5 Examples Of Digital Signage For Casinos

Casinos are more than a simple game room. They are an establishment for social amusements, marketing, and amenity services like hotels, resorts, retail stores, and restaurants.

Because of their diverse services, casinos gain a lot from implementing digital signage into their activities. From bridging the gap between customer satisfaction and the various challenges, customers may face while in a casino to providing a unique customer experience, digital signage helps casinos achieve a lot.

Below, we have provided five examples of digital signage in casinos.

Digital Signage And Casinos

Digital signage is everywhere in today’s society. From hospitals to retail stores, it is being utilized as a technological tool to improve an establishment’s function and increase customer satisfaction. With the growing popularity of digital signage today, casinos have started to see its importance and have chosen to integrate this game-changing technology into their services.

Casinos used to be popularly known as public rooms where gambling games like poker and blackjack were played. Now, casinos are recognized as large establishments made up of a medley of activities geared toward providing entertainment.

Today, casinos are establishments paired with hotels, restaurants, bars, resorts, and other tourist attractions. With a blend of services like this one, it can prove difficult to merge all activities to provide the seamlessly ultimate customer experience.

Casinos have recognized these problems and have adopted several solutions to remove all the obstacles in the business. One of these solutions is digital signage.

Digital signage is a segment of electronic signage that uses digital displays like LCD, LED, or protectors to display digital images. In addition, it is a cutting-edge technology that is way ahead of static signage.

Digital signage has an enormous impact on business today, making it one of today's fastest-growing digital markets. The global digital signage market is projected to grow from USD 16.3 billion in 2021 to USD 27.8 billion by 2026. This massive growth is thanks to the immense benefits it has on businesses all over the world.

In businesses such as casinos, digital signage is useful in different ways to boost the growth of the business. From conveying information to educating your clients, digital signage solutions are crucial to the success of any casino resort.

5 Examples Of Digital Signage For Casinos

There are various ways digital signage is implemented in casinos. The layout of the casino building and the type of services provided play vital roles in determining the type of digital signage that will be used.

The audience and blueprint of the casino resort also determine other significant factors like the screen sizes to use, the screen placements, and how many digital signage displays are necessary.

Regardless of these factors, there are various ways digital signage can be integrated into any casino. Some of these include.

1. Entertainment Screens

Entertainment is the core of any casino.

Digital signage is often used to impact customer satisfaction by providing entertainment they will never forget. A casino's choice of entertainment is endless, from interactive engagement on small touchscreens to dynamic and attractive content on large video walls that will keep customers engaged.

While gambling is entertainment on its own, clients crave more than just games to keep them engaged while in your casino.

Digital signage entertainment can be implemented anywhere: from the lobby to the actual game room. It can be used to enlighten, inform, and distract clients while they wait to be attended to by the employees.

In the lobby, large digital signage displays are perfect for displaying engaging activities from other parts of the casino resort. This will show the clients waiting to be attended to the experience waiting for them in the casino.

Screens in the lobby can also display a variety of movie trailers, sports news, short sports clips, and other customized content that will engage clients and reduce their waiting time perception.

Entertaining videos, the latest local news, weather updates, and other infotainment contents can be displayed at various points in a casino.

2. Sportsbook Video Walls

Casinos are the hearts of exciting games and betting on sportsbooks is one of those games. As a casino, providing uninterrupted and seamless sportsbook betting features is a great way to keep the clients happy and satisfied while simultaneously raking in revenue.

A vivid sportsbook experience is a necessity in any casino. With casino clients willing to spend hours betting on sportsbook live events, casinos are exploring ways to make this experience better.

Digital signage provides a great way to fuel a satisfactory sportsbook video wall space experience. With digital signage, casinos bring the sports world to their clients.

Casinos use digital signage to provide an immersive reporting experience by providing massive LED video walls with highly-detailed pictures of live sports. This provides a clear picture of every image from the live event, ensuring maximum customer experience and satisfaction from sportsbook betting activities.

Sportsbook video walls can be engineered to several feet in height and width. These video walls can also be designed for each display to function as a single tile to display different live events or to work together to provide one big image of a single live sporting event.

3. Promotion And Offer Screens

Create a sense of loyalty and deftly drive sales by implementing promotional content on large screens in your casinos.

Like any other business venture, promotions and special offers fuel casino activities and drive clients to spend more money. This provides a captivating experience that makes clients feel they are getting more than they may be gaming or paying for.

Using digital signage to display promotions and offers in a casino creates a unique brand experience with better guest engagements. These digital signage displays can be used to advertise upcoming tournaments, promote BlackJack tables, spotlight Jackpot winners to inspire more Jackpot games, and highlight other social events.

