The 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Things To Show On Salon TVs

For many people, a salon is not just a place to get their hair cut, trim, or colored. For many, a salon is a place to get comfortable, get doted on, and enjoy different engaging and entertaining content.

While there are various ways to entertain clients in your salon, a TV is the most common and effective means of entertainment. It unobtrusively fits in the atmosphere and is a medium to improve customer satisfaction by sharing various engaging content.

However, with the numerous channels available on TV, selecting the appropriate content to show in your salon can be understandably challenging. To help, we have provided the five best and five worst things to show on salon TVs.

Why Your Salon Needs A TV

Providing optimal customer satisfaction is compulsory in any salon. This goes from providing services using modern amenities, the best beauty supplies, comfortable furniture, and quality entertainment.

Successful salons are not just the ones that provide quality beauty services but also those that go through painstaking efforts to get their clients satisfied. This includes equipping your salon with the best entertainment your clients cannot get in any other salon.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with having just magazines as a means of entertainment, this is old-school and will not provide the experience your clients genuinely deserve. There is just not enough content in dog-eared magazines to provide an immersive experience to wow your clients.

Some reasons you should implement TVs in your salon include:


TV contents in a salon are an easy way to create engagement and entertainment. It fits snuggly in any atmosphere and provides diverse content to choose from.

TVs are also a better means of customer engagement in a salon than newspapers or magazines as it provides visual entertainment that gets more attention than written entertainment.

Engaging TV content helps clients relax and enjoy the business atmosphere you have created for them. It wards off boredom and keeps them engaged as they wait.

Lower Perceived Wait-Time

Waiting at a salon can be frustrating and highly uncomfortable. The longer a client is made to wait before they are attended to, the more frustrated they become. In some cases, once a client reaches a threshold of how long they can wait, they will get highly irritated and walk out of your salon.

While providing extremely comfortable furniture and side entertainment like a radio or some magazines might seem like a great game-plan to keep clients as patient as possible, it still isn’t enough.

Providing a TV with a wide array of exciting content is a great way to keep your clients waiting. It keeps your clients engaged and focused on the content displayed on the screen.

With their focus on the interactive content, the concept of time will slip out of their mind. Their perception of the time spent waiting shortens, causing a forty-minute wait to seem like nothing more than 20 minutes.

Better Customer Experience

Customer experience can make or break your salon. Salons that provide a better customer experience are more successful and enjoy more revenues than salons that place little importance on maximizing customer experience.

The beauty business is very competitive. To do better than your competition, you should focus on providing better value by improving their experience with your brand. This will reduce customer churn, increase customer loyalty, and increase sales.

A television might seem like an inconsequential addition to a salon, but in reality, it is one of the most significant investments you can make in your salon. Because entertainment is a massive part of customer experience, showing great TV content provides a positive customer experience.

Brand Perception

Brand perception is the first impression of your brand. It is what sets you apart from other salons.

Providing a TV showing engaging content in your salon provides additional positive points on your brand image. Clients who come to your salon associate both excellent services and entertainment with your brand, thereby causing them to always choose your salon over others.

This positive brand perception increases customer loyalty, brings about new clients, and increases revenue.

The 5 Best Things To Show On Salon TVs

While TV entertainment is a great form of engagement in salons, not every content on TV is fit to be displayed to clients. Creating the right experience with a television in your salon hinges on your ability to make the right content choices. The type of content you pick reflects your brand.

Some great TV content for your salon includes:

1. Lifestyle And Beauty Content

If you must show any content in your salon, lifestyle and beauty is the easiest choice you can make. A salon provides the right atmosphere as it directly relates to the beauty industry.

Lifestyle and beauty content provides an insight into the latest trends and fashion in the beauty world. The effect of seeing beauty trends on-screen is both intriguing and inspirational as both clients and staff can draw creativity and new ideas from what they see.

Lifestyle and beauty content provide clients with a fascinating inside view of their favorite beauty brands and celebrities. It is the perfect gossip medium and conversation starter as clients and staff members will have common interests.

Showing beauty, wellness, and lifestyle news is a great way to create an engaging, interactive atmosphere in your salons. Gossip is the selling point in any beauty salon, especially for women, and there’s nothing more engaging than gossiping about the new beauty trends.

2. Movie Trailers

Movie trailers are the perfect addition to any music salon. These short clips and snippets of movies are engaging and entertaining and keep your clients glued to the screen.

Showing movies in your salon might seem like a great idea, but they are often too lengthy and distracting for the staff members. As they are focused on the scenes playing out in front of them, they concentrate less on their work and take too much time completing a task.

Movies might also get your traffic to move slower than it should. With the clients sticking around to catch the movie's end, your chairs empty more slowly, and the in-flow of new traffic slows down.

Instead of running the entire movie course, why not stick to the more exciting and less time-wasting snippets? Movie trailers are just as exciting, and they are short enough that you can display different trailers without boring your client.

When you choose to display movie trailers in your salon, it is vital to ensure they are age-appropriate. This will save you from making the client uncomfortable while helping you maintain professionalism.

