How To Increase Coffee Shop Revenue With Digital Signage

Static signage in coffee shops is quickly going out of style and being replaced with digital signage. This is unsurprising, as digital signage offers a world of opportunities to coffee shop owners, one of which is the ability to make more revenue.

Are you wondering how to integrate your digital coffee shop signage to make more revenue? Below, we have all you need to know about increasing coffee shop revenue with digital signage.

Digital Signage And The Coffee Shop Business

Are you still using old-fashioned static signs like fliers, posters, and static menu boards? Although these may have served their purpose in the past, they significantly limit your ability to scale your coffee shop revenue.

Globally, coffee shops are adopting more technologically efficient operations that appeal to the new generation of clients. One significant way they are doing this is by integrating digital signage into their operations.

It is easy to wonder what help digital signage might render to coffee shops. This is probably why coffee shops worldwide are reluctant to go digital and adopt digital signage technology.

In previous years, coffee shops not adopting digital signage might have been excuse-able. After all, these devices were expensive, challenging to integrate, and preserved for larger businesses. However, digital signage has become a mainstream solution, and coffee shops are beginning to hop on the digital signage hype train.

Although many coffee shops implement digital signage because it is an easy way to improve the ambiance and appeal to clients, distal signage offers more critical benefits. One of the many benefits of integrating digital signage in coffee shops is increasing revenue by making more sales.

How Does Coffee Shop Digital Signage Work?

Coffee shop digital signage is like any other business’s digital signage. It involves using digital signage technology to display unique content to the audience to improve customer experience and drive sales. In fact, it is easier to think of coffee shop digital signage as an upgrade to coffee shop static signage.

Coffee shop digital signage uses digital displays like LED screens, LCD screens, and projectors to create eye-catching signs that will interact with and engage the audience while probing them to carry out specific actions. With these high-definition screens, coffee shops can unlock tons of benefits that will otherwise be left untapped with static signage.

But what exactly are these benefits?

Firstly, coffee shop digital signs are easier to manage than their static counterparts. They require no printing, meaning coffee businesses can eliminate printing costs.

Secondly, digital signage is an excellent way to improve any coffee shop’s ambiance. Technology has become a significant part of society today. People unconsciously gravitate towards any technological option and abandon the more obsolete alternatives.

This explains why many people prefer to do things like watch the news on the television than read the newspaper. It also explains why people approve of coffee shops that adopt dynamic operations like switching old-school static signs for digital options.

Lastly, coffee shop digital signage is an excellent way to increase business revenue. With a medium to attract your target audience and streamline business operations, it is easier to make more profit.

However, it isn't enough to simply install a digital sign. For the best effect, it is essential to implement digital signage technology, especially if the end game is to make more money.

So, what are the best ways to increase coffee shop revenue with digital signage?

How To Increase Coffee Shop Revenue With Digital Signage

There are different examples of digital signage for coffee shops. However, to enjoy the revenue-increasing benefits of implementing these digital signs, it is essential to know how to harness them towards your revenue-increase goals.

Increasing coffee shop revenue with digital signage is easy when you know the right ways, methods, or processes. To help, we have compiled some of the best ways to increase your coffee shop’s revenue with digital signage.

1. Attract Customers

76% of consumers enter stores they have never visited before simply because of the signage.

To make revenue in your coffee shop, it is essential to make sales. To make sales, you need to sell your product. To sell your products, you need to attract the right customers.

The average customer’s journey down the purchase funnel begins before they step into your coffee shop. Before entering your establishment, they need a reason to walk into your shop. Digital signage helps you start this journey to making more sales by helping you attract the right customers.

But how do you get your potential clients interested in your brand first? This is where digital signage comes in.

Digital signage offers a medium for coffee shops to communicate with their potential customers directly. With an eye-catching screen and equally captivating content, coffee shops can easily show potential customers what they offer.

This is a great way to pique their interests enough so that they will be tempted to come into the coffee shop and try out the available products or simply enjoy your services.

Coffee shop digital signage can be placed in strategic areas with high footfalls to ensure they can be easily seen and will attract potential clients. Since attracting customers is the first step to closing transactions, using digital signage technology to attract customers is a significant first step to making more revenue.

2. Create A Great Ambiance

Most times, customers do not patronize coffee shops because of the products on the menu. In areas with competitive coffee shops around and customers can visit other establishments, your coffee shop’s ambiance might be the only saving grace in retaining your customers and stopping them from leaving.

Essentially, your shop’s ambiance is integral to how much money your establishment makes. When it comes to creating ambiance, coffee shop owners pay attention to elements such as colors, furniture layout, and lighting. However, digital signage also contributes to creating the ultimate coffee shop ambiance to elevate the average customer’s experience.

However, how does this work?

Using different types of content, digital signage can engage the different human senses while enhancing the environment. By tailoring the content to appeal to the customers’ preferences while blending into the coffee shop style, it is easy to create an ambiance that is unique and different from other coffee shops’ ambiance.

Digital signage can also be combined with artificial intelligence to create a more personalized experience. These all fit into engineering a coffee shop atmosphere that promotes customer loyalty, retention, and increased revenue.

