How To Use Digital Signage For Community Building

Digital signage is often seen as a medium for improving businesses and providing a better consumer experience. This power tool, however, goes past simply being a medium of advertisement. It can also help to build a community, making it a well-informed, supported, and safer place for its residents.

Digital signage, also known as electronic signage, has made the business of information more accessible and more entertaining than ever before. Innovative yet straightforward actions like projecting your messages on digital billboards or LED walls are a great way to pass information quickly among people in an area. Below, we have provided the best ways to build your community using free premium digital signage.

Using Digital Signage To Build Your Community

Digital signage is a screen-based sign that helps disperse information more quickly than its manual counterparts. It is explicitly designed to promote special events, inform, and even entertain a wide range of audiences.

When it comes to boosting awareness in a community, digital signage in areas with significant traffic is a great way to alert community members about a particular event. They are practical, efficient, and the latest fad in high-tech that everyone loves.

Unlike traditional media, digital signage offers a broader range of options, from its flexibility to its eye-catching designs. With conventional media like fliers and manual billboards, it is often more difficult to make quick updates and effect new changes. Putting up and taking down information is an expensive process that might take ages to complete.

Digital signage is more flexible and can work in any setting. Change can be effected in minutes to upload a new design to be displayed to the people. These changes are also cheaper than their traditional counterparts. Digital signs are also reusable. They are durable and last longer than physical signs. Most importantly, digital signage attracts more attention as they are highly noticeable due to their attractive and colorful designs.

Compared to traditional static billboards, research showed that the average attention span when using digital signage was 0.9 seconds, 0.3 seconds higher than the traditional option. In further research, it was also noted that residents adopted a positive outlook towards digital signs

In one research carried out by Arbitron, nearly all travelers noticed the digital signs, with many of them admitting that these signs either make their commutes enjoyable, are attractive, or help with emergency alerts. This attractiveness also aided remembrance as, according to the study, about 83 percent of the people could remember information from the billboard in the last 30 days.

Ultimately, digital signage is one of the most efficient equipment for building a community. With the right tools, it is easy to create digital content carrying whatever information you like at a moment’s notice. This ability to spread information amongst hundreds of people at once helps develop a sense of close-knit connection within the community.

The flexibility of digital signage in building a community cannot be overemphasized. They are an excellent means of creating awareness regardless of the upcoming event. As long as your goal is to get as many community residents to notice it, digital signage is a welcome option, almost as important as water and electricity.

How To Use Digital Signage For Community Building

Digital signage provides a transparent medium for connecting with the public and providing relevant information. Some ways you can use digital signage to build your community include:

1. Advertise Public Events

A great way to get residents aware of an upcoming city or town event like trade fairs or festivals is to strike a note of interest. This includes displaying large and colorful signs in areas with significant traffic.

Advertising these events using attractive digital signs is a great way to supplement tv and radio awareness about these events. Using digital signage to build interest in these events is a splendid way to get the public involved, bring essential updates to them, and increase the feeling of community solidarity.

To get the effect you need, you simply need to adopt fun and catchy pictures and colors in your digital signs. This is a great way to grab people’s attention feet away from the digital sign.

2. Public Safety

Other than the local TV news, digital signage is a great way to quickly inform residents about imminent danger and what they can do to avoid it. These large, colorful, and attractive displays play a critical role in community safety by quickly passing information to the residents.

Safety and security are a priority in any community. When placed in vital points of commute and gatherings, digital signage helps to enhance security by quickly and effectively dispersing information using eye-catching features that cannot be missed.

The most important feature that sets digital signage apart from static signs in times of emergency is its ability to be quickly updated. Unlike static signage, which requires physically swapping out the characters on the board, digital signals can be updated using a server from a designated location.

Within minutes, residents of a community receive real-time information about what is happening in the community and what to do to stay safe. Some events for which digital signage helps to guarantee community safety include:

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters and inclement weather can happen without prior warning or notice. Earthquakes, tsunamis, blizzards, hurricanes, and tornadoes can wreak havoc on a community and put people in danger. To ensure the effects of unforeseen events are kept to a minimum, it is essential to provide residents with up-to-date information on what to do and how to stay safe.

