5 Examples Of Digital Signage For Vape Shops

Like other businesses, vape shops have specific signage needs. Whether it is to attract more customers or streamline operations in your vape shop, having signage that meets your business’s needs is key to maximizing your shop’s potential.

Digital signage has taken the business world by storm and is now a big part of many vape shops’ business operations. This innovative technology is versatile and can be used in different ways to optimize your business. Don’t know how to use digital signage in your Vape shop? Don’t worry, we have you covered with our list of five examples of digital signage in vape shops!

The Vape Business

With widespread attention suddenly bringing vaping and vape products to the limelight, it is easy to think vaping is an overnight sensation. However, surprisingly, vaping has been around for many years.

The art and act of smoking date back to years and years before the beginning of what we know today as a modern society. It is famous across all ethnicities and is performed using different methods and in the consumption of different herbs.

To truly understand the concept of vaping, it is essential to understand one important element, which is that a vape isn’t the same as other tobacco and tobacco-based products. While the device simulates tobacco smoking, it contains nicotine which is heated and consumed as a vapor.

It is safe to say the original vape design was created to mimic combustible cigarettes. We have an American named Herbert Gilbert to thank for the pioneering of an electric cigarette that can easily pass as cigarettes.

While Herbert Gilbert managed to design and build a working model, his designs were never produced. That was in 1963, and vapes have come a long way since then.

The concept continued to evolve over the years until the strange device was finally termed a “vape” by another inventor named Phil Ray.

During its production and integration into the mainstream market, vapes passed through the hands of American and Chinese inventors alike. It underwent a series of refinements, with the earliest vapers beginning to tweak and modify their e-cigarette to be more satisfying.

With the original vape devices starting to gain traction, the mods- modified vapes- were starting to catch up too. Soon, there were more mods in the market.

By 2010, vape pens, a variation of the mods, quickly became a common commodity as their sales increased. Now, vaping has become a mainstream practice seen as a norm among teenagers and young adults, with prevalence seen in non-Hispanic white adults aged 18-24.

Since then, the vape market has grown and taken in more revenue. The global e-cigarette and vape market size was valued at USD 18.13 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30.0% from 2022 to 2030

Thanks to this growth, there has been a substantial global increase in the number of brick-and-mortar vape stores. These stores act as sources for vaping products and are often located to target markets in specific neighborhoods and demographic.

The increase in the use of vaping products marked the beginning of competition amongst vape shops. Being one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, the vaping business is lucrative and highly competitive.

As of December 2015, there were 9945 vape shops in the U.S. With the vape industry not as diverse as the tobacco-based industry, there isn’t much you can do to stand out in your vape business. To beat the competition, many vape business owners are taking care to choose a high-trafficked location, promote their business online, host or join vape exhibition events, or provide the best customer service.

However, with the advent of technology, many vape business owners are quickly adopting innovative technological solutions designed to set them apart from their competition and make more sales. One of these solutions is digital signage technology.

Why Do You Need Digital Signage In Your Vape Shop?

Although the vape industry is a successful one, it is still limited by several constraints that are targeted at limiting the circulation, marketing, and consumption of the products. This might stem from the concern that there has been a rise in e-cigarette consumption by middle and high school students.

Although vapes are significantly less toxic and harmful than tobacco-based products, it cannot escape the fact that there are fewer observations and limits to the purchase of e-cigarettes which causes unrestricted abuse of the product by the wrong age group.

According to research conducted by CDC in 2018, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) were the most commonly used product among high school (20.8%; 3.05 million) and middle school (4.9%; 570,000) students. This number has continued to increase in recent years.

The increased consumption of vape products led to growing concern, and eventually, many states moved to limit or ban the product. One country that has banned vapes in a bid to protect youths from future health crises is India.

While there are not necessarily complete and outright vape bans in many other countries and states, there are currently 29 states with specific laws around how to package vaping products. These laws were put in place to reduce the access of vape products to underage consumers.

As of 2017, many states enforced legislation limiting vape products' access by banning radio, email, newspaper, magazines, abs text adverts of your vape products. This has led many vape shop owners to look for more innovative and creative ways to advertise their products without necessarily bypassing the laws and getting in trouble.

To do this, many vape shops looked to digital signage as an effective marketing method. There are several excellent reasons why digital signage is a great advertising medium for brick-and-mortar vape shops.

Firstly, digital signage breathes an air of modern advantage into any vape shop setting. Standing out from the crowd of possible vape product stores means investing in solutions not seen in these other shops.

Since static signage is often a popular choice of physical adverts for many stores, it is safe to say that a digital sign is an impressive wow factor that your customer and potential customers are not privy to in other vape shops. This is a distinct way to offer value that sets you apart from other vape shops.

Secondly, digital signage is a better way to catch your audience’s attention. While static signage and word-of-mouth are practical ways to pass information, their effects can in no way match up to the more visually-appealing digital sign.

Digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays. This is more than static signage can ever achieve, ensuring that your audience pays more attention to what you have to show/tell them. This makes it easier to advertise your products, knowing that your audience will always pay attention to your content.

