Christmas Themed Google Slide Templates for Digital Signage

As the holiday season approaches, you may be planning the Christmas themes you want to use for your digital sign. To find the perfect templates to match your business’s brand, you can use free Christmas-themed Google Slides templates.

If you aren’t sure where to find the best templates, several websites provide these templates ready-made. There are many beautiful and customizable options to choose from for your business’s Christmas-time content.

How to Choose the Best Christmas Themed Google Slides Template

Google Slides is a free and easy-to-use cloud-based tool that many businesses use to create their digital signs. Many websites provide templates that you can download and use to make customizing your business’s content easy.

Before you search for the best templates to use in your Christmas digital signage, you may want to think about the kind of images and themes you want to use for your digital signage.

Christmas time is an important time for businesses. In 2022, holiday retail sales in the US reached a staggering 942.6 billion US dollars. So, to attract your share of those sales, you want your Christmas digital signs to be in line with the trends. You also catch the eye of passersby.

Popular Yet Unique

Many retailers choose to go for the classic red and green color scheme, but Christmas themes don’t have to be typical. There are plenty of Google Slide themes with icy blues and snow.

Pink is another great choice. It looks good with candy themes and pairs well with snowflakes and glittery details. You want to use popular images like reindeer, Santa, snowflakes, presents, trees, ornaments, snowmen, and the like, but you also want them to look unique so that your business stands out.

As for aesthetics, you can opt for more traditional images with wreaths and stockings hung by a fire. Or, you can go for something more cartoony like elves with presents.

Your theme choice should match the typical concept of Christmas while also looking fresh.

Match Your Brand

Of course, your digital message influences your choice. If you have a medical office, your presentation template needs to match the feeling you want your patients to have about your office.

Cozier images will probably make adult patients more at ease, while cartoony images are better for children’s offices. For a candy shop, peppermint candies and candy canes would look great. Christmas lights are another cute and simple theme yet convey Merry Christmas, all the same.

You want your brand to be reflected in the theme you choose. So, the image you want to project to your customers is what you should have in mind as you choose your Google Slides template.


You should consider every layout detail of your presentation template for Christmas. The fonts should be easy to read and look professional. You should avoid colors that would be hard to see on a digital screen. The title font should be bold and eye-catching to grab potential customers’ attention.

You also want background colors that don’t overshadow the graphics or the fonts. You also want to choose layouts that are full of interest but are not too busy. Simplicity is usually better than a lot of overpowering flashy images.

Use a wide array of different media in your digital sign such as graphs, timelines, infographics, stickers, and more. Once you download a Google Slides theme you like, you can continue that theme for other marketing needs.

The templates are multi-purpose and can be added to your social media sites and other promotions. You can often make minor changes to these templates and keep them through the new year. However, there are also New Year’s templates available, as well.

Gifs and videos are great for drawing in customers. This is a good opportunity to show your sentimental side, garnering trust from your clients.


You also want to choose a Christmas theme Google Slides that have the layout options you need. You can preview many of the templates you find. When you go through, think about how easy or difficult it would be to add your content into this format.

If you have a lot of charts and data, you want to be able to insert those quickly. The same with pictures and videos. Also, some layouts make more sense than others. Does this layout make sense with your ultimate digital signage goals?

You can always rearrange slides and formatting, but you also have to consider how much time it will take you to make those changes. If it would take you a long time to edit the slideshow to meet your needs, it might be better for you to keep looking around for a better layout.

Once you’ve decided what you are looking for in your Christmas-themed Google Slides template, you can begin searching for the perfect template for your digital message.

Where Can You Find Christmas-Themed Google Slides Templates?

Once you decided to use Google Slides for your digital signage, you want to be able to find some of the best Christmas-themed templates out there. Where do you start looking?

There are several websites you can search for beautiful, modern free templates. You can download these and import them into your digital signage software.

Many of these websites allow you to download these themes in either Google Slides or Powerpoint formats for convenience. Here are some to check out:

1. SlidesCarnival

SlidesCarnival has around 8 templates to choose from. These are completely free and editable. You don’t have to sign up for anything. You don’t need an account. You can just go to the website, type into the search engine your desired theme, look through the themes, and choose one.

