How To Use the Loop Digital Assistant To Get Channel Recommendations

Looking for a simple way to discover all of the channels that Loop has and see which one is right for your business? Loop has recently launched a new, first-of-its-kind channel recommendation service to help you make a selection.

Interested in trying the channel recommendation? You can access the Digital Assistant via our main website (loop.tv) or through the business portal (biz.loop.tv).

If you are accessing the Digital Assistant through our website, simply click the small "Chat Support" button in the lower right corner.

If you're on the biz.loop.tv site, simply click the "support" button on the left hand side of the web page to engage with the Digital Assistant.

Once you've begun chatting, select "Channels" to begin the flow.

You'll answer some simple questions about your preferences including what kind of channels you like and how family-friendly you'd like your content to be.

Once you've answered all of the questions, the Digital Assistant will give you a sampling of all of the channels that are relevant based on your answers.

Want to see all of our available channels (and maybe even get a recommendations from our Digital Assistant)? Head to loop.tv/channels to see all of our offerings!