How To Use Grocery Store Digital Signage to Increase Revenue

A very effective way to increase grocery store revenue is by implementing digital signage.

With a digital signage system, you can create eye-catching visuals that promote your store’s products and promotions in an interactive way that will catch your customers’ eyes and boost sales.

This also has a wonderful secondary benefit: enhancing your customers’ shopping experience.

Let’s dive into a few examples.

Examples Of Digital Signage For Grocery Stores

There are countless ways to implement digital displays in your supermarket. Hopefully one or more of these examples will inspire you.

1. Spread the Word About Daily Specials & Sales

Whether it’s a sale on deli meat, baked goods, or canned corn, a digital signage solution is a great way to spread the word to people already in your store.

With the easy-to-use functionality of digital signage systems like Loop TV, you can swap these promotions in real-time so you can move sale items quickly.

2. Display Recipe Ideas to Inspire Shoppers

Some grocery store shoppers come in with complete meal plans, but many do not. These less prepared shoppers oftentimes make a lot of impulse purchases, deciding in the moment what they’re having for dinner that night or breakfast the next day.

Displaying recipe ideas with ingredient lists is a great way to capture these customers’ attention, improve their overall experience, and drive sales. You can also include the aisle number for each ingredient to make the shopping process as smooth as possible, which your customers are sure to appreciate.

3. Promote Your Store Brand & Social Media Pages

If you have social media pages set up for your store, you can use digital signage to increase brand awareness and grow your follower count. All you have to do is include a screen with your social media handles and/or QR codes your customers can scan to automatically get to your pages.

Note: If you’re already displaying recipes in-store, you can post those on your social media pages as well to get maximum milage out of that content.

4. Upsell Loyalty Cards In The Checkout Line

Many grocery stores have loyalty programs to encourage repeat visits from their most frequent customers. If your store has a loyalty program in place, using digital signs to promote the features and benefits of your loyalty program can increase the number of people who sign up. This will be especially effective if you display the info in the checkout line — right before your cashiers ask the customer if they want to join the program.

5. Promote New Products

Did you just start stocking a new product that you think customers will love? Gently nudge them in that direction by promoting that product with your digital sign. If they try the product and go on to love it, they’re more likely to come back to the place they know they can get it — your store.

6. Make Your High Margin Products Stand Out

Similar to #5, you can also promote particularly high-margin products via digital signage. And make it easy to find by providing wayfinding that nudges your customers to specific high-margin products — or even particular areas of the store with many high-margin products.

7. Improve Customer Experience While They Wait to Checkout

No one likes waiting in line, but you can make the experience more palatable by providing customers with digital signage as they wait to check out. You could display bite-sized video clips, trivia questions, or fun facts that will make the time pass faster for them.

Even if you don’t choose a traditionally entertaining option, just having something to look at in the checkout line — even if it’s promotions and upsells — will almost certainly make your customers’ wait time feel shorter.

Loop TV Makes It Possible

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