25 of the Best Digital Signage Examples with Great Content

In a world where technology continues to advance, digital signage has become a popular tool used in mass communication. It is a great way to attract attention, spread information, and provide advertising for businesses.

Digital signage, also known as electronic signage, is a form of electronic sign display that uses colorful textual or graphical content on LED, LCD, or plasma screens to target and engage a large group of people at once. It is a more effective and efficient method than the traditional static signs as it provides visually compelling and interactive content.

While digital signage can be used in various ways, without the correct type of content, you will be unable to trigger the effect you wish to have on your audience. Below, we have provided examples of great digital signage content to take your business to the next level.

All You Need To Know About Digital Signage

Digital signage can be used in a wide array of settings for engaging and attracting customers. It is customizable and provides its audience with an immersive experience regardless of where they find the sign.

Digital signage has been employed as a business strategy for attracting customers and driving up an establishment’s revenue. This electronic sign has been used to display menu boards, give information on an ongoing promotion, and even as a form of entertainment using scrolling texts and dynamic fast-moving images in various colors and designs.

This mode of mass communication is often adopted in various establishments due to the tremendous amount of benefits it provides. Digital signage offers better visibility, improved aesthetic appeals that traditional signage lacks, provides the ability to air up-to-date information, and an ability to display personalized messages. These features encourage the audience to adopt a positive attitude towards the message being sent across to them.

The ease of creating a digital sign often depends on the hardware and software being used. There is a wide range of options that allow this to be done, and each option varies with ease or complexity, price, and professional support. While all this sounds simple, finding quality digital signage software business can be easier said than done. There are limited options that provide the ease and freedom that loop TV does.

Loop TV is a business TV that provides unlimited entertainment and signage options for various businesses. Loop TV offers fully licensed access to its content and total control over creating your own digital signs.

25 Examples Of Good Digital Signage Content

Although digital signage already has great benefits over traditional signage, the key to making an impact with your digital sign depends on your content. The logic is simple. If it looks good, people will interact and engage with it. If it doesn't, your sign is nothing more than a waste of time and resources.

Other than the conventional uses of digital signage for advertising products, there are various digital signage contents that you can use to achieve business goals. Here are some examples of digital signage:

1. Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are one of the most common and fast-rising uses of digital signage in the food business. Although many restaurants often opt to use traditional static menu books, more successful restaurants use technology to impress their customers and improve the customer dining experience.

Digital signage allows restaurants to display their menu, prices, and pictures automatically on a screen. This enables your menu to become dynamic and gives room for quick updates without worrying about printing new static menu papers. Want to make a rapid change to the price of food? You simply log in to your digital menu account and make the changes you need.

Other than the flexibility it provides, digital menu boards are also fun and engaging to look at, thereby reducing a customer’s perceived wait time with its captivating design.

2. Promotions and Campaigns

Digital signage is a remarkable solution to spreading the word about in-store promotions. Nothing induces the fear of missing out in walk-in customers than a giant board declaring an ongoing time-sensitive promotion.

Digital signs placed strategically can quickly communicate advertisements on the latest spring collection up for grabs or the limited edition makeup collection available for purchase. These promotions can be personalized and customized to attract customers to make purchases.

3. Welcome Signs

Digital welcome screens can be placed in hotels, offices, schools, medical offices, banks, gyms, and churches. These screens often feature fun, engaging, and dynamic moving content designed to attract onlookers and passersby into your establishment.

Welcome screens effectively improve employee and customer experience, making them feel less on edge. They are also a great way to introduce visitors to your company, enhance social media engagement by displaying your business pages, and leave lasting impressions on clients.

4. Maps And Virtual Tours

Digital sign maps are an innovative way to help people find their way around unfamiliar spots. It doesn't matter if it's in a mall, hotel establishment, or a train station, digital sign maps as a wayfinding solution are never out of fashion.

These maps and virtual tours often feature 3-dimensional representations of the floors, pathways, and buildings in the establishment. They provide realistic perceptions that will make it easier for people to navigate an area with improved participatory experience.

5. Transport Schedule

The transportation sector is often in a rush, with people trying to keep up with their next flight, bus, or train. In all the confusion of trying to get to the correct gate or on the right platform in time to meet your transport, it is often easy to get confused, miss your vehicle, or miss an arrival time. This is where digital signage comes in.

Transport schedules using digital signage provide comprehensive detail on information such as flight schedules, gate numbers, and lane numbers. They can be found in bus stations, train stations, and airports, displayed on large screens.

6. Digital Notice Boards

Digital notice boards are an excellent means of communication on school campuses and offices. They are an effective and efficient replacement for traditional paper and paper notice boards as they do not require manual management.

With a digital notice board, management and administrative officials can quickly update information like class timetables, event calendars, scholarship opportunities, and faculty meetings. This enlightens the institution members on important information that could otherwise be missed.

7. Social Media Feed

Businesses can use digital signage to boost brand engagement and revenue with something as simple as displaying your social media dashboard. This improves your social media presence as customers are convinced to be a part of your brand’s online movement.

Displaying your social media dashboard on your digital screen also helps you merge your online reputation with your offline business. This provides your brand with transparency and credibility, thereby building trust and loyalty in your customers.

8. Display Your Business Website

There is no better way to use digital signage to build your business than the non-stop advertisement of every facet of your business, including your official website. Displaying your website feed on a screen shows your customers opportunities they might be missing out on by not being active on your website. Doing this helps increase website traffic, build your brand, and increase your business revenue.

All you need to do is display the catchy aspects of your site and dangle incentives like coupons up for grabs. This will undoubtedly drive up the traffic and engagement on your business page.