3. Create Loyalty

Sometimes, delicious cups of coffee are not enough to keep even the most devoted coffee connoisseur. In cases like this, a little incentive goes a long way.

In business, attracting new customers is essential. However, even more vital is the ability to retain current customers. Because your customers can easily switch loyalty to a different coffee shop nearby, it is crucial to give them a reason to stick with you and your brand. This reason can be in the form of rewards.

By rewarding your clients for sticking with you, you show them that you value them. This is a great way to spark loyalty and help them create an emotional connection to your brand.

Use loyalty programs to show your clients with them. Some of the programs include:

  • Points Programs: Give your customers points for every purchase and offer a reward for particular point limits
  • Cash Back Programs: Like points programs, cash back loyalty programs offer a particular amount or discount for a specific amount spent in your shop
  • Tiered loyalty: Offer rewards for milestones your customers cross with you. Is it their tenth purchase from you? Have they been month-long regular customers?

Regardless of the option you choose, using your digital sign to display your loyalty programs increases your chance of the program being noticed. With high-resolution screens and dynamic imagery, it is easier for your customers to spot information about these loyalty programs and participate.

4. Display Promotions

Are you running a happy hour in your coffee shop? Is there a discount on every pastry purchased in the shop? Are their combo sales going on?

People love nothing more than being frugal while still enjoying hundred percent quality. After all, what beats saving money as you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee?

Offering promotions is a great way to increase revenue in coffee shops. When done right, attract attention and motivate people to purchase your products.

While this is great, getting the word out about your promotions can be difficult without appropriate resources. If no one knows about your promotions, how will you make any sales or revenue?

To make the most of your promotions (and, in the end, make more revenue), it is essential to get visibility. With digital signage, you can quickly and easily inform clients about ongoing promotions to help them stay on top of the latest ways to save money while making purchases in your shop.

By using eye-catching displays, you ensure your customers are aware of the promotions you offer.

5. Upsell your products

Upselling products is an excellent way to increase coffee shop revenue using digital signage. Why? Because sometimes, customers need a little push before purchasing specific products. Digital signage makes it easy to appeal to a customer’s needs using high-definition pictures and appealing graphics.

With digital signage, you can display visual images of available products to raise awareness. Display relevant products, use product comparisons, and offer rewards to encourage clients to buy one product instead of another.

For example, display how a large cup of coffee is twice the size of a small one and is more economical, and will help your clients save money. Or show how purchasing a doughnut with your cup of coffee is a great way to save money instead of buying both separately.

By using digital signage to show mouth-watering deals, you can sell these products faster by upselling or cross-selling them with other products. This is an easy way to increase revenue in your coffee shop.

6. Encourage Reviews

Your digital sign doesn't always have to be involved in directly selling a product. Sometimes, it can play a role in securing visibility and building credibility, both of which are essential to make revenue in a business.

95% of consumers read reviews before they trust businesses enough to buy a product. Reviews are essential to creating trust in the kind of prospective customers. This trust is why many people purchase your cafe instead of your competition. It is also why new clients purchase your products and give you a chance.

Digital signage is critical in helping you increase credibility and, essentially, revenue using reviews. With your digital signage displays, you can encourage your clients to leave reviews on your websites and social media pages. You can collect these reviews by using digital signs to enable clients to leave a comment or rating about their experience in exchange for a reward.

You can also use digital signs to display these impactful reviews to walk-in clients using images and texts from the review portion of your website.

7. Create Social Media Walls

Merge your online and offline community to impress, entertain, and engage customers in your coffee shop. This is an easy way to build customer traction while boosting your business’s social media visibility.

On your digital displays, show real-time content on your social media pages. Display your customers’ user-generated content, active polls, food images posted on your pages, and the best comments under these posts. This increases your customer’s experience, impressing them enough that they will be interested in returning to your establishment.

Social media walls in coffee shops also play crucial roles in boosting online engagement. By getting your walk-in clients to join in on your online community activities, you increase your online brand visibility.

8. Reduce Perceived Wait Times

Negative experiences are enough reasons for customers to reduce a customer’s satisfaction with your services. One of many everyday negative experiences is long wait times.

Long wait times contribute to one of the biggest customer satisfaction problems in many industries. In fact, many customers agree that businesses should pay more attention to queue management.

This is undoubtedly why 8 out of 10 (83%) shoppers deem fast-moving queues as an essential part of the customer experience, and 70% of customers will be reluctant to return to a shop if they have experienced long wait times.

However, since some things cannot be rushed due to unavoidable parts of your coffee shop business, such as making the coffee, it is better to focus on mitigating the problem instead.

Digital signage solves this problem by engaging the customers as they wait to be attended to. With something entertaining to hold their attention, customers are less likely to fixate on the time that they have spent waiting for their orders. This reduces their sense of perceived wait time and increases their satisfaction.

With digital signage, you can display exciting content such as music videos, news, weather reports, and movie trailers to keep your customers’ minds off their orders. You can also utilize digital menu boards as a form of pleasant distraction.

Introducing self-service kiosks where customers can also make orders themselves is a great way to reduce the need for long order queues and increase the ability to get customers their orders faster.

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