4. Wayfinding Screens

Casinos are large establishments with diverse moving parts that range from bars to restaurants, hotels, and the actual game rooms. For clients, finding their way around the establishment might be challenging, which might compromise their experience with your casino.

Digital signage provides a medium for casinos to adopt a holistic approach that provides client wayfinding solutions to help them get around easily. It bridges the communication gap between the people and targeted information that helps them get them to the right place at the right time.

How does this work?

Introducing digital signage in casinos is a great way to display crucial directional information to help clients get familiar with the surroundings. In casinos with a large blueprint, these screens can be used to display maps to inform clients of what part of the casino houses what activity.

Strategically placed wayfinding solutions are an excellent way to help clients find their way around your establishment easily. From detailed maps of the establishment to searchable indexes on touchscreens, there is no limit to what wayfinding solution you can bring to life using digital signage.

This takes away the frustration any client might feel when they constantly find themselves in the wrong room. It also takes the pressure off workers who are constantly questioned by clients who want to find the bathroom, restaurants or even ATMs.

Digital signage wayfinding solutions contribute to the seamless operation of any casino. It helps to keep clients in the casino fit linger, thereby ensuring maximum revenue and satisfied clients.

Digital signage wayfinding solutions are more effective when they are interactive. Wayfinding solutions designed to provide a ‘human’ touch are usually more successful at getting the job done and improving customer experience.

Some of the best ways to implement wayfinding digital signage in a casino include:

  • Casino touchscreen wayfinding solutions: these can be designed to note where the client is and highlight a detailed pathway to show where the client would like to be. It is a good idea to implement the touch and zoom option to show the clients where they are and in what direction their destination lies.
  • General map: A general map is an excellent option for a casino with different amenities placed in different locations. From pointing out where the lobby is at the general entrance to showing where certain games are by using screens placed at kiosks. This improves the self-service option and encourages clients to explore games, foods, and drinks without requiring attention from the employees.

Wayfinding encourages a hassle-free customer experience and expertise services in a casino. With wayfinding solutions, you can serve your clients better.

5. Digital Menu Boards

Paper menus are out, and digital menu boards are in. These unique technological tools provide a seamless experience and improve customer satisfaction by ensuring seamless ordering.

Parts of a casino like restaurants and bars are often knee-deep in food and drink orders from customers. These on-site dining facilities often have diverse food and drink choices to cater to the casino clientele.

Digital menu boards set the aesthetics and give a casino a more high-end feel than paper menus being passed around. These boards create a more immersive experience that clearly displays the names of the food and drinks and a detailed description of what they are.

Digital menu boards often display the name, price, picture, and ingredients of a food or drink in vivid graphics. This is a welcome change from the static option that provides a comparatively bland description of the items on a menu.

With digital menu boards, casinos can create a dynamic menu with attractive characters. Using digital menu boards also eliminates the time, stress, and money that comes with using and maintaining printed static menus.

Digitial menu board benefits also include:

  • Convenience: Digital menu boards make it possible to quickly update the items or prices on a menu without the hassles of printing them out on paper. At the tap of a button, casinos can promote special offers on the menu, effect price changes, and highlight discounted products.
  • Saving money: Printing and delivering static signage menus often require money. This means with static signage, a casino spends more money every time there is an update on their menu.
  • Menu scheduling: With digital menu boards, casino restaurants and bars can schedule their menus to display items at specific times in the day. This enables the drink and management teams of a casino to promote customized content and schedule several meals for specific times in the day. With digital signage, casino wining and dining gets better. Loop TV offers unique scheduling features that makes it possible to time-specific menus for specific times in the day.

Benefits Of Digital Signage In A Casino

Digital signage solutions in a casino facilitate a great first impression on clients. It ensures a hassle-free operation of a casino and is a significant player in ensuring clients enjoy maximum satisfaction. Some benefits of digital signage in casinos include:

  • Creates a seamless communication channel that spurs a better consumer experience
  • Effortlessly reduces customer waiting time by providing engaging entertainment.
  • It provides an easy way to upsell products and influence clients' purchasing decisions. This makes it easy to improve sales and increase revenues.
  • Educates guests about ongoing events, promotions, offers, and discounts in the casino.
  • Promote self-service by helping guests easily navigate the facilities and amenities in the establishment
  • Provides an avenue for indirect indoor advertisement
  • Showcased engaging content like weather forecasts, news, and live feeds from the casino facilities.
  • Educate clients on the rules of the casino with engaging video, picture, and text characters that are bound to get attention.
  • It makes it easier for a casino to show off key amenity features.
  • It is an easy way to quickly alert clients about emergency fire drills and other emergency alerts
  • It creates an exciting and engaging environment
  • It is a great way to save money and time
  • It makes it easy to streamline messages to multiple locations in real-time

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