun displaying different types of 3D images. You can use your 3D ceiling display as an ornament, or you can use it to reinforce the brand message and cement your brand identity in your audience’s mind.

You can also choose to utilize a small part of your ceiling or use every inch. At the end of the day, what matters is creating an exciting design that will leave its marks on any viewer’s mind.

6. Floor-Standing Self-service Kiosks

Countertop self-service kiosks are often used as point-of-sale stations in business establishments. Malls and retail stores use this station to improve patient ease and increase customer satisfaction while also making more revenue by using the screen to advertise products, encouraging up-selling and cross-selling.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with this digital signage design, it is better to think outside the box. Interactive floor-standing self-service kiosks are a fun way to keep your clients engaged in an establishment. With a screen bolted to a pillar on the floor, clients can explore their environment through the screen’s content.

A great place to use this digital signage design is at art exhibitions. With the interactive digital signage kiosks placed near each piece of art, the viewers can interact with the screens for additional information about the artwork.

By doing so, the viewers can appreciate the artwork more while also engaging themselves and learning more about the artwork and the artist. This blurs the lines between art and reality, leaving viewers more satisfied than they would be without the digital sign.

7. Interactive Video Wall

This design is another variation of the digital video wall design. Ordinarily, video walls are created to be appreciated. They are designed to share information, engage, or entertain.

And they do all these without any problem. However, businesses are exploring ways to make video walls even better. One way they are doing this is by creating interactive video walls.

Interactive video walls are made of touchscreen displays that respond to user interactions. They are created to increase customer engagement and are often more impressive than regular video walls.

The best part about interactive video walls is they can be used to turn potential clients into paying clients. By providing a medium for your audience to interact with the screen, you give them a chance to learn more about your brand, products, or services.

Interactive video walls serve several purposes and can be integrated into any establishment. From malls to retail stores, any business can take advantage of interactive video walls.

8. Digital Hallways

Who knew that digital signage could someday become such a large-scale technology that it can be designed to be implemented as hallways?

Digital hallways give many digital signage designs a run for their money with hallways designed with seamless digital signs on the walls, ceilings, and even floors, you can give your audience the time of their life.

Digital hallways can be customized to the businesses’ digital and design needs. They can also be created to serve different purposes, such as acts as design, giving your audience a virtual tour, or any other impressive purposes.

Digital hallways are powerful and attention-grabbing. After all, it is not every day that people get to walk through a hallway of screens showing exciting content.

9. Digital Archways

Architecture means digital technology with this impressive digital signage design. With digital signage, you can create dreamy archways that look futuristic and phenomenal.

Digital archways are one of the few less common digital signage designs. This design can be found in modern settings looking for an unusual way to implement digital signage while still maximizing the purpose of the technology.

Digital archways feature digital signage designed to fit on the inside arc of the archway or the top of the archway entrance. They are exciting and make the perfect finishing touch to breathtaking architectural designs.

10. Digital Pathways

Make every step your audience takes an interesting one. Light up their part with attention-grabbing signage.

Digital pathways may seem like an unlikely digital signage idea, but it is one of many that will undoubtedly turn heads. Installing digital signage on your pathway is not only an interesting decor idea but can also serve as a wayfinding solution.

Turning Heads With Loop TV

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