The Benefits of Digital Signage for Call Centers

Managing a call center can take time and effort. You must handle high-stress levels, pressure in a loud environment, employees, and customer complaints.

Many call centers have started using digital signage to lessen the burden on call center staff and managers. They use it to proactively manage customer experiences and tailor them to the company's needs quickly and effectively.

This article will discuss the benefits of digital signage for call centers, first for employees and then for managers and owners.

Why Digital Signage?

Digital signage is an important tool for call center operations. It allows call centers to create a more convenient and efficient customer experience.

Digital signage can display various information, such as call wait periods, customer feedback, and lists of services offered. Call centers can also use it to promote special offers, inform customers of new products, or show the daily schedule of staff.

This helps to reduce wait times, improve customer service, and improve the overall customer experience. Call centers can also use digital signage to promote employee motivation and engagement and provide real-time updates on performance goals.

Digital signage is a valuable tool that can be used to improve the customer experience and streamline business operations in the call center.

Benefits of Digital Signage for Call Centers

Digital signage is an investment worth making because it can help to improve customer experience, reduce costs, and increase employee engagement. Digital signage can also provide real-time analytics and feedback to help managers make informed decisions.

For Staff

Digital signage has several advantages that call center workers can take advantage of to maintain their engagement and manage their own performance. Here are some of the best.

1. Use Digital Signage to Display (and Explain) KPIs

Large operations, like call centers, rely on various metrics to function. These, also known as key performance indicators (KPIs), can be displayed on digital billboards to aid team members in connecting them to their daily work.

For instance, digital signage can display charts and graphs that show the current performance of KPIs, such as customer response time, customer satisfaction rate, or average order value. Digital signage can also be used to explain more complex metrics, such as customer lifetime value or customer retention rate.

By displaying these metrics and providing explanations, digital signage can help keep employees informed and empowered to make better decisions in the call center.

KPIs Call Center Staff Need

  • Average time in queue: Nobody enjoys waiting in line to have their problem resolved. This is one of the things that can make or break any call center. The experience will be better the shorter the period of time callers spend in the "queue." If the employees can see how long their team spends to resolve issues, this will improve their service. It also indicates that the business is expanding and might require more employees.

  • Rate of call abandonment: The longer a customer waits in line, the more likely they are to hang up or end the call. Members of the KPI team must be aware of this additional KPI. If it's increasing, extra efforts may be required to process customers more quickly or to hire additional staff to handle the volume. Call centers can quickly resolve call abandonment problems if they see the rate displayed. This will allow the call center to continue providing excellent customer service.

  • Average call per agent: This KPI is more specific than the others, focusing on the performance of each individual employee. When employees see these metrics, they can see how they stack up against the best performers, motivating them to work harder to reach the top tier.

2. Use Digital Signage to Provide Real-Time Product / Service Information

Digital signage offers a significant advantage over traditional printed materials and flyers. It can display current, up-to-date information. This ensures that each team member can access the most accurate data on the available products and services.

Each team member is given the tools they need to provide the customers with the best, most accurate service possible by accessing the most up-to-date, informative data on the products and services available, allowing them to offer customers the best possible service.

3. Use Digital Signage to Promote Contests

Healthy competition can be an enjoyable and engaging way to keep team spirit alive. Running weekly or monthly contests, with visually appealing graphs displaying each team member's progress and frequent updates, can motivate employees to stay focused and give their best effort.

Offering cash prizes as rewards for success is a great way to encourage engagement and interest further. All of this can easily be accomplished using digital signage content.

4. Use Digital Signage to Share Customer Comments

If you want to make your call center employees feel valued and seen, testimonials are crucial. Digital signage can occasionally share a "shout out" to specific team members or a compliment to the overall experience by using customer testimonials and creating graphics around them. It doesn't cost the business any money for your staff to see their name on display. It boosts morale and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

5. Clear, Convenient Group Messaging

Too many notes, circulars, and memos can overwhelm workers. Important messages are potentially being lost in the shuffle. Digital signage can help ensure that urgent internal communications reach your team quickly and effectively.

Whether it's time for the annual open enrollment in the company healthcare plan or any other important message, digital signage ensures that it is prominently displayed and cannot be missed.

6. Digital Signage is Less Boring

Millennials will greatly appreciate digital signage. Despite being the last generation to have grown up without technology, millennials are still very tech-savvy.