Lastly, seeking more digital solutions will help vape shops survive the vaporization of advert mediums. Since many states have taken away or plan to take away the majority of the most effective advert means for vape shops, digital signage will help vape owners ensure their business does not dry up.

5 Examples Of Digital Signage For Vape Shops

Digital Signage can be used in various ways to boost sales and brand awareness in vape shops.

It brings the audience face to face with unique dynamic content and offers an in-depth, immersive experience they cannot get anywhere else. The versatility of digital signage technology makes it a great solution for vape shops. Some examples of digital signage for vape shops include:

1. Outdoor Signage

It’s excellent if you still have access to major means of online and numerous offline vape product advertisement mediums in your state. However, if you don’t, digital signage is the perfect way to get in people's faces without being intrusive and letting them know you offer premium vape products and services in your store. Even if you have other means of placing adverts, integrating digital signage into the mix doesn’t hurt business.

Strategically placing digital signs outside your vape store is a great example of how you can use digital signage. Outdoor advertisement is on the rise, and digital signage is the perfect way to achieve proper outdoor advertisement.

When connecting with potential customers and ensuring they are aware of your brand and the services you offer, there is no better way than to opt for visually appealing methods. This helps you overcome marketing challenges by ensuring you grab attention easily.

A picture, in reality, is worth more than a thousand words. This was proven by a team of neuroscientists from MIT that has found that the human brain can process entire images that the eye sees for as little as 13 milliseconds.

Using digital signage means using dynamic imagery to grab attention and motivate your audience to act. With the average American confronted with between 4000 to 10,000 online and offline adverts everyday, it is easy for people to be so distracted by a barrage of information that they are barely aware of your static ads as they pass your vape shop on the street.

Digital signage helps you to avoid this by ensuring your ad stands out among the crowd and sticks to your audience even after they leave the vicinity.

2. Indoor Advertisement

Who says digital signage is only great for your vape shop when placed outside?When erected inside a vape shop, a digital sign is one of the most effective means of increasing product sales. It boosts sales margin by prompting your physical customers to purchase the displayed items.

Compared to static signs, digital signs do a better job of providing displayed products with context, thereby making them seem more realistic. The ability to provide dimension with animated or video counts about your products makes it easier to help your customers see why they need that specific product and why they need it right then.

With your indoor displays, you can show video, picture, or text content talking about your available products. Indoor displays are an excellent avenue for highlighting your best-selling products, new stock, or product with the best features.

Digital signs help buyers to see in a new light- pun intended- and unconsciously impact their shopping decision to accommodate that product. Indoor displays are also the perfect mediums to display loyalty programs that will improve your brand-customer relationship with your clients.

You can use your displays to show products on sale, discount offers, coupon codes, and other incentives to drive sales.

3. Entertainment Displays

As with any store, a vape shop customer’s goal is to go into a store, grab a specific item, and leave. This straightforward shopping means your customers barely pay attention to their surroundings, making you miss the chances of selling more products due to more products getting their attention.

A leading reason why many customers barely spend enough time inside vape shops is there isn’t anything to keep them interested and engaged while and after they shop. With nothing to stimulate their senses, their dwell time is cut short, and they hurry out of your stay.

Installing digital signs inside your store is a great way to increase the ambiance. With interesting content showing on these screens, you can encourage your clients to stick around for longer, thereby increasing your chances of them purchasing more items than they intended to.

In this case, digital signage is used as a means to improve the average customer experience and enhance satisfaction. Optimizing your digital sign to display finely-curated and unique content will increase the average shopping time, help your customers remain satisfied, and help you make better sales.

4. Educational Displays

Many people today use vape products, but how many are truly aware of any information concerning these products that they consume. Lately, especially among the younger generation of vape users, all a consumer cares to know about is the flavor of their e-cigarettes. Other than this, they possess little to no amount of the essential information that comes with using vapes.

Because digital signage is eye-catching, it is one of the best ways to reach out to your customers and share essential information that will keep them enlightened and up-to-date as they consume vape products. This will help them remain safe and confident as they patronize your business.

With your display screens, you can educate your customers and potential customers on the best ways to use vape products, health concerns to look out for, and even share reviews from other vape users. You can also use your digital sign as a tool to show your customers the benefits of using vaping as a gateway to quitting harmful smoking products.

5. Point-Of-Sale Displays

Another excellent example of digital signage in vape shops is point-of-sale displays. Point-of-sale displays are a great way to promote products in your store. With a display erected near or on your checkout counter, you can encourage last-minute purchases and increase sales in your shop.

Installing a point-of-sale display in your vape shop offers lots of benefits like:

  • Targeting impulse buying. By capturing a customer’s attention with appealing content about a vape product, POS displays influence the purchasing decision and encourage the viewer to purchase.
  • POS displays are a cost-effective advert method
  • POS displays improve customer experience and satisfaction by making it easier for customers to find products that they want or need
  • POS displays are a great way to improve revenue in your vape shop

Other than being a great medium for advertising vape products, point-of-sale displays can be used as an interactive payment gateway. With this channel, clients can safely and easily make payments.

Running Your Vape Business Without Limitations

With digital signage, there is a world opportunity waiting to help your vape shop outgrow your competition and conquer your limitations. However, this is not possible without having the best digital signage service on your side.

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