How Companies Are Using Digital Signage In Conference Rooms

We are acclimated to seeing digital signage at the forefront of a business’s strategy. From seeing it being integrated into a marketing campaign to interacting with touchscreen wayfinding, we have all at least once experienced the effects of a business’s digital signage.

However, more often than not, we forget that digital signage plays a more crucial role behind the curtain than only the forefront. Although there are many ways digital signage is used in business, digital signage is also often used in boardrooms.

With that being said, here are some ways that companies are using digital signage in conference rooms.

What Is Conference Room Digital Signage?

The conference room is an essential part of any organization. It is where many business decisions that determine the organization's future are made.

Years ago, conference rooms used traditional methods for communication during meetings. These conventional methods included using papers, boards, sharpies, pens, and other manual equipment that are now considered old and unprofessional in many professional settings.

However, technology has breathed fresh air into the business world, and digitization has taken organizations by storm. Businesses everywhere throw out their traditional conference room equipment for more advanced technological solutions. One of the many technical solutions organizations are implementing in their conference room is digital signage.

Have you ever noticed a “conference in progress” digital screen at a conference room entrance? Or seen a large screen used to display data during a conference? Those are examples of conference room digital signage.

Conference room digital signage refers to electronic displays used to communicate information relevant to a conference room. These digital tools are dedicated to the conference rooms of any organization.

It is easy to wonder what benefits digital signage in a conference room offers. After all, digital signage is primarily used in advertising campaigns. However, digital signage is also used past its advertising functions.

Conference room digital signage is used to make using a conference room a more efficient process. It makes communication within and outside the conference room easier and creates a streamlined environment by communicating critical information to visitors and employees.

Digital signage is highly versatile, which is why there are different types of conference room digital signage. These separate conference room digital signage tools serve other purposes, all geared toward ensuring conference meetings, and possibly all parts of the office run smoothly.

How Companies Use Digital Signage In Conference Rooms

Digital signage has a lot of not-so-hidden potentials when appropriately implemented. It is also a versatile tool that makes it efficiently implemented in conference rooms in several ingenious ways. Some of these ways include:

1. Conference Room Availability

Imagine not knowing a conference room is available and walking into a meeting in motion because you think the room is empty. This uncomfortable and unprofessional situation can be avoided by using digital signage to check for conference room availability.

How does this work? Digital signage refers to using digital screens like LED or LCD screens, projectors, or e-papers to display unique content of images, videos, or texts. This also includes using it to communicate essential information like the availability status of a conference room.

By installing digital signage outside a conference room, a company can display if a conference meeting is in session or if the room is empty. Think of it as a hotel’s “Do not disturb” sign but on a more professional and impressive scale.

Conference room availability signs can display when the conference room is empty, in use, and when next it will be in use. This way, the problems of hijacking a conference meeting or booking double meetings are eliminated.

With conference room availability screens, one glance will tell employees if a conference room is booked or not, how long the meeting will last, and when next the room will be available for use.

But what happens when the rooms are empty? Does that mean the digital sign will be useless? Not quite. The digital signs can still be used to relay important information about the organization when the conference rooms are empty.

It can serve as a notice board for announcements or be used to pass important information for streamlining the company’s businesses.

2. Conference Room Booking

Walking into a conference room thinking it is empty only to be faced with a meeting in full swing is one of the many uncomfortable, and unprofessional mistakes employees face in a disorganized organization. One way to solve this problem is by implementing digital signage for conference room bookings.

In many organizations that try to keep track of their conference meeting, the process is usually done on virtual calendars. However, many employees forget to book rooms and take the next available conference room for their session.

There is also the problem of double bookings where employees book conference rooms for the same meeting. This happens because there is no adequate method of confirming if the room has been booked before (mostly because employees do not want to go through the calendars).

Needless to say, these mistakes create backlogs that create friction in a company’s activities. Inefficient conference room booking methods backtrack conference meetings and can completely displace conference meeting activities.

With digital signs placed outside a conference room, employees can book conference rooms for specific times. With this booking solution, employees can view a real-time digital calendar for conference room schedules.

3. Conference Tool

Who says digital signage for conference rooms can only be used outside the conference rooms? Digital signage tools are so versatile that they have a place inside conference rooms too!

Research shows that digital signage captures 400 percent more views than traditional signage. This is a no-brainer, given the attractiveness and appeal these screens hold over viewers.

The powerful attention-grabbing effect is what makes digital signage extremely successful. It explains why retailers who use digital signage enjoy better brand awareness and product visibility, thereby directly influencing customer behavior. It also explains why modern schools now implement digital signage in the classrooms.

Using digital signage in conference rooms makes it easier to grab and hold members’ attention. It makes it easier to use detailed videos, pictures, text, and other customized content to convey important information.

