5 Examples of Digital Signage for Gyms

Gyms and fitness centers are always in need of new members and loyal clientele. In fact, a gym is a type of business that depends upon the loyalty of its clients (i.e. its gym members) more than most other types of businesses since most gyms are based around the membership model.

Of course, it is a lot easier to convince people that they need to go to the gym than it is to keep people coming back to the gym time and time again. Working out is hard work.

That's one of the reasons that people love it, and that's also one of the reasons that people can become discouraged and give up their fitness and well-being journey.

This does not signify a deficiency in those people who stop going to the gym. We live in a busy world and sometimes it is just too much to integrate an exhausting (although rewarding) activity into a busy schedule.

Many gyms try to keep gym members invested in their gym by offering tons of different services to meet the needs of their varied clientele.

Most gyms have clients that vary across all age ranges, from young to old, and across all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced. People come to the gym for so many different reasons.

Some want to improve their cardio. Some want to get jacked through weight training. Some come to gyms for rehabilitation from injuries or recovery from surgeries.

And some simply come to enjoy themselves while engaging in healthy activities like yoga or pilates. To meet these needs, many gyms offer all sorts of different classes, massages, pool and sauna facilities, personal trainers, and cafes stocked with healthy foods and protein shakes.

One of the best ways to enhance the experience of the gym and effectively communicate with gym members about all of the activities going on is to use digital signage solutions.

So many businesses from all sectors, both big and small, have had major success stories when employing a digital signage system, and gyms can benefit just as much or more from digital signage, though there are particular methods that pertain specifically to gyms.

It is exactly these kinds of methods that we go over in this article. First, this article explains what digital signage is, for many are not totally clear on all that digital signage is and can be.

Next, we will go over the steps necessary for integrating a system of digital signage into a gym. Finally, we will give five tried and true examples of gym digital signage that will be sure to benefit your fitness center.

What Is Digital Signage?

In short, digital signage is the use of digital displays to show content. But digital signage is so much more than this simple description suggests.

The digital signs used in digital signage are many and varied, including smartphones, tablets, televisions, LED displays, and even billboards. Next, there is the digital signage solution.

These typically include digital signage software or digital signage hardware (such as a digital signage player) which provides users with templates and the functionality to display videos, interactive apps, social media feeds, images, graphs, infographics, text, animations, and so much more.

When compared with a traditional sign, digital displays paired with a digital signage solution are infinitely more versatile and effective, enabling users to produce eye-catching, entertaining, informative, and easily understandable content with ease. So what components do you need to get a digital signage system set up in your gym?

What You Need For a Digital Signage System

The first thing that you will need for your digital signage system is a digital signage display. For a space as large as the typical gym (as well as the multiple roles that digital signage can play in fitness centers and wellness centers), you will likely want to purchase multiple digital displays of varying sizes. Since digital signage software can work on tablets, TV screens, LED walls, and much more, you can choose the right displays to strategically deploy throughout your space.

The next thing that you will want to do is to get wall mounts for your digital signage displays. These can typically be purchased for reasonable prices on websites like amazon or in speciality technology brick and mortar stores. A mall mount is very important because it allows you to put your digital signs in places that are more visiable than if they were on the ground. Moroeover, mounting you digital displays on walls frees up floor space and simply looks more professional that digital displays on the ground.

The final thing that you will need to invest in is a digital signage solution. There are two types of digital signage solutions for you to choose from. There are cloud-based digital signage solutions, with which you would do content management and content design on a server provided by the digital signage solution provider and require excellent wifi connectivity. These services will typically require you to pay a monthly fee.

On the other hand, there are hardware based digital signage solutoins, where you recieve a physical digital signage player that you will hook up to your digital displays with cords like hdmi chords. These solutions will typically come with all of the software that you need for content management and content design.

Moreover, you are less likely to have to pay a monthly fee with these types of solutions. When setting up your digital signage system, you will have to decide which type of digital signage solution best fits your needs and your financial capabilities.

Once you have the digital screens, wall mounts, and a digital signage solution, you will be all set to take advantage of the templates provided to create eye-catching, informational, and entertaining digital content.

5 Examples of Digital Signage for Gyms

There are simply so many ways that businesses in the fitness industry can make great use out of digital signage technology that it can be overwhelming to decide which digital signage methods to use.

