5 Great Digital Signage Internal Communications Examples

Digital signage might have been traditionally designed to supplement marketing strategies, however, it has shown that it offers more advantages in streamlining business operations. One way it does this is by ensuring seamless internal employee communications.

Emails, calls, notice boards, memos, chats on corporate platforms, and face-to-face messages are a few methods for employee communications in an organization.

While these methods used to be practical, they were limiting and often caused friction in a business organization. Instead of depending on these inefficient methods that often blindside business goals, take advantage of the amazing internal communication advantages digital signage offers.

To help you fully optimize this innovative tool, we have provided five ways you can use digital signage for internal communications in your company.

Benefits of Employee Communications In An Organization

Internal or employee communication is the sharing of information and ideas amongst employees and executives of a business organization. It plays an integral role in the growth of an organization and is an element of business that should not be handled with levity

Internal communication can be effected through verbal or electronic mediums set aside for the sole purpose of communication in the organization. Regardless of the medium used, internal communication is necessary to pass information to and from employees to foster connection or team spirit, help workers be more productive, and ensure employees carry out their tasks efficiently.

During employee communication, information should flow between executive members- like managers- and the employees effectively and in real-time to ensure no misunderstandings, loss of information, or stress that will induce tension in the work atmosphere.

When the information is not transferred through effective and efficient mediums, it defeats the goal of the information being shared, thereby weakening the collaboration in the business environment.

Efficient and adequate communication in an organization is important for so many reasons. Some of these reasons include:

Increases Employee Engagement

Study shows that effective organizational communication and job satisfaction positively influences an employee’s work achievement. The sole purpose of internal communication is to ensure an effective flow of information within an organization.

When information is shared evenly, and at the right time, you can ensure everyone is up-to-date with the necessary information to do their jobs efficiently. Engaging everyone with the latest news, tasks, or strategies will ensure everyone knows what role they are needed to play, ensuring no one wastes time and resources on unnecessary tasks.

Proper and effective internal communications also ensure employees can return feedback to the necessary executives. Listening to employee feedback will help them feel valued, motivating them to work harder and improve the quality of their work output.

Efficient Supply of Information

A normal business setting without internal communication strategies is prone to error. Without knowing who to report information to or when, information can become lost in transition and never be delivered to the necessary personnel.

There will also be other errors like repeated information communication, late information communication, and information overload. Internal employee communication prevents this by ensuring an efficient communication system ensures that the right information gets to the right person at the right time.

Achieve Business Goals

With effective communication, employees and the management will be on the same page. This will ensure everyone knows what needs to be done and when these tasks should be completed.

With everyone aware of their schedules and roles, they can focus on achieving certain personal and team goals. Clear communication strengthens the existing company strategy and ensures people carry out the necessary action to achieve the set goals.

Increase Employee Experience

Study shows that the number one reason employees leave a job is a lack of recognition. Poor communication breeds stress, tension, and negative relationships due to misunderstandings. It also makes employees feel unappreciated and unnoticed.

These elements significantly affect how employees feel and react to situations at work, thereby breeding a hostile work environment. Bad experiences in the workplace hamper cohesion at work and cause low employee retention. Proper communication fixes this by ensuring every employee feels valued and understood.

Importance Of Digital Signage In Internal Communication

There are different channels for employee communication. Some of these common channels include mediums like emails, intranets, project management tools, video conferencing software, internal podcasts, and face-to-face conversations. While these mediums are considered practical and effective in the average work environment, they cannot be compared to the effective digital signage medium.

Another study showed that 74% of employees feel they are missing out on company news because the internal communication department is nonexistent or doing a poor job.

If anything, this proves that the mediums companies put in place for employee communications are ineffective and inefficient. This lack of a proper communication strategy calls for a better solution to ensure every employee in an organization is on board with all the decisions taken within the company.

Technology is fast advancing, and businesses need to adjust to new and more innovative solutions to streamline communication. Digital signage is a versatile and multi-channel approach that can ensure every employee is aware of information when necessary.

Admittedly, digital signage should not be used as a standalone solution to internal communications. Instead, it should be supplemented with other more effective digital mediums to ensure your company can reinforce all messages when necessary.

Digital signage is a perfect internal communication tool for many reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • It commands attention. One reason digital signage is praised for its effects on marketing strategies is the easy way it grabs attention and turns heads. In a world dominated by screens, people are more inclined to look at a screen bearing important messages than to read paper business memos. Using catchy characters on a bright and well-positioned screen, you can get employees to notice the information you want them to quickly.
  • Digital signage can reach a large audience at once. Digital displays are erected for general viewing and not private stations. Large screens strategically placed in areas in the establishment will ensure every employee will see the message without having to log onto the company intranet. This way, you can say goodbye to unseen emails and miss/forgotten video conference calls
  • Digital signage is flexible and can be customized to display any content. From pictures and video presentations to live website feeds and texts, digital signage can be used to display any information you want at any time
  • Digital signage is a cheaper alternative to many other communication medium options. With one update, you can quickly broadcast information to as many employees as you need. There will be no need for papers for memos or other expensive alternatives.
  • Using digital signage for internal communication saves time. You no longer have to waste time in an online office chatroom or sending an email to lots of people at once when you can broadcast your message to everyone in the building at the tap of a button.

