5 Examples Of Digital Signage For Restaurants

Digital signage has become a mainstay technology in many business sectors, especially in restaurants. Ever-evolving, digital signage has been implemented in various parts of the restaurant business. The purpose of this is to drive sales, increase revenue, and offer better customer service.

Although foods and drinks are a vital part of any restaurant, digital signage makes notable appearances and contributions to a seamless restaurant operation. Below, we have provided five examples of digital signage in restaurants.

Providing Better With Digital Signage

When you run a restaurant, you will have to deal with hungry and often impatient customers. While getting quality food and drinks is a priority for many customers, many others are as interested in exceptional services and seamless transactions as they are in quality foods.

Digital signage has gone past being a simple tool for advertising and public communication. While communicating information through powerful ads remains a significant function of this cutting-edge technology, Digital signage has been implemented for equally important functions in restaurants.

Digital signage is a powerful technology that can bridge the gap between clients and satisfaction. It can be used to attract, retain, and wow customers in your restaurant establishment, creating a sense of loyalty by improving every customer’s experience.

You will find digital signage in most modern restaurants. From the moment you walk in a restaurant’s door, you will most likely encounter a digital signage tool without knowing it. So, what are the common digital signage examples you will encounter in a restaurant?

5 Examples Of Digital Signage In A Restaurant

Digital signage in a restaurant doesn't always have to be a glowing sign with a direct advertisement. There are more subtle and creative ways to implement digital signage in a restaurant to provide a more positive customer experience. Some of these ways include:

1. Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are one of the most popular digital signage implementations in restaurants. They are large screens on which restaurants feature the foods and drinks available for sale.

Paper menus are quickly going out of fashion, with effective new technologies steadily replacing them.

Opting to use digital menu boards in your restaurant is more than following the modern trend. It is a decision that drives better customer experiences.

Digital menu boards are beneficial for many reasons. Some of these reasons include:

A Modern Touch

Paper menus have been around for a long time. They have become monotonous and almost boring for restaurant goers who crave more memorable experiences.

Investing in digital menus adds a touch of technology to your restaurant. It improves the aesthetics of your restaurant and creates an excellent first impression on your customers.

An effective menu board will set your restaurant apart from competitors who still prefer to stick with trusty jotter and board menus.

Better Communication

Digital menu boards make it easier to display more information about the dishes available. With the aid of digital characters, you can show customers the pictures, names, prices, and ingredients of a meal before they place an order.

The use of pictorial and video graphics to communicate information about a dish is not just elite. It also helps your customers to paint a better mental picture of what they choose to eat.

The more vivid your menu board, the better the effect on your customer’s decision-making. This severely lowers the order time, waiting time, and the pressure placed on your workers to answer tons of questions regarding a dish.

Communicate Promotions Faster

Digital menu boards make it easier to tell your customers about an ongoing combo or discount deal. At the tap of a button, you can quickly upload an updated price list indicating the new prices of the dishes on your menu.

This saves you the trouble of maintaining new fliers every time you make a change in your menu. In essence, digital menu boards help you make updates quickly, thereby saving you time, money, and stress.

Digital menu boards also make it easier to upsell by creating a medium for you to combine dishes. For example, Instead of displaying a burger for a particular size, you can display a burger and fries for a better price. This helps restaurants to make better sales and take in more revenue.

Grabs Attention

Taking advantage of your digital signage to show colorful characters and mouth-watering dishes makes it easier to captivate your customers and grab their attention in a way that regular paper menus lack.

Digital menu boards are pleasing to the eye and are a great way to lure new customers in with the promise of service they can not get anywhere else.

Loop TV provides an interface for restaurant businesses to create engaging content with fun and colorful characters. From pictures to texts and video graphics, the world is your oyster with Loop TV.

Schedule Your Dishes

With digital menus, you can schedule your dishes and display what dishes are available at a particular time. If you happen to sell breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can program your digital signage to display quick updates of the available dishes on your menu.

Loop TV provides a unique digital signage feature known as scheduling. Using the scheduling feature allows you to create a schedule of the content you would like to show at particular times.

This will save you the stress of manually updating your menu while ensuring that your clients enjoy a seamless experience with your brand.


Digital menu boards are a convenient solution to running a restaurant. They are handy and can be used to display quick updates, they don't require as much effort to manage as paper menus do, and they run at a lower cost while providing higher profit margins.

Digital menu boards are adaptable and can be used in new creative ways to suit your brand image for brand consistency. They blend in with your atmosphere and are a smart addition to any restaurant.

2. Interactive Waiting Area Screens

Not all restaurants have a waiting area incorporated into their floor plan. For many restaurants, a waiting area is nothing but a comfortable space clients wait to be attended to. However, this shouldn't be so.

A waiting area doesn't always have to be a dull room with food magazines or dog-eared fashion booklets. A waiting area deserves to be fun, engaging, and interactive.

Although comfortable furniture is essential in any waiting area, it is only a flimsy part of helping clients be patient as they wait.

Even at their favorite restaurant, people do not like to wait. The longer customers have to wait, the more disgruntled they feel about your services.

With digital signage, businesses are leveraging their waiting rooms to contribute to their services through entertainment. By installing digital signage displays, restaurants create a more seamless and hassle-free customer experience their clients will enjoy.

