5 Examples Of Digital Signage For Spas

Businesses worldwide are looking for new ways to integrate digital signage into their operations, and spas are not left out. As with any business, digital signage offers immense benefits to spa businesses, helping them to improve the average customer experience and make more sales in the long run.

Digital signage is a versatile and flexible technology that can be used in different ways to yield several advantages. To help you optimise your digital signage in your spa business, we have provided five examples of digital signage in a spa.

Digital Signage And The Spa Business

The wellness sector is undoubtedly one of the most influential business sectors in the society and economy as a whole. With many people looking for new ways to attain physical and mental well-being, the wellness sector has gained great popularity in the past few years.

The spa industry in the wellness sector is a multi-billion dollar business. While this is jaw-dropping on its own, the global market size of the spa industry is expected to grow to 127.6 billion U.S dollars by 2022.

The spa sector includes various services like massage services, beauty grooming, and physical fitness memberships. These services are designed to cater to people’s needs to destress from the effects of the stress they face in their daily life.

Although the spa industry is a successful one, it is also a highly competitive business space. As of 2020, there were over 160,000 globally.

Before 2020, spa revenues were growing by 8.7% annually. However, with the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic and the safety and movement restrictions put in place, the spa business was hit hard, and the sector experienced a decline of 38.6%b from 2019-20.

Now that the restrictions are lifted worldwide, and people are integrating back into normal pre-pandemic activities, the spa revenue is once more enjoying a notable increase. The increase is also due to the fact that the pandemic lockdown period was a waking call to many people on the importance of physical and mental well-being.

With operations returning to normal, spas worldwide are looking for solutions to help them get ahead of their competitors and help them offer the ultimate customer experience. One of the top solutions all spa owners are choosing is digital signage.

Digital signage is an innovative technology that helps businesses use visually appealing content to interact with and engage their clients. With its features, spas can now serve their clients better and streamline all their services to maximize their potential.

Getting digital signage is only half of the solution. The other half involves using the technology properly to ensure you optimize all its features.

Are you planning to integrate digital signage into your spa business? Don’t use the technology inefficiently and miss out on the amazing benefits it has to offer. Here are five examples of digital signage in spas to help you make the most of your technology.

Examples Of Digital Signage In Spas

The sole purpose of digital signage in a spa is the increase the average in-house customer experience and make them enjoy all their interactions in your establishment. The sophisticated digital signage features work wonders to make clients happier and more satisfied, thereby strengthening their connection and loyalty to your brand.

When people visit spas, they do so because they crave the satisfaction of a pleasant and relaxing experience. Digital signage contributes to this by improving customer engagement and eliminating or alleviating customer pain points in your business, thereby delivering a hassle-free and immersive experience.

Some examples of digital signage in a spa include:

1. Digital Menu Boards

Static signage is a staple in many spas today. These spas use basic fliers, posters, and pamphlets in their business operation. While these would have served their purpose in the past, they are not suitable for spa establishments today.

Technology has advanced greatly, and it has brought with it numerous solutions and upgrades that are not only impressive but also make running a business easier. One of these several upgrades is the replacement of typical static signs with a more efficient digital variation.

Digital menu boards are in every business today. They exist in restaurants, bars, auto–repair stores, and of course, spa businesses. These boards make it easier to display your spa’s service details to your walk-in customers, providing them with all the information they need to know about the services they are interested in.

Digital menu boards offer a wow factor that helps you impress potential clients even before they purchase your services. In a world dominated by screens, there's nothing more impressive than walking into a spa and being welcomed by a creative dynamic digital sign that captures your attention.

Digital menu boards can be used to display pictures, videos, and animations of the services you provide in your spa. Unlike static menu boards, the moving pictures have an enticing and enthralling effect that convinces potential customers to purchase certain services. This is the easiest way to upsell your services by provisioning immersive content that shows your services on a level deeper than simply displaying them on paper.

Digital signage guides clients in making informed decisions before asking for certain services in your establishment. It is an effortless addition to your spa that will prevent customer confusion and ignorance and help make transactions faster and easier.

Additionally, digital menu boards are a cheaper alternative to static menu boards as they are easier to update and maintain. They do not require the constant need for a design change and printing that comes with using papers, and so do not require as high a financial obligation as static menu boards do.

If you are looking for a simple way to elevate your spa’s look and enhance the customer experience, digital menu boards are the solution you need.

2. Outdoor And Window Signs

There is no greater way to convince potential customers to enter your store than with a large digital sign. With a digital sign placed outside your establishment or in a window facing an area of the street with the highest foot traffic, you can be sure that your establishment will catch more eyes and pique more interest.