With conference room digital signage, companies can show various content from web pages to videos. Unlike static charts, content on digital displays can be manipulated to be more detailed, thereby creating a more professional setting and ensuring information is well understood.

Why have bleak meetings using static signage when you can use the more impressive and interesting digital signage?

4. Online and Offline Integration

What happens when members of an organization cannot make it down to a physical meeting? In this case, the most practical thing to do is to ask the absent members to join the meeting through a video chat. After all, technology has provided solutions for this via platforms like Zoom and Skype.

But does that mean you have to switch the meeting location online so every member goes online to attend the meeting virtually? Although this might also seem practical, it wastes company resources.

So, what's the best course of action? Simply integrating online video chats and offline meets. With digital signage in a conference room, organizations can maximize internal communication over long distances by ensuring everyone never misses a meeting, regardless of location.

Offshore clients, employees in other branches, and even members on vacation can join discussions and never miss any detail of what goes on during a conference meeting.

This is possible by using digital signage to live-stream virtual meetings on digital screens so members of the virtual meeting can see those in the conference room and vice versa.

Online interactions are becoming more popular, and digital signage offers an easy way to bring online meetings into the conference room. With conference live chat using attention-grabbing digital signage, you can address all intended members of a conference regardless of distance.

5. Display Important Information

Nothing beats the feeling of disappointment that comes with waiting for a meeting to start, but it doesn't. This causes wasted time and resources that could have been dedicated to more successful appointments.

Disappointments like this only happen because conference meetings are canceled without prior notice to the respective members. Instead of sending out memos to let employees know that conference meetings have been rescheduled or canceled, digital signage makes it easier to pass the necessary information across.

With a digital display sign outside a conference meeting hall alerting employees of the cancellation before they make their way into the room, organizations warn employees about meeting changes. This ensures the employees can spend their time doing more productive activities.

Meeting cancellations are one of the few pieces of information that organizations can display with digital signage. These screens placed outside a conference center can be used as a medium to make real-time announcements, communicate emergency alerts, celebrate staff members, offer reminders, and convey business updates.

With digital signage displaying essential information relating to conference rooms or the organization as a whole, companies can ensure they enjoy hitch-free and seamless operations.

Benefits of Conference Room Digital Signage

Although digital signage is mainly used for marketing campaigns, it offers a lot of potential when integrated with other business operations, such as in conference rooms. Some benefits of using digital signage in conference rooms include the following:

Enhances Organization

A disorganized workplace leaves room for mistakes. These mistakes can create backlogs, reduce employee productivity, and even compromise sales.

Although disorganization can happen in any area of a business operation, it is often more pronounced in establishments without proper conference room data management systems. With no way to tell who is using the conference room when it can get increasingly tricky to keep every employee on track for their meetings.

Digital signage makes it easier for employees to be on the same page when scheduling their meetings. No matter how flexible and different employees in a department’s work schedules are, conference room digital signage offers real-time updates about conference meetings. This ensures employees do not miss or forget their meetings.

Optimize Conference Room Utilization

Other conference room reservation techniques are not only time-wasting but involve a lengthy process that may compromise workflow. To avoid this long process, employees use the conference rooms however they want. This leaves a conference room optimization problem, as many employees do not know when to use the organization’s conference rooms.

Digital signage bridges this gap by allowing employees to see when the conference rooms are in use and when they are free for use. It offers real-time updates on all conference rooms in the establishments, and lets employees know when to schedule their meetings. This helps to optimize and maximize the conference rooms fully.

Improves Employee Experience

Conference room digital signage improves employee experience by reducing the friction of scheduling conference meetings. It also saves them the time that would otherwise be spent running from one department to the other to ensure that the conference room is free for use.

Conference room space planning with other inefficient processes can be very frustrating. The constant clashing of conference room schedules is equally frustrating. These can severely damage employee productivity and reduce the average employee experience.

Since conference room digital signage makes the process easier, employees can have better working experiences and more productive working hours.

Spreads Information Easily

When conference room digital signage is not displaying conference room information, it can be used to display other essential types of information. With critical information being displayed on the sign for everyone in that area to see, it is easier to spread news quickly.

Saves Money

Compared to other conference room scheduling methods, digital signage is a cost-effective option that helps companies save money in the long run. Digital signage is a permanent investment and, in most cases, only requires a one-time payment for the installation.

It gets better when you use Loop TV. Loop TV is a business digital signage and entertainment TV that offers businesses digital signage solutions and entertainment services. With unlimited digital signage features within easy reach and without the need for extra fees.

By integrating Loop TV as your conference room digital signage, you not only enjoy high-quality digital signage options but also do so at no extra charge.

Implementing Digital Signage In Your Conference Room

Digital signage is popular being at the forefront of marketing campaigns. However, it is also important behind the business and plays a significant role in the state of a business.

Are you looking for a conference room digital signage solution you can trust? Trust Loop TV to get the job done for you!