Waiting time has less to do with the actual waiting time and more to do with the perception of the wasted time. A lack of worthy distraction in your waiting room will constantly remind your customers that they are hungry and how slow the time is.

The trick to using digital signage to improve customer waiting time is not by shortening the time but by reducing the perception of time. This means using engaging content to distract your clients and taking their minds off their waiting situation.

Digital signage is helpful in displaying interactive and engaging content in the waiting room to distract your clients as they wait. From displaying fun viral videos to showing current promotional offers in your restaurant, digital signage displays can go a long way in any restaurant waiting room.

Many restaurants also take the entertainment into the main restaurant area and display engaging content to clients as they enjoy their meals.

Loop TV provides a medium to display fun content to your clients and keep them engaged as they wait. From music videos to lifestyle news, Loop TV provides all the content you need to create an engaging atmosphere in your restaurant.

3. Social Media Walls

Although it is widely used for entertainment, digital signage can also be invested in creating social proof in a restaurant. This can be achieved by using your digital signage display to create a social media wall.

Digital signage can be used to create an interactive atmosphere and a positive impression that will keep your customers coming back for more. It can help create a streamlined experience that your customers cannot get anywhere else.

Digital signage provides an excellent platform for restaurants to merge their social activities with real-life activities. It is a great way to bring the online world to your walk-in customers.

With digital signage, restaurants display their live social media feeds, photos, videos, posts, stories, statuses, and polls. It provides an excellent way for a simple digital display to become something more engaging and interactive, leading to more engagements on your social media accounts.

Some benefits of a social media wall includes:

More Social Media Engagements

Many people go to restaurants without actually paying attention to details like the restaurant's Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter handles. A social media wall is the perfect way to change that.

Using digital signage to display your social media activities can make customers more aware of your social media presence. Since 90 percent of the information transmitted to the human brain is visual, more customers will better retain whatever information they see about your social media accounts.

You can get your customers to talk about your social media accounts, increase engagements as they interact with your account, and even get your social media accounts to trend!

Reduced Wait Times

While they are busy engaging with your social media wall, your clients’ minds will be less focused on how long they are waiting for their orders. This will provide a more positive customer experience that builds a better image for your business.

Your Restaurant Can Become Famous

Increased social media activities mean you trend more on the internet. This will help you get a broader outreach and convince more people to visit your restaurant!

Your digital signage social media wall can encourage your clients to take pictures of themselves, their foods, and your restaurant. This blesses you with an informal form of advertisement that positively improves your brand.

Seeing other people post positive things about your restaurant will encourage new customers to troop in and experience your brand first-hand. This will improve your ratings, sales, revenue, and make your restaurant become a hot spot for many.

4. Reviews And Ratings Screens

Digital signage can be used to show your walk-in customers what other customers are saying about you.

Restaurants use digital signage to display positive feedback about their goods and services, reaffirming to their customers that they are the best. Displaying reviews and ratings to customers also helps to enlighten customers about certain services they didn't even know existed.

Seeing real comments from old customers about your restaurant motivates new customers to trust your brand. The presence of this type of social proof makes your business more trustworthy.

Showing your reviews and ratings is also an indirect marketing tactic that urges the bandwagon effect. The bandwagon effect implies that people are more likely to try something when they see other people trying it.

You can use digital signage to display the ratings of your dishes, and the old reviews customers leave concerning particular services. This will boost your clients’ confidence in you and your product.

You can also use this method to urge clients to leave new reviews and online sentiments on your social media pages.

This digital signage example is a guaranteed method to draw data concerning certain dishes and services, helping you improve in areas your clients are not satisfied with. This will help to create a better consumer experience and help your restaurant easily become a fan favorite.

5. Waiting Time Displays

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and ordered food without knowing how long it would take to arrive at your table? Is the feeling of uneasiness from not knowing how long you will be kept waiting all too familiar?

Sometimes, when customers meet other customers waiting for their order, they simply leave. Their reason is valid because they have no idea how long it would have to wait. No one likes to wait but waiting is a lot better if you know how long you will be waiting for.

Restaurants use digital signage to inform clients about their waiting times. This works wonders at reducing the waiting perception time and helps clients to be more satisfied with your services.

Restaurants can display order waiting time and create a countdown timer to keep the clients informed about how much time they have to spend before they get their orders. You are less likely to have angry customers walk out of your restaurants with this tactic.

Overall Benefits Of Implementing Digital Signage In A Restaurant

Digital signage can be used in multiple ways to build an excellent brand image known for exceptional customer service. There is no limit to what you can achieve with digital signage if you are willing to explore your options and find what works for your restaurants.

Digital signage is essential in any restaurant that aims to be successful. Some of the undeniable benefits of digital signage include:

  • Easier to use than many other traditional options
  • Saves menu printing money
  • Saves time
  • Better communication with customers
  • Hassle-free operations
  • Social proof
  • Contributes to brand image
  • Authentic means of advertisement
  • Easy menu customization
  • Exceptional entertainment and engagement content
  • Reduced waiting time

The list goes on and on.

Choosing The Best Digital Signage For Your Business

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