How To Increase Auto Shop Revenue With Digital Signage

Digital signage is a blessing to many businesses, and Auto shop establishments are not left out. This innovative technology plays a significant role in easing challenges in the business, like marketing products, retaining clients, and, of course, making more revenue.

Running a successful automobile shop can be very challenging, especially with the competition in the industry. However, implementing digital signage in your auto shop is an excellent step to boosting your business and making more profit.

Not sure how to begin? Here are some great ways to increase revenue in your auto shop using digital signage.

Digital Signage And The Auto Shop Business

The goal of any auto shop owner is to have a successful business that yields a high profit. However, many auto shop owners find it challenging to make as much money as they hope to or like their competition.

Starting an auto shop or auto repair shop is difficult, but sustaining it is an even more difficult feat. In a world where there are now an estimated 1.446 billion cars and vehicle saturation of about 18 percent, you would think auto repair shops all around the world have carved a niche for themselves with a steady stream of high income.

Surprisingly, for a business so popular and lucrative, it can be extremely challenging to find a profitable foothold as an auto shop owner. There are many reasons why auto shop owners are not making as much profit as they want. One of these is high competition in this industry.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, there were nearly 239,100 auto repair and maintenance centers in the U.S. This is an estimated two percent increase from the previous year. It is almost as if an increase in the number of vehicles in operation led to a direct proportion increase in auto shop establishments.

The prevalence of auto repair shops today means that auto shop owners have more people to compete with for customers, sales, and essentially profit. To remain the most sought-after shops within a locality, auto shop owners are adopting several unique business strategies and solutions that are both unique and effective.

One of these many solutions is the use of digital signage technology.

Digital signage technology is becoming increasingly popular among businesses globally. This is unsurprising, given the powerful benefits that make it possible to scale up a business and increase the revenue earned.

Digital signage is a modern solution that uses digital screens to display dynamic content like videos, pictures, and customized texts. It is a technological device that makes it possible to deliver information in real-time, a feat that cannot be achieved using traditional signage.

An essential and powerful tool in any business, digital signage is an investment that helps companies to reach a wider audience, improve brand awareness, and increase revenue.

How To Increase Auto Shop Revenue With Digital Signage

Digital signage has recently made its way into several business sectors, with the auto shop business being one of them. As an auto shop owner, it is easy to wonder what advantages implementing a digital screen in your business can offer.

It is important to note that simply installing a digital sign in your auto shop doesn't guarantee a sudden increase in your business revenue. To enjoy an increase in revenue, it is essential to implement digital signage properly.

Some ways you can use digital signage to increase auto shop revenue include:

1. Hone Your Marketing

Gone are the days when the peak of auto repair shop advertisement was a catchy jingle playing on TV. Now, auto shop owners are implementing advanced and modern advertising solutions like online ads and digital signage.

Before digital signage technology gained popularity in the auto shop business, there were limited methods of spreading the news about one's auto shop establishment.

Many auto repair shop owners used static signs like posters, fliers, and billboards strategically placed in public areas with high footfalls to gain attention and create brand awareness. While this solution was practical, unless it bore witty messages, static signage was forgettable and lacked the “brand buzz” that auto shop owners hoped to generate.

Word-of-mouth was also a prevalent yet subtle means of marketing an auto shop. Telling potential clients where your shop was located and handing out your business card in the hopes that they somehow remembered to contact you when they needed an oil change or other services seemed like a solid plan but had a meager success rate.

Technology has since advanced and provided an easier way to improve brand awareness and ensure that you reach potential customers easily. Digital signs are attractive, attention-grabbing screens encouraging people to visit your auto shop.

Digital signs capture 400% more views than static signage, making it an excellent way for you to stand out among the tons of establishments in your area.

Without digital signage, it is easier for potential customers to walk past your establishment or forget that you offer valuable service. A height digital screen placed right outside your shop is an easy attention grabber that improves brand visibility and helps customers know what to expect from your brand.

To maximize the advertising capabilities of your digital sign, ensure that you place your sign in areas with high footfall, like near highways and busy streets. This will create better brand awareness, increase the number of people who visit your shop, and essentially lead to more profit.

2. Strengthen Brand Identity

A solid brand identity is a great way to get potential customers to trust your auto shop. Since many people have to trust an establishment before they can patronize them, building trust is a great way to convince potential clients to try your services.

Branding conveys the core values of any establishment. It is how establishments present themselves to the world to see. Visible elements of a brand, like its logo, value, theme, colors, and aesthetics, denote a brand’s identity and distinguish it from its competitors.

