The 3 Best (& 3 Worst) Things To Show On Bar TVs

When people decide to blow off steam at a bar, they do it for drinks and socialization. While those are primary reasons, many people also show up in bars for the entertainment it provides.

Television sets have become a primary means of engagement and entertainment in many bars today. With the right content playing on a bar TV to set the ambiance, bar patrons have a good time, enjoy a great customer experience, and help the bar rake in revenue.

What you show on your bar TV can make or break the environment. To help you attract and retain customers, we have provided the best and worst things to show on bar TVs.

Why Bars Need TVs

Other than the people holding conversations, bars do not have vast options when it comes to entertainment. The patrons often resolve to having jocular discussions amongst themselves to lighten the mood. This means of socialization helps them to relax and enjoy a good time.

Recently, television sets have become ubiquitous in bars as a means of entertaining and engaging customers. With the right content, TVs can improve the bar customer experience and drive up the sales of an establishment.

Unfortunately, many bars today underestimate the use of a television set in their business. A TV is more than background noise in a bar filled with people. With the right content, a TV set has the potential to become the highlight and selling point of a bar.

This would set the establishment apart from its competitors and encourage the welcome of high traffic. Essentially, better TV content is better business for any bar.

Finding the right service with content specially curated for your bar can be a challenging task. While many services offer good TV content, few options provide quality content at zero charges like Loop TV does.

Loop TV is a business TV that offers unlimited quality entertainment to its users. Loop TV provides hundreds of channels of exciting content that can be used to improve customer experience in a bar establishment.

Loop TV also provides modern signage solutions for businesses to create customized content that would give their business a boost. They provide all this and more at no charge. Yes, your bar business enjoys all services, from securing the Loop TV player to shipping it to your location, without having to spare a cent.

All you need to do to secure a Loop TV player is to input your bar business detail on the official Loop TV page. Setting up your player is also extremely easy. All you need to do is plug it in and begin to display good content to your bar customers.

Bars need television sets because:

TV Entertainment Attracts New Customers

Businesses with unique features often have an advantage over their competitors. Bars with exciting and flexible TV content create a vibrant atmosphere that lures new customers.

Happy customers are always inclined to spread the word when they discover a hot spot they love. By ensuring that customers enjoy their experience in your bar, you are investing in an indirect advertisement when your clients spread the word about the superb services you provide. This will encourage potential clients to come in and receive first-hand experience of your services.

It Helps People Linger In The Bar

In bars, the ambiance is a key to customer satisfaction. What better way to create the right atmosphere and energy if not displaying engaging and interactive TV content.

Without adequate entertainment, many people who go into a bar would be in a hurry to leave after a few drinks. While this gets your business to maintain a modest traffic size, it downplays your bar's potential. Displaying entertaining TV content to patrons as they enjoy drinks with friends would encourage them to stay in the bar longer.

The longer customers stay, the more drinks your bar sells. TVs are an ingenious method to not only improve customer satisfaction but also keep your bar busy. In the end, it is a win-win situation. With the Loop TV player, you can choose from a wide array of excellent dynamic content like sports and music videos to display to your customers. The Loop TV player also provides an option that allows you to schedule and automate the display of contents. This provides your customers with a little bit of everything while ensuring that you can focus on other parts of your business.

It Keeps Customers Engaged

Engaged customers are happy customers. While humans are sociable in nature and thrive in gatherings, they often still require physical stimuli of excitement. This might be something as simple as watching soccer together on a large TV screen. Unlike popular opinion claims, bar TVs contribute to the social experience that bars provide. They bring people together and keep them engaged without distracting them from being social.

Best Things To Show On Bar TVs

Without the proper content playing, bar TVs are little more than a box of decoration. Playing the right content elicits interest and improves interactions among people while displaying the wrong content kills the atmosphere. For a bar TV to reach its full potential, it has to display content that will pull its audience in without boring them out.

Like anywhere else, there are contents that belong in bars and those that do not. To improve customer experience, it is essential to know what to play on your bar TV and what to discard. To improve customer experience through bar TV entertainment, you need to display engaging and interactive content. Some of these contents include:

1. Music Videos

Music is a primary ice breaker in social situations. Everyone loves to sway and sing along to good music. Music is especially more enjoyable when accompanied by exciting visuals of music videos.