3. Music Videos

Everyone loves music. Music is a massive part of people’s life as it influences mood, behavior, and actions. Great music is a mood enhancer. It can make us relax, be happier, or be more motivated. Just as there are different types of music, people's responses to music differ significantly.

Good music affects the mood by releasing dopamine and serotonin, also known as happy hormones. Implementing great music in your salon is a fool-proof way to keep your clients engaged. Music is an excellent means of entertainment, especially if paired with a visually appealing video.

While a song tells a story, music videos play it out. Watching a music video is like watching a concise story play out right before you. Music videos are entertaining. They are a fundamental aspect of engagement and are a fail-proof way to keep every client entertained.

It is important to note that just like movies, music and music videos can be offensive to specific audiences. It is vital to match your atmosphere with the music videos you play.

Ensure that your music video choices are also your crowd choices. Choose age-appropriate music that caters to everyone. There are different genres of music. Finding the one that best fits your clients’ choices and brand personality is a great option to make music videos work.

4. Drone Footage

One intriguing and relaxing option to show in salons is visually stunning drone footage, either with or without music. This type of content, usually filmed from above, showing sweeping vistas, stunning beaches and coastal views, lush rainforests and more, keep salon guests engaged and soothed.

5. Digital Signage

Lastly, TVs are excellent mediums to project digital signs. Digital signage is a segment of electronic signage technology that displays digital signs. Digital signage uses LCD, LED, projection and e-paper to display digital images, video, and texts to audiences.

Digital signage is used as a tool in big companies, but it is equally as valuable for establishments like hair salons. There is no rule to what you can use digital signage to do. It can relay information to consumers and potential clients and entertain for engagement.

With your salon television acting as a digital sign display, you can conduct various exciting actions. With your TV as a medium abs digital signage as a tool, you can both entertain and inform your clients of upcoming promotions, hot products or even drive engagement on your social media.

The 5 Worst Things To Show On Salon TVs

Just as there are great TV contents to introduce in your salons, there are some that belong nowhere in your salon. Some of these contents include:

1. Horror Movies

The aim of providing a salon TV is to help your clients remain engaged and relaxed as they are attended to. Horror movies are in no way relaxing.

Playing horror movies in a salon is very inappropriate. While there might be some horror movie fans in the mix, it doesn't justify showing horror movies on your TV. It is simply not the right place or time.

Not everyone likes the sight of blood, gore, or violence. This will make them very uncomfortable and might convince them to abandon your services as fast as possible.

Horror movies create stress in clients. They make clients fidgety, raise their blood pressure and increase their heart rate. These are all negative responses and do not belong in any salon.

If you plan on reducing customer churn and creating a tremendous brand-client relationship, it is a good idea to keep horror movies off your salon screen.

2. Religious Shows

Religious shows in a salon are a turn-off. People are entitled to different religious beliefs. Because you believe in a particular religion doesn't make it right and certainly does not mean you have to force it on every client in your salon.

Unless you plan on filtering your clients, not everyone who comes to your salon will share the same religious belief with you. Some will be protestants, some Catholics, some atheists, and some will hold different views from these listed.

It will be undoubtedly uncomfortable for a client to sit through a salon session while they listen to views on a religion they do not believe in. It is hurtful, inconsiderate, and will drastically damage the customer experience you provide.

3. Cable TV

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with owning a cable TV in your salon, it is essential to understand there are rules to abide by and licensing fees to be paid.

Owning a cable TV in your home is easy. Your home is private, and your cable account subscription covers personal view- which translates to you and the members of your home.

The problem lies in using a personal cable account in your salon. This violates the federal law of unauthorized business use in the Cable Communications Policy Act.

To avoid paying a heavy fine, you should avoid using a personal cable account in your salon. If you need to install cable TV in your salon, you should be ready to pay several commercial licensing and subscription fees.

4. Sports

While watching sports is entertaining, it is essential to note that not every client is interested in sports. If your clients are interested in sports, there is a chance they like different kinds of sports.

The beauty industry is dominated by women meaning a large percentage of your clients are women. According to Statista, only 12% of the female American population are avid sports fans, with 42% being casual fans and 46% not being fans of any sport.

With a large percentage of women showing little to no interest in sports, it makes no sense to display sports on TV. This will not create engagement or interaction and will undoubtedly make your clients bored.

Unless your salon has a sports theme, you should focus on displaying content everyone will be interested in.

5. Contents With Adult Rating

Unless you strictly attend to only adults, you will undoubtedly get underaged clients.

In cases like this, it is crucial to display kid-friendly content fit for underage consumption. If your salon is a kid salon, you should focus solely on kid content. This will include cartoons, funny viral videos, and animal content.

If your salon attends to all age groups, including kids, displaying adult-rated shows is unsuitable. It is better to display G-rated shows fit for everyone.

Keeping negative content out of your salon will ensure positive and maximum customer satisfaction.

Choosing The Best Salon Content With Loop TV

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