Digital signage is a splendid way to pass information of impending danger to all residents at once, especially in instances with weather affecting TV and cable networks. Digital signs can quickly be updated to give crucial information on what to do at the moment and emergency plans to effect immediately.

Digital signs can display safety drills to remind people what to do, where to go, and who to contact in times of emergency. Reminding them of these protocols would ensure that they remain calm, causing the disaster to be managed efficiently with minimal destruction.

Digital signs are also an ingenious way to display weather warming. These can be followed with personalized and customizable text to educate the public on what is coming.

Strategically placing digital signs with short and brief messages that can be read quickly is a great way to warn the residents. Bold colors and icons showing exit routes, shelter locations, relevant addresses, emergency phone numbers, and important updates concerning the situation are great ways to keep the people safe via mass communication.

Health Guidelines

Digital signage is also extremely useful in managing disasters surrounding diseases and pandemics. It requires no contact and is a great way to educate the public on their roles in ensuring the community remains safe. This was useful during the Covid-19 pandemic that had the world in a chokehold.

Pandemics like the Covid-19 can have an abrupt negative effect on communities. With businesses closed and hospitals full, it is vital to provide the public with regular real-time updates that ensure that every citizen continues to play their part in keeping themselves and their neighbors safe.

By regularly displaying information like emergency call numbers, health guidelines, and other information that will prove helpful in fighting the pandemic, the people will continue to uphold their responsibility in preventing the escalation of a pandemic. Information can be placed in strategic places like roadsides, hospitals, airports, bus and railway stations, and even police stations.

Threats And Terrorism

Although there are bodies and organizations put in place to ensure the safety of citizens and residents alike, technology has been used to supplement the actions of these organizations in keeping the people safe. Threats and acts of terrorism can happen at any time, and there is no better way, other than tv and radio, to quickly spread the word if not digital signs. This is especially great for motorists and people on the move.

Digital signs can be used to inform the public about threats like wanted criminals using their pictures and description via personalized texts. This ensures that the residents are on the lookout for dangerous criminals, thus ensuring they remain safe. Digital signs are also a splendid way to educate and keep the public informed in times of acts of terrorism. These messages can enlighten the public on places to stay away from and what to do.

Gone are the days when pictures of missing children were displayed on milk cartons. With digital signage as a tool, amber alerts or details about missing children can readily be displayed on large screens around a community. This ensures that the community is provided with timely updates and what to do or who to contact when they suspect foul play about an ongoing case.

Safety Awareness

Digital signage can be used as a subtle form of a campaign to raise awareness concerning issues that have grown to become problems in a community. These digital signs can deliver messages urging residents to carry out actions such as signing a petition or making conscious efforts to make the community a better place.

Digital signs placed in strategic places can be used to pass information about topics regarding driving safety, drug abuse, social services, and suicide awareness. Using these as a tool to convey health and safety information is a splendid way to ensure that the residents of a community are kept safe.

3. Assist And Inform

Digital signage can also be used to make life a little easier for residents in activities that require waiting times and schedules. These digital devices help maintain order in the community in everyday inconveniences like transport delays, shuttle delays, and schedule changes.

Digital signage is a useful tool used in various parts of a community that deals with many people at once, like the transportation sector. It can display bus schedules, arrival time, gate maps, and other wayfinding solutions dedicated to improving customer experience.

4. Grow Local Businesses

Digital signs can encourage residents to patronize local businesses in the area. This builds a healthy relationship among community members and plays a vital role in building and nurturing a supportive attitude among residents.

When residents of a community patronize the local small businesses, they are helping the money circulate within their community. Giving money back to the community helps businesses thrive, improves their revenues, and allows them to pay higher taxes. These taxes wind up back in the community and go towards funding projects and community improvements like schools, green space, public transit, and health care.

Building Your Community With Loop

Digital signage is a tool that can be used to make communities a better place through better communication. Nothing builds unity more than information dedicated to helping residents like a better life.

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