9. Customer Quotes And Feedback

The best marketing often comes from building user-generated content from your customers. Honest and real feedback concerning the services you provide is a great way to convince new customers about your brand authenticity.

Displaying customer quotes using digital signage is an innovative and creative way to give your brand an edge over your competition. This acts as a means of informing and entertaining your audience.

10. Company Broadcast

Save a lot of time on emergency company meetings by broadcasting information to the entire company with the click of a button. This provides a means of seamless internal communication and engagement on important updates.

Using digital signage for company internal communications grabs attention, ensuring that no information is missed, unlike when emails are sent out. It is easy to update and send the information to everyone instead of a select few.

11. Employee Recognition

Customer experience often begins with the productivity and engagement of the employees. There is no better way to encourage employees to perform better at their jobs than regularly giving them the appraisal and pats on the back they genuinely deserve.

Displaying an employee on the by screen for a job well done helps them feel valued and appreciated. This creates an excellent working condition for them and motivates them to contribute to improving the establishment's productivity.

Using digital signage to praise an employee via an employee recognition board is a great way to cut back on the budget for the regular production of plaques and the time needed to do so. The update is swift and can be personalized to include customized messages.

12. Company Trends

For a company to remain successful, they have to continue to meet and adapt to the needs of their clients via recent trends. This often requires the company strategy teams to regularly update what's in and what's not.

With digital signage, it is easy for an organization to keep up with the latest trends when they are readily displayed on a large screen. This efficient method of communication keeps the employees informed on niche-specific trending reports and the likes.

13. Digital Product Catalogs

Digital signage can be used to create an attractive and engaging retail catalog. This impressive tool helps exhibit your hot products and collections to lure clients into making purchases.

These digital catalogs are easy to create, update, and customize to create an immersive experience for customers. Digital catalogs can also be fitted with QR codes for mobile phone accessibility.

14. Contests And Loyalty Programs

Contests and games are fun ways to attract customers and promote a brand. Digital signage provides a platform to inform customers and non-customers about upcoming contests, programs, and items to be won.

15. Amenities

Establishments like parks, hotels, and resorts can use digital signage to inform people about the amenities that set them apart from their competitors. This enables them to display et-catching pictures and footage of their swimming pools, spa, gym, and other amenities that customers are bound to enjoy.

Using digital signage to this effect is not only creative but also helps to promote their brand, providing them with a unique identity.

16. Student Recognition Screen

When students are rewarded with positive feedback and recognition for a job well done, it motivates them to try their best in class activities. This breeds a positive outlook on their education and ensures they strive for more remarkable accomplishments.

Student recognition does not always have to include certificates or plaques. Something as little as seeing their pictures and names on a big, bright screen as a recognition gesture is often truly appreciated.

17. Visual Learning

Digital signage can be used as instructional software to make lessons more interactive and engaging. This provides the students with holistic learning in order to understand all parts of a study.

Digital signage in class can be used for video lectures, 3D animations, student roll calls, brainteasers, and quizzes. This ensures a frictionless learning system is put in place for the students.

18. Training Videos

Digital signage can create a playlist of essential content for employee training sessions. This helps compile every minute detail, including pictures of charts and products, into an informative video.

Training videos made with digital signage is an efficient way to coordinate the training lessons and encourage team interaction.

19. Current News

Displaying current news and events is a perfect digital signage content example. Newspapers are quickly going out of style and being replaced by what we see on screens. Use this to your advantage and display news and events in your companies. This will ensure that employees remain up to date with the latest headlines.

News can also be displayed on digital signs in restaurants, bars, and retail stores. This keeps your customers engaged as they enjoy your products and services.

20. Inspirational Quotes

Everyone loves good inspirational quotes. It provides inspiration and motivation to take on the day or a job you have been putting off.

Digital signage can be used to project inspiration quotes to communal screens in stores, schools, and even in work environments. The words and attractive design will undoubtedly lift people’s spirits and keep them motivated.

21. Digital Sales Dashboard

Digital signage can be used to create a sales dashboard as a business intelligence tool for data analysis, metrics and reports. This interactive dashboard makes it easy to merge multiple data regarding sales into an organized collection to identify trends at a glance.

Sales dashboards help to make essential decisions regarding customer and consumer experiences easier. They also provide an interactive visual representation of business insights for strengthening cases with decision-makers in the organization.

22. Infotainment

Digital signage can display informative and entertaining content in places that require customers to wait for services. This primarily includes airports, bus stops, or railway stations. Displaying infotainment content reduces the agitation that comes with waiting their turn and makes the customers relaxed. Content in this example can include weather forecasts, regional news, and entertaining videos.

23. Appointment Queue Management

Some people consider waiting to be attended to by a doctor a stressful, boring, and frustrating activity that causes them anxiety. They are, stuck with a handful of others, waiting to hear the fate of their health.

Digital signage can put patients at ease by displaying their waiting times and waiting numbers. Knowing how long each patient has to wait reduces the anxiety that comes with unknown waiting times. These signs can also display entertaining content to put the patient at ease and make the wait easier.

24. Hymns And Prayers

Churches can adopt digital signage to boost audience engagement during the service by displaying Bible verses, hymns, and prayers in real-time. This provides a bright, easy-to-read display for people with vision problems or people who attend services without their bibles and hymn books.

Digital signage also removes the need for manual signs like fliers and handouts. This reduces the costs of printing and lightens the financial budget of the worship venue.

25. Emergency Alerts

Digital signage is beneficial during matters of imminent danger like criminal threats, terrorism, and national disasters. It is an effective medium for quickly passing information to the public on how to ensure their safety.

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