In the hubbub of a society with many brick-and-mortar businesses, without proper signage, it is easier for your establishment to be lost in the sea of other establishments.

Without proper signage announcing your business’s presence, it is unavoidable that many people will walk past your establishment without even realising it. If there is nothing to alert them to your establishment and tell them about the services you offer, there is no way they will walk into your establishment and request to purchase your services.

Digital marketing experts estimated in research that the average American is exposed to between 4,000 and 10,000 ads everyday. Out of these thousands, they only remember and engage with a handful while disposing and barely acknowledging the other advertisement messages.

With the average person processing a slew of these advert information daily, it is understandable that they barely acknowledge many stores they pass by daily. This is especially worse if the stores have forgettable signs that do not stand out and pique their interest like other signs.

Digital signage fixes this problem by letting you use visually-stimulating content to attract and engage customers. The appearance of a creative digital sign in your establishment forces them to acknowledge your business and retain information about the services you offer, even if they do not walk in to purchase at the moment.

The effects of digital signage on outdoor advertisement made it the first choice for large-scale out-of-home advertisement. Now, small businesses like your spa can make use of its advantage on a smaller scale and earn the same recognition and engagement outdoor digital signage offers.

This helps you remain one step ahead of your competitors, with targeted advertisements encouraging passers-by to enter your establishment.

3. In-house Advertisement

Your spa’s advertisement doesn’t end outside your establishment. Indoor and in-house promotion is just as effective as an outdoor advertisement.

Indoor ads and promotions help to increase sales through visually appealing content that boosts customer engagement. It is not only a futuristic addition to your spa that renders a modern look to your spa but also improves the consumer environment.

Up until a few years ago, spa establishments relied on static signage in their establishment to advertise their products and services. They supplemented word-of-mouth recommendations with posters, flyers, and pamphlets to convince customers to take certain actions and make certain purchases.

While these were effective to a certain stage, they cannot be compared to the efficiency of using digital signage. Integrating digital signage in your spa establishment for indoor adverts is a more creative and compelling way to upsell products, encourage clients to make more purchases, and provide the ultimate customer experience.

With indoor digital signage advertising your services, you can drastically reduce the average customer waiting time. Clients hate to be kept waiting, and without external stimulation, they will find waiting to be attended to be frustrating. This contributes to a negative experience that will cause clients to dread coming back to your establishment for more services in the future.

Indoor signage is not only a practical solution but an engaging one that keeps clients’ eyes glued to the screen. This takes their mind off their waiting time, making the wait time seem shorter than it is.

Besides reducing the average wait time, indoor digital signage also encourages customers to spend longer in the stores perusing the content on the screen. The longer a person spends in your spa, the more likely they are to purchase products or services they see. Thus, indoor digital signage also increases the average purchase amount.

4. Self-service Screens

The do-it-yourself feature is the latest addition to spas establishments today. Although this feature goes against the objective of spas that require the clients to be catered to and pampered from the moment they step into the spa establishment, clients still look forward to their favourite spas adding this unique and interesting feature to their operations.

Self-service features gained popularity at the peak of the pandemic lockdown when contactless transactions were recommended to all businesses. These self-service contactless transactions were designed to keep clients safe by limiting contact between clients and staff.

Self-service digital signage services are gaining momentum and becoming embraced in many spas today. With this happening and the awareness of this fascinating technological solution increasing, there is no better time to join the trend than now.

The self-service digital signage solution and spa service kiosks allow customers to interact with a screen for a more immersive spa experience. It empowers customers and gives them a more hands-on experience with your transactions.

You can set up touch screen self-service stations where walk-in customers can look at your schedule and input their preferred appointment times and details. Your self-service station can also show details about available services and prices and can be used as a payment gateway.

5. Entertainment

Entertainment is an underrated yet essential part of running a successful spa. In a bid to offer the ultimate customer experience, spa owners often focus on the services and products, rarely paying proper attention to the finer details like offering great entertainment.

Excellent entertainment is more than background noise that offers a distraction. It can help keep your customers engaged as they wait to be attended to. It plays a significant role in reducing customer perceived wait time and gratifying the customer journey.

Customer entertainment in your spa can be made easy with a service that has a wide range of entertaining content for your business. When it comes to providing your customers with high-quality entertainment, Loop TV is the one for you.

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Digital signage is a flexible technology solution that can be integrated into your spa establishment in numerous ways. With no limit to what you can achieve with dynamic signs, there is no better time to invest in digital signage than right now.

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