Additionally, it would be greatly appreciated if the business worked to enhance communication by putting digital signage into place. Give them access to screens everywhere. It will be much simpler for them to complete all tasks since they are accustomed to operating in a digital environment.

Since they are accustomed to using social media and similar platforms, it is evident that this is their best form of communication. It is better to put everything you can into practice as soon as you can because it is an investment in the future, especially since the generations that follow the millennials essentially have no memory of a world without the use of technology for communication.

If everything is not digitized, some future employees who are from Generation Z or Alpha will not know how to conduct business.

Benefits of Digital Signage for Call Center Managers & Owners

Digital signage has advantages for call center employees but also offers managers access to crucial data. There are many of them, but these three are crucial for successfully running the call center workplace.

1. Progress in Lines of Business

The managers can easily and quickly dissect data by adding it and visually formatting it. Managers could take prompt action that keeps them flexible and responsive by seeing each employee's performance and then have it broken out by team and division.

Packages that aren't selling well can be changed in marketing strategies or added to a list of promotions, for instance. All of these would be easier with a seamless mode of internal communication with digital signage.

2. Fast, Intuitive Reporting

Managers must be able to access data, decipher what it means, and compare it to past performance. It gives them real-time data.

For example, managers can look at declining KPIs and find out why. Is it caused by employee laziness or a cover-up necessitating the addition of more team members? Are specific products to blame for the majority of customer complaints? Is the rate of dropped calls higher than usual?

To avoid a long-term negative impact on the customer experience, management can quickly investigate the cause of the fundamental problem.

With its ability to display detailed graphics and charts, digital signage makes it easier for management to read and understand a lot of complex metrics and make decisions that would take much longer with lengthy, dull printed reports.

3. Opportunities for Employee Improvement

For all managers, call center management in particular, setting alerts to significant changes in performance is a good idea. Your customer service levels could have serious issues if they're allowed to decline for an extended period of time.

As previously mentioned, digital signage can frequently display crucial KPIs that can assist managers in taking quick action to address developing issues.

One of the team members may need a break because of personal issues. Some more recent hires may not yet fully grasp the training and need more coaching. It might also mean that everyone on the team is disinterested and needs a morale boost.

Or it might signify that your company is expanding and you need to bring on more staff. Managers should constantly strive to improve their workforce, and digital signage provides several metrics that managers can use to correct and enhance less-than-ideal circumstances swiftly.

4. Automated Internal Communication

You can use an automated system or software to curate the content for digital signage. You can produce original content or import it from different internal communication channels.

You can use digital signage as the ideal platform for interactively disseminating reminders, new regulations, and employee appreciation. It can even show simple details like a schedule for a conference room.

Managers and call center owners can easily manage digital signage content from your digital workplace dashboard, which enables different screens to display different information.

5. Save Time

Digital signage has revolutionized how call center managers can save time and improve customer experience. Digital signage allows call center managers to broadcast important messages and updates in real time without manually updating individual monitors.

This saves time and resources, allowing call center managers to focus on providing excellent customer service. In addition to broadcasting real-time updates, digital signage provides a platform to display instructional content, such as how to use certain systems or programs and troubleshoot problems.

This reduces the need for call center managers to manually provide instructions to customers, saving them time and effort. Call centers can use it to customize customer experience and reduce the need for call center managers to explain promotions or other important messages individually.

By implementing digital signage into their call centers, call center managers can easily save time and maximize their resources to provide excellent customer service.

6. Facilitates Communication Between Frontline and Non-Desk Employees

Digital signage can be a valuable tool for facilitating communication between frontline employees and non-desk staff. Frontline employees, who work directly with customers, can be kept up to date on corporate news and developments they may have missed.

At the same time, non-desk staff can be made aware of customer needs and expectations. By providing both groups with relevant information in real time, digital signage can help to bridge the gap between them and ensure that the company functions as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Effective employee communication is a critical factor in the success of any company, regardless of size. Small and medium-sized enterprises are no different, and they must take advantage of the latest technologies to ensure their teams are connected and informed.

Digital signage is the perfect solution, as it provides a highly visible platform for sharing information with all employees. It can be extremely beneficial in improving customer experiences and increasing revenue.

Unlike bulletin boards, digital signage is much less likely to go unnoticed. It is the perfect tool for sharing information between different departments and teams. It is the ideal way to ensure all team members are kept up-to-date and informed about what is happening within the company.

Digital signage can be used to streamline processes, create a more positive work culture, and even increase employee satisfaction. In short, digital signage is the best way for companies of any size to ensure successful employee communication.