The 10 Best TV Wall Mounts for Businesses

People love to mount their TVs to walls in their living rooms to make a makeshift home theatre, but there are also a number of reasons that a business might want to mount a new TV or multiple TVs on their walls.

Sports bars might want TVs to show live sports matches, technology stores like Best Buy might want to mount TVs as a sales display, restaurants might want to mount TVs for digital menu boards, and retail stores might want to use TVs, along with LED and LCD screens, for digital signage marketing purposes.

The list could surely go on. But one thing is for sure: there are many situations where a tv stand simply won’t cut it. Not only do mounted TVs look better, but mounting TVs up also saves space and can increase visibility when wanted and keep a low profile when not.

Initial Factors to Consider when Choosing TV Wall Mounts

When deciding what wall mount is best for your business, there are a number of factors that you will want to consider. The first is the type of TV that you are planning to mount. Some mounts are better for mounting small TVs while others are best for a bigger TV size, from medium to large TVs. You must also consider the weight since different mounts differ in weight capacity. You don’t want to mount a TV with a large screen size to a TV mount with a low maximum weight.

Also, some TV mounts work best with specific TV brands like Samsung while not working well with others. Another factor is the type of wall on which you plan to mount your TV: are you mounting your TV to drywall, brick wall, concrete wall, or some type of wooden wall?

Moreover, you should try to determine what type of functionality you want your TV mount to have. Some may be fine with a flat panel or fixed tv wall mount, but others may want a TV mount that can swivel, while others may want a tilting tv wall mount, or, for full functionality, some may want a full-motion TV wall mount that can swivel, retract, and has level adjustment capabilities for the full range of motion so that no one ever has to miss the best viewing angle.

The difficulty in installation is also an important factor to consider. Easy installation with minimal mounting hardware might be a priority, but sometimes this means sacrificing the higher weight capacity or functionality of other heavy-duty wall mounts. One must also consider the mounting interface. The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) mounting interface, which is basically a rectangular or square pattern of mounting holes found on the back of just about every modern television.

These mounting holes must match up to the corresponding screw holes on the wall mount. Many TV wall mounts accommodate a wide range of VESA sizes, but as a general rule, the most common VESA sizes are the following:

  • 200 x 200 mm for television up to 32 inches.
  • 400 x 400 for televisions up to 60 inches.
  • 600 x 400 for television 70 inches and above.

Finally, one might want to consider how they want to get their TV wall mount. Many wall mounts can be found on Amazon. You may be hard-pressed to find the perfect wall mount in a retail or hardware store, while that same wall mount might very well be in the Amazon basics section, ready to be shipped to your door.

With these considerations in mind, we have compiled a list of our top picks for the best tv wall mounts so you can find the perfect wall mount that fits your specifications and desires.

1. Best Overall: Echogear Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

The pick for the overall best tv mount supports TVs up to 90 inches and a maximum weight of 125 pounds. It extends from just 2.4 inches from the wall, all the way out to 22 inches. With 130 degrees of swivel and 20 degrees of tilt, the screen can be visible from anywhere in a room.

The mounting plate is designed to accommodate almost any VESA pattern, and is compatible with all major TV brands. Post-install leveling will ensure a straight-on screen view. The kit includes a drilling template and a hardware pack for mounting on 16-inch or 24-inch studs, poured concrete, or concrete block walls.

2. Best TV Wall Mount for Those on a Budget: Mount-it! TV Wall Mount

he Mount-It! TV Wall Mount is built to offer a secure mount for smaller TVs at a budget price. The VESA 75 and 100 compatible mount supports TVs weighing up to 33 pounds. When fully retracted, it sits just 1.75 inches from the wall, and extends out to 15 inches to provide options for the best viewing angle.

The mounting plate features a 15-degree tilt range, and a full 360-degree swivel. It works with TVs and monitors up to 40 inches, with 3- by 3-inch or 4- by 4-inch mounting holes. This swing arm wall mount kit includes simple instructions and all the necessary hardware. The quick-release mounting head makes installation easy.

3. Best Fixed Mount: Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

At a bargain price, this sturdy fixed Mounting DreamTV wall mount holds televisions weighing up to 100 pounds with screens between 32 and 55 inches. It works with all VESA sizes up to 400 by 400 millimeters, covering the majority of TVs within the mount’s size range.

The Mounting Dream Fixed TV Mount has a nearly flush profile, leaving just more than an inch between the back of the television and the wall. This design gives the TV a clean, unintrusive appearance on the wall. Plus, the mount has two spring-loaded straps that make it a breeze to remove the TV when necessary.

4. Best Tilting Mount: Echogear Tilting TV Wall Mount

With the Echogear Tilting TV Wall Mount, your 40- to 82-inch television easily tilts within a 10-degree range, letting you adjust the screen for your best viewing angle or to avoid an annoying glare. The mount is UL-rated for TVs weighing up to 135 pounds and works with all standard VESA sizes.