Music is a vital factor in setting the atmosphere in a bar. Oftentimes, a bar without music is like a restaurant without good food. People do not want to drink while listening to various chatter. They need the right ambiance to enjoy their drinks.

Admittedly, people have various tastes in music. There are the folks who like country songs and those who love to rock and roll. Regardless, people will admit that good music is welcome by all. Luckily, Loop TV provides a little bit of everything that suits everyone's tastes.

With Loop TV, you can display music videos from across all genres. This ensures that the bar caters to everyone’s preferences without leaving anyone out. Loop TV also provides a unique feature that allows its users to create a playlist of songs that they can schedule to play at any time. This is perfect for occasions when the bar serves a special theme like ladies’ nights on Fridays.

Loop TV also provides all content fully licensed. You do not need to worry about royalties when it comes to pleasing your customers.

2. Sports

Sports are a staple in bars today. The majority of bar patrons are people of all ages who are interested in soccer, American football, or even extreme sports like BMX.

Sports provide a medium for bar patrons to connect over a mutual favorite team. It induces a sense of solidarity and introduces an air of electric excitement into the bar. There is something simply melancholic as strangers cheer their favorite teams.

While sports are a great way to keep bar customers engaged, it is often followed by confusion regarding what kind of sporting content to display to not cater to a majority while leaving the significant minority with different choices on the sideline.

Loop TV provides a medium to display all types of sports in a series of engaging clips that run for as short as 3 to 7 minutes. It not only offers mainstream sports choices like soccer but also clips of sports like snow skating, surfing, and even hockey. This way, everyone gets a piece of everything.

3. News

Nothing elicits a debate and mutual understanding than news. People love to watch the news and gain knowledge of what is going on around the world in their offices and homes. The bar is also not left out of the question.

Bars are often filled with mature audiences who like to unwind and also watch infotainment. They want to relax, but they also like to catch a whiff of what is happening around them.

Showing news in the bar is a great way to keep customers engaged, informed, and spark genuine conversation. General news, lifestyle news, news on popular culture, stock market news, and even industry-specific news are excellent forms of entertainment in bars.

Worst Things To Show On Bar TVs

While some contents help to improve customer satisfaction, some are simply bad for business. Not all contents belong in a bar, and below, we have provided the three worst contents to display on bar TVs.

1. Kid-Friendly Entertainment

A lot of things belong inside a bar, but kids are definitely one of them. Bars have strict age limits for obvious reasons. If you are going to display anything on a bar TV, it has to cater to adult needs. The kids are absent, and it is adult time. Bar patrons do not want to see kid content. Throw the cartoons and shows rated “G” out of the room. The bar is a safe place to offer excellent and entertaining adult content.

2. Religious Programs

People have different views when it comes to religion. Some people are religious in various denominations like catholic or protestant beliefs, some are atheists, and some are agnostic. It is often displeasing and uncomfortable to people when they find themselves in situations that require conversations about religious beliefs they do not hold.

To run a successful bar that provides great customer satisfaction, you need to eliminate all contents that can rile people up and inject tension into the air. Get rid of every type of religious talk or display. It is simply not the right place or time

3. Live Sports

Live sports as a means of entertainment is a splendid way to get customers trooping into the bar. However, it is often not a legal means of entertainment. While it is not entirely illegal to broadcast live sports in bars, doing so without a license can cause you to pay a heavy fine. In addition to a broadcast license, you will need to gain an authorized commercial subscription.

There are laws and legal actions put in place to prosecute bars for showing live sports without the correct license or authorized subscription. To avoid paying a heavy fine that could put a dent in your business, you might want to think twice before displaying certain sports events on your pub TV.

Creating Bar Entertainment With Loop TV

Entertaining a large group of adults can be a challenging task in a bar. Thankfully, Loop TV provides just the right mixture of content to increase customer satisfaction.

Loop TV provides a world of quality entertainment opportunities, so bar businesses never run out of entertainment options. This business TV offers hundreds of channels with different contents fit for every customer that walks into a bar.

As an added plus, Loop TV pays its users for making use of services. Out of the commission that Loop TV earns when its users run premium ads, they give back a reward that can be redeemed for pre-paid Visa cards, gift cards, or even donations to charity. You not only get free service but are paid for doing nothing.