This website has a lot of very contemporary and professional-looking Christmas themes. From a Christmas wreath to ornaments to a blue and gold foliage border, these are sleek and cohesive designs.

Once you see a theme you like, click on its title. You can further browse through the template by clicking arrows on the sides of the preview. There are many different slides in these presentation templates. There are data slides, image slides, quote slides, and many more.

Then, you can download either a PowerPoint template or Google Slides. After you click the yellow Google Slides button, a message comes up asking you to “Make a copy.” Select that blue button. If you are already signed into your Google account, the copy should automatically save in your drive and open in a new tab.

Then, you can make it your own. These templates are completely editable. You can import any media or text you want to include for your Christmas-themed digital message.

2. Slidesgo

Slidesgo is another website where you can download Christmas presentation templates. However, this website has other offerings such as templates for social media posts, infographics, newsletters, cards, and more that you can also use. You’ll be wowed by the selection of free Google Slides templates it has to offer.

After you go to the website, start by searching in the engine at the top of the page. Then, start looking through the different options. To check it out further click on the image of the template or the title, then you can preview the template.

The options here are more cartoony and whimsical. There are reindeer, gingerbread people, bells that look like stickers, and Santas. Many of these themes are more fun and cute, which would make them perfect for kid-related business signage.

Click the purple “Download this template” icon. You can select either Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint. Once you do this, the steps are the same as the previous website. You make a copy of the slideshow, then you’ll have access to the template in your Google Drive.

Editing these slides is super easy. You can change the font, import images, and edit graphics to suit your needs.

3. Slidesmania

The website Slidesmania offers a wide selection of different templates you can use with Google Slides as well as PowerPoint. There are planners, infographics, certificates, and more that may benefit your digital business.

For a Christmas-themed Google Slide template, scroll to the bottom of the page. The search engine is hidden, and it is much more difficult to find the templates using the buttons at the top.

This website has a smaller selection of free Christmas templates, but there are still some good ones. If you find one you like, click the picture. Scroll to the middle of the page. There are yellow icons that indicate whether you want to download the template as a PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Select the icon for Google Slides. It will open a new tab. There is a blue “use template” icon at the top. Click that and it should open the template in your Google Drive. You’ll be able to customize it for your digital signage.

What was unique about some of these templates was that some of them had effects on their templates. For example, one theme had snow-falling animations as part of the theme.

This is a great way to add interest to your digital sign without putting in the extra time to develop a moving image yourself.

4. Loveslides

Another great, free website to browse for Christmas themes for your digital signage is Loveslides. When you visit this website, it has gray bubbles with different themes available. Find “Christmas.” Click on it.

Now, you’ll be able to look through their offerings of Google Slides templates. If you find one you like, simply click on it. Preview it further. The options on this website are simplistic. They generally have a basic color and a very simple image tied to that color.

For instance, one is green with a wreath of gold angels. These would be great for a business that is going for a simplistic look or who already has a lot of images and videos they are going to embed into the PowerPoint presentation.

Then, scroll down to the middle of the page. There is an orange icon that says “Edit a Google Slide Theme.” After clicking that, a loading page will come up, followed by the same “Make a copy” message.

Once you’ve made the copy, you’re ready to make your holiday-themed Google slides presentation for your digital signage.

5. SlideEgg

If you are looking for a large selection of Christmas templates to choose from, SlideEgg has several. The page seems to go on forever after you hit “search” for Christmas-themed Google Slides.

Click on the image of one you like to view the preview. Scroll down to the large orange “download” icon. You do have to create an account for this website. Once you sign in, you can browse over 100,000 templates.

There are a lot of different types of Christmas layouts to choose from. There are cute, whimsy options or more serious traditional looks. You can find simple or really ornate options. There is a lot of variety on this website.

You can download these in many different formats. The slides are easy to customize and look great on your digital sign. No matter what website you choose or what template you go with, you can have a lot of fun making a customized, beautiful Christmas digital sign.

Christmas time is a great opportunity to bring in new customers and make key sales, so these themes will have your digital signage looking perfect for the holiday season.

Loop and Christmas-themed Digital Signage

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We offer a large library of music that can play with your digital message. Alternatively, the images can show on the screen alone.

You can customize your digital message to meet your needs through Loop’s easy-to-use online portal for a convenient and perfect tool for your small businesses.