This tilting TV mount has a slim profile with only 2.3 inches between the television and the wall for a sleek look. An extra-wide wall plate accommodates even widely spaced wall studs and lets you slide the television left or right after mounting for perfect centering. Two pull strings make it easy to remove the television from the wall, if necessary, to adjust cords, HDMI cables, or wires.

5. Best Full Motion Mount: Mounting Dream Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

Among the best full motion TV wall mounts, this Mounting Dream model offers a great deal. This mount allows TV viewers to pull the TV up to 15.2 inches away from the wall, tilt it 5 degrees up or 15 degrees down, or swivel the screen up to 45 degrees left or right. The well-priced mount works with screens between 32 to 55 inches, is UL-rated for televisions weighing up to 99 pounds, and can handle all VESA sizes up to 400 by 400 millimeters.

Considering this functionality, this Mounting Dream mount’s profile is relatively slim, leaving only 3 inches between the television and the wall when fully pushed back. Plus, the mounted TV can be adjusted up to 3 degrees to achieve a perfect level.

6. Best Wall Mount for Small TVs: Pipishell Wall Mount for Most 13-42 inch TVs

or small TV and computer monitor viewing, this wall mount can be a winner. Screens from 13 to 42 inches attach securely to the mounting base. The base is compatible with VESA mounting hole standards of 75 x 75, 100 x 100, 100 x 200, 200 x 100, and 200 x 200 millimeters.

The articulating arm extends from 2.2 inches to 14.5 inches, to offer 20 degrees of tilt and 360 degrees of swivel. This kit includes a step-by-step instruction guide, and all necessary hardware for easy, single stud installation. It mounts easily on wood, concrete, or brick. The removable wall plate allows one person to safely complete the installation.

7. Best Wall Mount for Large TVs: USX Mount TV Wall Mount for Most 47 to 84 inch TVs

This USX Mount offers a full range of motion and secure attachment with two articulating arms. It fits most 47- to 84-inch TVs up to 132 pounds, with VESA sizes 200 by 100 to 600 by 400 millimeters. Even a big screen TV can achieve 20 degrees of tilt and swivel up to 45 degrees.

The plus or minus 3 degrees post-installation adjustment makes leveling the picture easy. The kit includes detailed installation instructions and all the necessary hardware in labeled bags. Concrete anchors are available at no charge upon request. It also includes a 6-foot HDMI cable, A bubble level, and three cable ties.

8. Best Wall Mount for Heavy TVs: Mount-it! Large Tilting TV Wall Mount

The Mount-It! Large Tilting TV Wall Mount is a secure solution for TVs from 42 to 80 inches. The 2-millimeter-thick heavy-duty steel frame supports up to 220 pounds. The mounting bracket is compatible with VESA sizes 200 x 200 to 850 x 450, and holds the TV 3 inches from the wall when flush. It also features a tool-free tilt option of up to 15 degrees to help reduce any glare and provide a better view.

This tilting TV mount can be installed on a block wall, or on wood studs that are spaced up to 24 inches. It includes an integrated bubble level to make installation easier. The kit also includes all the necessary hardware and instructions.

9. Best Wall Mount for Brick Walls: PERLESMITH Heavy Duty TV Wall Mount

This heavy-duty, universal wall mount offers full-motion mounting of 32- to 55-inch TVs weighing up to 88 pounds. It is compatible with a variety of VESA patterns from 100 by 100 to 400 by 400 millimeters. When retracted, it holds the back of the TV just 1.77 inches from the wall for a sleek look. The arm extends to 18.89 inches, with a tilt range of 14 degrees and a swivel range up to 90 degrees.

Post-installation leveling adjustment of plus or minus 4 degrees makes it easier to find the perfect viewing angle. All hardware and easy-to-follow instructions are included for installation on either masonry or wood stud walls.

10. Best TV Mount for Drywall: AENTGIU Studless TV Wall Mount

This TV mount saves you the hassle of trying to find a wall that can support a stud. Studs can cause a lot of damage to drywall, so this studless wall mount is perfect for those who have found just the right spot for the TV (and that spot happens to be located on drywall). The heavy-duty steel AENTGIU Studless TV Wall Mount holds 26- to 55-inch TVs weighing up to 80 pounds on drywall. Drywall thickness must be greater than 0.4-inch.

The low-profile wall bracket extends only 1 inch from the wall and can tilt up to 5 degrees. It is compatible with VESA patterns that are 100 by 100 millimeters to 600 by 600 millimeters. This unit can be installed with picture-hanging nails that won’t damage walls. A built-in bubble and included hardware ensure easy installation.

Time to Level Up Your Business Interior with a Mounted TV

For those who have never tried to mount a TV to a wall, the whole process might seem totally easy. You just find whatever wall mount is in stock at the nearest Best Buy and you just put it up there. Easy as that, right? As we have gone over in this article, the process isn’t so simple. There are an incredible amount of considerations one must make when deciding what wall mount to get.

Moreover, if you are mounting a TV in your business, you don’t want to use just any old wall mount that meets the specifications. You want to get the best wall mount available by the most trusted brands. Luckily, you read this article, which means that you are well prepared to buy the best wall mount for your business.