5 Great Digital Signage Internal Communications Examples

There are various ways to implement digital signage for internal communication in an organization. Some of the best ways include:

1. Conference Room Booking Schedule

An organization without an effective conference room booking digital signage will suffer frustrating setbacks when using conference rooms. It can get especially messy when you constantly mix up conference schedules and, in the end, get no meeting done because everyone is confused or left in the dark about what conference room they should be in and at what time.

Imagine entering a conference room you thought would be empty and interrupting an important board meeting. Or missing a meeting because you thought the conference room was being used for a different meeting at that time.

Mistakes like these can set a company’s operation behind and cause major problems like a missed deadline or a closed window of opportunity for a big company goal. Digital signage eliminates this problem with an easy solution that ensures all employees know what conference room is being used at what time.

Digital signage makes it possible to put up a digital visual sign in the form of a schedule that shows meeting rooms and bookings. This form of internal communication might be minor but can help businesses make major changes and avoid mistakes that are commonplace in the establishment.

Digital signage as a conference room schedule sign is an effective and interactive solution. An efficient conference room system will enable employees to see when the conference room is being used for what meeting and make it easier to book conference rooms at the tap of a button.

This reduces confusion and friction in business operations as everyone will clearly see the present and future schedules.

2. Smart Noticeboards

Every business needs a notice board. These boards often display critical information like necessary tasks, announcements, advertisements, and upcoming events. Notice boards are not only a means of internal communication but also a medium for employee engagement.

Although notice boards are vital in a business environment, why settle for plain old wooden board erections when you can have a smart digital noticeboard that never fails to catch employees’ attention every time they pass the screen?

Wall-mounted digital signage notice boards are a more modern and effective option than their static counterparts. Like the regular notice boards, digital signage helps to keep employees updated on events, opportunities, and other necessary information. However, it does this more attractively and appealingly that people cannot ignore.

Additionally, digital notice boards are easier to update. They are a great medium to share time-sensitive information as they allow information to be shared in real-time.

Digital notice boards are cost-effective, interactive, scalable, and, most importantly, flexible. Your noticeboard can be increased to create a video wall with multiple screens. It can also display all types of content, from texts to pictures, web pages, and employee-submitted content.

3. Company Dashboard

Company dashboards are an integral part of a company. They play key roles in helping employees keep up with necessary information, statistics, and progress within the company.

Companies have to deal with a lot of data daily. Without the necessary means of properly recording these data, it will be impossible to keep up with them or make sense of the jumble of information a company gathers.

Additionally, it isn’t just enough to record this data. It is important to do so in a way that will make it easier to extract information without a problem. Reading this data quickly and easily will increase decision-making and employee performance, making it easier to keep up with operations in the company.

This is where company dashboards come in. A business intelligence dashboard, or BI dashboard, is a data visualization and analysis tool that displays on one screen the status of key performance indicators (KPIs) and other relevant business metrics. It shows a summary of data points for an organization, department, team or process.

Company dashboards provide critical reporting and metrics information and are integral to business performance. It helps companies navigate their progress by creating a data-driven environment.

Digital signage can be used to create and display your company dashboard to help all employees remain up-to-date with necessary reports. It is a more advanced and professional option than using projectors to display dashboards during meetings and offers great features to personalize your dashboard and update it whenever you like.

4. Orientation Boards

Digital signage is especially useful for educating new employees during training seminars. Training programs are out in place to integrate new employees into a work environment and familiarize them with the necessary procedures, strategies, and business environment as a whole.

To achieve this, it is essential to have efficient tools that will make the training more practical and provide better immersive experiences first-hand. Many companies use static signs, charts, and word-of-mouth to inform new trainees about their jobs.

While this works, it limits the information-consuming process and makes it challenging for new employees to quickly and fully grasp the concepts being communicated to them.

So, how does digital signage fix this? With digital signage, you can provide trainees with visual and auditory stimulation to improve interaction and provide a more immersive experience in the training program.

With the ability to display charts, news, animation, graphics, and texts customized to your preference, you can deliver your presentations in a better way that ensures your trainees interact better.

5. Safety Displays

Digital signage as safety displays became popular with the onset of the covid-19 pandemic. With safety and health concerns a global priority, companies worldwide had to look for effective ways to remind employees about the necessary safety practices.

Digital signage is an excellent medium for communicating safety information and updates in real-time. With these interactive and engaging displays, you can constantly remind your employees to engage in precautions put in place to protect their safety.

From reinforcing mask requirements to reminding employees to use sanitizers, digital signage is an excellent means of safety communication. Safety displays can also be used to remind employees of potential workplace hazards. Overall, digital signage is an excellent medium for reducing accidents at work and ensuring your workplace remains a safe environment.

Communicating Better With Digital Signage

Digital signage unlocks a world of unlimited opportunities for effective internal communications. With its versatile features, you can ensure all employees are on the same page while ensuring a seamless flow of data and information in your organization.

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