In this article, we are giving you 5 of the best examples of how a gym can make use of digital signage. What follows below are the core uses and can be employed in a variety of creative ways. These are suggestions, but how you implement the suggestions to best benefit your gym will be up to you.

1. Use digital Signage to Highlight Gym Facilities and Programs

Some gyms simply have so much going on that it is difficult for a gym member to get all the information about facilities and programs that might interest them.

A great use of digital signage in gyms is to use your digital signs to highlight the gym facilities, along with the hours of opperation of these facilities. Moreover, you can use digital signage to highlight class schedules, such as yoga classes or group HIIT training provided by gym instructors.

People will undoubtedly appreciate that all of this information is readily available, and it stream lines the process of acquirinig information. A gym member might otherwise have to ask a gym staff member about all of the programs. This can be overwhelming and inneficiant.

With digital signage, members can see everything laid out on an easy to understand screen, and if they have further questions about specific programs, they can then ask the gym staff for more information.

You can also use digital signage to highlight events that might be going on at your gym. Events are a great way to improve the customer experience, help gym members get to know each other as well as the staff, and in this way, engender more customer loyalty to your gym.

Similarly, you can highlight gym promotions. Someone might be more likely to become a full fledged gym member if they find a promotion that will save them money.

A first month of reduced gym cost, for example, can greatly increase the amount of people who extend their memberships and pay for full membership packages. With digital signage, all the information to make this happen is there on a screen for everyone to see and digest.

2. Use Digital Signage to Highlight Staff Profiles

People like to put faces to the businesses that they frequent. Digital signage allows a gym to feature staff profiles, where there will be images of staff members, along with their qualifications, the services they provide, and their reason for getting into this line of work.

A lot of gyms offer personal trainers and massages. If people can put faces to these services, then they are more likely to take advantage of these services. All of this means more money for the gym. Personal trainers and masseuses can bring a lot of extra revenue to the gym.

Moreover, if people take advantage of personal training, this can be a great way to create loyal customers. Once people get the taste for the gym and are given all of the information they need to exercise in the correct way with the correct form for their own personal wellness and fitness goals through personal training sessions, continuing to go to the gym becomes a lot easier.

3. Make Use of Social Media Walls to Increase Customer Engagement

Social media walls are displays that show a real-time feed of social media posts that tag your gym. In fact, gyms are one of the businesses that people make the most posts about, as they show their followers the gains that they are making in the weight room. Having a social media wall is a great way to creat customer engagement and spread brand awareness.

Social media walls are a great example of in-store marketing. When people see that others are making positive posts about your gym, they will be more likely to view your gym favorably. Moreover, if they see that other people are posting about the gym, they may be encouraged to make their own posts. This spreads awareness of your gym and can help attract new gym members.

4. Feature Inspirational Quotes to Motivate Gym Members

As we’ve noted before, going to the gym can be difficult. One great way to boost the morale of your gym clientele is to feature inspirational quotes on your digital signage screens as part of your digital signage playlists. This will help motivate your gym members to do hyour best and keep coming back for more.

5. Use Digital Menu Boards for Your Gym Cafe

Lots of gyms have cafes, and like non-gym-affiliated restaurants, there is so much to be gained from a digital menu board. Firstly, the digital menu board is simply more attractive to look at than a traditional menu board. Customers will be more drawn to spending their money on the food and shakes that your gym has to offer.

Another benefit is that digital menu boards are much more versatile than traditional menu boards. With digital menu boards, you can easily update any menu changes that occur throughout the year or changes that occur depending on the time of day.

Moreover, digital menu boards are great for highlighting special offers and new items. Because digital menu boards alow for animations, videos, and images, it has never been easier to call the attention of customers to a specific item or set of items on your menu.

Since people who come to the gym are, on the whole, more health concious than the general popoulation, you could have a menu board that displays all of the relevant health information of the goods that you are selling.

Make the Most of Your Gym Digital Signage

Digital signage has the potential to greatly increase customer satisfaction at gyms and fitness centers, as well as promote loyal customers who keep coming back for more.

While there are truly countless ways that a gym could make good use of digital signage, highlighting information about facilities and programs, showcasing staff profiles, using social media for customer engagement, featuring inspirational quotes to motivate your gym members, and using a digital menu board to optimize your gym cafe are all concrete ways that gym owners can implement digital signage to great benefit.