How To Set A Samsung TV To Portrait Mode

Samsung takes its technology ten steps further with its new rotating TV models. Like your mobile phones, the new Samsung TV model can switch from the usual landscape mode to a vertical portrait mode.

Are you having trouble switching your Samsung TV from landscape to portrait mode? Or are you yet to discover the excellent rotating feature of your Samsung TV? Below, we have provided the easiest ways to enjoy mobile video viewing with portrait mode on your Sero TV.

About Samsung Sero: The New Portrait Technology

Samsung Sero TV is an upgrade of the 2017 series of Samsung Frame TVs. Like its predecessor, the Sero TV retains its frame-like appearance, but this time, it receives a few design upgrades that take its features up a notch.

The Sero Smart is a 43-inch TV built with a sleek design. It is a flat, slim TV with slim bezels and an attached frame. The Sero TV uses a mobile-optimized aspect ratio and frame to rotate and display your content in portrait mode. Have you ever dreamed of having access to mobile entertainment like Twitter pages but on your TV instead?

With this Samsung model, you can enjoy a mobile phone viewing on a larger scale. Coupled with this new and improved rotation feature, the Samsung Sero retains its high-quality immersive video picture using QLED technology. It is also armed with powerful speakers, Airplay 2 functionality, and a built-in Alexa function for voice control.

If you crave a more unique TV decor option than the conventional TV design, the Sero is your best bet for switching your room up at the tap of a button. If you consider the aesthetics, the Sero is undoubtedly a sensible buy to help you break from the usual TV norm.

Unlike other Samsung TV designs, the Sero is not a wall mount TV. Instead, it angles back on its frame in the usual horizontal position and tilts vertically to take the form of an easel when you need it to. While the TV screen and the mount are inseparable, you can attach wheels purchased separately to move your screen easily.

With the 4K view, laser-sharp colors and contrasts, and 4.1ch solid speakers, the Sero Smart TV will undoubtedly treat you to a more immersive experience that beats hunching over your screen.

How To Set Your Samsung TV To Portrait Mode

When you switch your Samsung TV to portrait mode, the screen rotates 90 degrees on its frame. In this position, you can easily mirror your phone contents and adapt to whatever function you are doing on your phone.

Switching your TV from landscape to portrait and back can quickly be done with your phone or TV remote.

Method 1. Setting via the SmartThings app

The SmartThings app is compatible with Apple and Android products. It enables users to quickly and easily connect and control their devices on one interface.

To connect your TV to the SmartThings app:

  • Download the app
  • Tap the + on the right
  • Tap “Device”
  • Tap Sero
  • Follow the other instructions

To switch your Samsung TV to portrait mode:

  • Launch the SmartThings app
  • In the app, select and press The Sero
  • Tap TV control
  • Tap the rotate button

It's that easy. At the tap of a button, you can switch your TV viewing mode however you like.

Method 2. Samsung Remote

The Samsung Sero TV remote does more than turn your TV on and off. The unique button with the rotation icon will change your TV from landscape to portrait view at the tap of a button. Simply press the button, and the TV screen will rotate from one mode to the other.

Method 3. Bixby Voice

The Samsung intelligence assistant integrates with your TV to help you rotate it from landscape to portrait mode and vice versa. It is voice-activated, and all you need to do is call your preferred action out loud.

To rotate to portrait mode using Bixby voice control:

  • Press the Bixby button on your Samsung intelligent remote. It has a microphone icon on it
  • Say “portrait mode” or “rotate vertically.”

It is vital to note that although you can carry out actions on various apps in Landscape mode, you can only access the Youtube app and no other app option in portrait. Hopefully, this will be fixed in the future.

Setting Content In Portrait Mode

When not in use, your Samsung TV can double as an aesthetic-improving device. Think of it as a TV while it's showing your favorite movie and a piece of artwork when it's not.

In portrait mode, your Samsung Smart TV can display content when it's not in active use. You can set your TV to any of these features to improve your room’s ambiance.

The content you can display using your TV include:

  • Any shape of the clock
  • Different poster designs
  • Any photo from your mobile device
  • A cinematographic picture of video with subtle motion played in a continuous loop
  • Sound wall while playing music

To set the content using your smart TV remote:

  • In portrait mode, press the Select button
  • Press the left or right direction button to toggle between each content category
  • Move to the preferred category and use the up and down direction keys to select the content you want

To set the content using the SmartThings app:

  • Open the SmartThings app
  • Select Sero
  • Select Portrait mode
  • Select the preferred content category
  • Tap View on the Sero button screen.

It's that easy!

No Sero? No Problem!

If you don't use the original rotating TV model, Samsung has provided an easy way to enjoy the portrait mode benefits without any problem. The Auto-Rotating accessory conveniently rotates a Samsung smart TV from the usual landscape mode to portrait mode. It uses a rotating module that does not compromise your TV functions.

To rotate your Samsung TV to portrait using your Auto-rotating accessory, you need to install it to a compatible 2022 Samsung TV model using a wall or standing mount, depending on the TV type. Afterwards, you simply need to pair it with your TV.

  • Press and hold the Settings/Number/Color button and multi-view button simultaneously for about three seconds
  • To switch from landscape to portrait mode, press and hold the multi-view button
  • You can also control the landscape and portrait mode with your mobile device through mirroring.
  • Connect your phone to your TV via the screen mirroring option in your phone menu
  • Tap more
  • Select settings
  • Enable Auto rotate
  • Turn your phone to portrait position, and your TV will switch in sync

You can also choose to connect via your PC. To do so:

  • Press the Home button on your remote
  • Toggle to connected devices and click
  • Toggle to the source connected to the PC and click the down button on the remote
  • Select Edit
  • Choose PC
  • Select the pivot option on your PC to change TV orientation. Do this by right-clicking, selecting display settings, clicking display orientation, and choosing Portrait.

Enjoying A More Unique TV Experience

Samsung has once again proven to be the forerunner of a seamless image and video experience. With the implementation of the ability to switch between landscape and portrait mode, Samsung provides its viewers with an exceptional TV viewing experience.

There are various ways you can change your TV to portrait mode, and they are all easy to figure out thanks to the TV’s user-oriented interface. While you cannot enjoy all contents in portrait mode, you will undoubtedly enjoy a more immersive experience of merging your mobile device functions with your Samsung TV.