The better your auto shop’s brand identity, the more motivated potential clients are to come to you for services. This denotes that an excellent brand identity is proportional to increased revenue.

Digital signage can create a cohesive brand identity by making your brand image more appealing and attractive. With these digital displays, you can engage customers with elements of your brand image and capture their interests.

Digital signage in auto shops can be used to reinforce brand identity by displaying your logo, colors, motto, and other similar contents within and outside your auto shop. It can also be used to share your auto shop’s values, highlight your objective (”we are here to serve you better!”), and help potential clients engage with your brand via interactive content.

The best thing about using digital signage to strengthen your brand identity is not that it helps you make more revenue by attracting more customers but that it enables you to save money as you do so.

Because digital signage technology is a one-time investment that you do not need to throw out every time you want to do a brand identity overhaul, you do not need to spend too much money when you need to review your brand identity.

3. Reduce Perceived Wait Time

Customers who have to wait longer than they think a service requires are often dissatisfied with the purchase experience. A study proves this by suggesting that if customers observe the service times to be less than expected, their satisfaction increases monotonically during the wait.

Essentially, the shorter the perceived wait time, the more satisfied the client is. Customers crave satisfaction and choose brands that offer a satisfactory experience.

However, sometimes, long wait periods are unavoidable. Quick services like an oil change can quickly drag on longer than a mechanic anticipates, leaving the car owner no option but to wait longer. In cases like this, you need all you can to reduce your client’s sense of perceived wait time.

Digital signage makes this possible by displaying engaging and interactive content that takes a client’s mind off the waiting time. It offers something to keep clients interested so that the concept of time is nothing but a thought hovering in their minds.

Digital signage in waiting rooms can decrease perceived wait time by offering a distraction with exciting content. With digital signage, a 30-minute wait can seem like it was only 15 minutes. This goes a long way in ensuring customers are satisfied with your services.

You can also use your digital signage technology to offer real-time service updates. This is another solution to reducing customer service due to long wait periods.

Digital signage reduces perceived wait time by offering interesting distractions to keep them engaged. However, clients still want to be kept up-to-date as they sit in your waiting area. This ensures that they do not feel like they are waiting forever, without an idea of how long they have to wait.

As a result, many modern auto shops use digital signage to display real-time updates. This involves displaying a countdown or time frame of a customer’s wait time.

A creative way to do this is to show a customer’s service time left between other content. You can display music videos, news, or lifestyle content, show your clients’ wait time, then rinse and repeat.

This minor feature works wonders in ensuring that your clients enjoy the ultimate customer experience.

4. Digital Menu Board

Digital menu boards are used in restaurants and coffee shops, but they are also used in establishments like auto shops. As with other businesses, digital menu boards in auto repair shops increase customer experience and revenue. It makes this possible by increasing sales and satisfaction.

Digital menu boards are becoming extremely popular in modern auto shops today. It involves using colorful graphics, texts, pictures, and other visual content to list an auto shop’s services and prices. Digital menus list services like oil changes, brake work, and other repair or maintenance services.

Having a list of available services and the prices displayed for all to see helps clients to see an auto shop as a trustworthy and transparent establishment with no hidden charges. This breeds a sense of trust so strong that they will undoubtedly come back in the future for more services.

Digital menu boards also make it easier to up-sell and cross-sell. Imagine a potential client coming in to fill their tires, only to see the menu board and decide to include an oil change and other routine services because of the information on the board.

Menu boards may seem trivial to many auto repair shops today. However, they go a long way in creating an opportunity for increased revenue in the establishment.

5. In-store Advertising

Outdoor advertising in an auto shop is a great way to increase brand visibility, but indoor advertising goes a long way in sealing purchase deals. With indoor advertising, you can convince clients to purchase certain products or services in your auto shop.

Digital signage can be used to display information about loyalty deals, maintenance programs, and other mouth-watering deals that seals purchase deals as soon as a customer or a prospective client walks through your doors.

Compared to static indoor advert posters, digital signage provides a more immersive experience. Using a mixture of pictures, videos, texts, and sound, you can convince your clients not to miss out on any deal you advertise.

Choosing The Right Digital Signage Solution

Just as you need the right ingredients for a delicious recipe, you need to choose the right digital signage to increase revenue in your auto shop. When it comes to increasing revenue by improving brand operation and customer experience, Loop TV’s features are unmatched.

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Digital signage is the future of businesses, and Loop TV offers unlimited opportunities for your auto shop to enjoy the limitless opportunities digital technology offers.