The Benefits Of Dispensary Digital Signage

Digital signage in dispensaries is an innovative technological solution that makes it easier to connect with customers who visit your establishment. Using eye-catching and visually stimulating content, you can reach new heights in your business.

Although digital signage has enjoyed a steady rise to fame in the business world, many dispensary owners are unaware of the positive impact of implementing this piece of technology in their dispensary yields.

If you are one of these dispensary owners, we have highlighted the benefits of dispensary digital signage to show you why you need this technological solution.

Signage In A Dispensary

Signage is an essential part of business establishments. From being displayed on the outside walls of a small brick-and-mortar retail shop to being mounted as giant billboards on major highways, signage is used as a subtle yet direct means of communication with an audience.

From the onset, static signage has been the most commonly used means of advertisement, brand awareness, and communication between businesses and potential clients. Using still images and texts was considered a great way to grab attention and convert sales. However, the onset of new technology has provided a more effective solution using digital signage.

Digital signage is a segment of electronic signage that uses display technologies like LCD, LED, and projectors to show digital images. Essentially, digital signage is the digitized version of static signage.

At the center of it, digital signage can perform as an upgraded version of static signage. Using these display technologies means it is now possible to display higher resolution images, videos, and texts, making it easier to create more engaging content than can be achieved using static signage.

The benefits of digital signage are glaring when compared to static signage. Seeing these benefits, high-end firms rushed to integrate this unique digital solution into their operations.

The effects of digital signage on sales conversion became glaring. 80% of businesses that used digital signage recorded a substantial increase in sales.

Since its discovery, the acceptance of digital signage in all business sectors has grown globally. In 2020, there were roughly 9.600 digital billboards in the United States.

Although high-end businesses and firms solely use digital as a campaign tool, small business owners have recognized the unique benefits of wielding digital signage in their business operations, particularly those that involve dealing directly with clients in their establishment. One such establishment is the dispensary.

Since dispensaries are places where drugs or medicinal treatments are dispensed, many dispensary owners overlook the integration of digital signage in favor of basic static signage. However, dispensaries have evolved, and technology is the leading driver of these changes.

Today, dispensaries are not just basic brick-and-mortar rooms where drugs are given per prescription orders. They are now facilities that require a modern approach to operations involving their clients, as with any other business.

One of the major growth changes dispensaries has undergone is the legalization of cannabis in many states. With recreational cannabis use now decriminalized in 19 states, Washington, D.C., & Guam, and medical cannabis legal in a total of 37 States, dispensaries currently operate legally and deal with an increased demand for cannabis and cannabis-related products.

Although this increased demand marks a growth in dispensary revenues, it burdens dispensaries with the need to adopt modern tactical solutions to interact with their newly-found customer base. What better solution than using digital images to communicate with their audience?

Benefits Of Digital Signage In Dispensaries

Digital signage provides dispensaries a medium to communicate and connect with customers and potential customers using eye-catching imagery on attention-grabbing screens. This modern solution is not only aesthetically pleasing but yields immense benefits on awareness, conversions, sales, and brand image.

Digital signage breathes life into any dispensary. It catches the attention of shoppers in a way static signage can not, encouraging them to act, and in the process, improving the average customer experience.

The digital signage market value is expected to reach 32.84 billion in 2023. This is because many businesses already recognize the importance this powerful tool yields in their business and are adopting the technology to increase the overall customer experience.

Digital signage is the stepping stone and future of successful dispensaries. Some benefits of digital signage in dispensaries include:

1. Attract More Customers

Attractive signage on the sidewalk in front of a dispensary or a window view facing a street with high footfalls is an easy way to get more people to notice your establishment. The higher the number of people aware of your establishment, the higher the chances of making more sales.

Although static signage was the traditional means of brand awareness in many dispensaries, its effects cannot be compared to the visually stimulating effect that digital signage yields.

Research shows that digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays. This is notably due to the effect of high-resolution images that creates a multi-sensory experience.

In the won't today, people spend more time staring at screens than on paper. Because of this affinity to screens, be it phones, laptops, or TV screens, it is easy to see why a person will choose to pay attention to a screen displaying eye-catching dynamic content than a piece of paper preparing letters and static images.

Visually appealing content is the bread and butter of creating brand awareness. Your audience and potential customer is more likely to notice your brand if it is presented uniquely and attractively. Digital signage allows dispensary owners to use colorful pictures, videos, animations, text in different fonts, charts, infographics, and many more content options to attract clients.

Using a digital screen placed strategically for foot traffic to see, you can display stunning content that will encourage them to visit your dispensary to make purchases. If they don’t walk into your store at that moment, since digital signage has a recall rate of 83%, your establishment will be on their mind even when your building is out of sight.

2. Boost Sales

You don't need to shove products and prices in your customers’ faces to make sales. All you need is a subtle yet upfront and creative means of urging them to purchase particular products. With digital signage, you can influence customer purchasing decisions and boost sales.

With digital signage, you can not only show your customers the products available but also help them truly see the products in detail.

Digital signage makes it easier for dispensaries to display the pictures and videos of particular products. This provides a more immersive experience than any static sign can give.

Digital signage can be used to display available cannabis products in your dispensary. With these products now put within visual reach, you have subtly advertised them and successfully informed your customer that you have those products available for sale.

You can utilize these displays to push sales through a point of purchase at your counter. You can also use digital signage as a medium to inform customers about ongoing promotions.

3. Inform And Educate

Unless you plan to verbally educate every customer that walks into your dispensary, your best shot at informing and educating them is to use an attention-grabbing digital sign.

It is important to help your customers have accurate information about the products you offer in your dispensary.

Now that cannabis is legalized, many people are dangling in THC-infused products for medical and recreational purposes. Many of these people are doing so without enough awareness, thereby putting them at risk of abusing these products.

With digital signage, you can share accurate product information and proper usage to ensure your customers remain safe during and after consumption.

Addressing these issues through regular education and information will help new and seasoned cannabis users feel more confident and comfortable. It will help them navigate your product catalog to make the right purchases.

You can use digital slides of pictures, videos, animation, and text to show your customers marijuana strains and products, their effects, and the proper consumption process.

You can also use your digital sign as a medium to address Frequently Asked Questions. This will address any questions your customers might have regarding you and your products instead of leaving them in the dark.

4. Promote Brand Image

How do you want customers to see your brand? You can communicate this image using engaging content and your digital signage tool.

Digital signage provides a unique opportunity for dispensaries to stand out from their competition. It makes it easier to channel your brand image via attractive and engaging content.

Having a recognizable dispensary brand image is part of providing a quality customer experience. A band image sets you apart from other dispensaries, helping you maintain a unique relationship with yourself and your customers.

Having a consistent brand image fosters loyalty and a strong client connection with your brand. It distinguishes your brand and ensures the existence of valuable and long-lasting customer relationships.

By using a common text font, content style, and logo, you make your dispensary more recognizable. This improves brand awareness and helps build a community of loyal customers.

With a consistent image rooted in the foundation of your business, you will enjoy better brand recognition, improved visibility, and, eventually, more engagement.

To promote your brand image, all you need to do is create a consistent theme, implement your logo, and design brand messages consistently. This can be done whether you are displaying it on a digital sign outside your dispensary or miles away from your establishment. With this method, you can ensure your customers recognize your brand regardless of their location.

5. Stronger Campaigns

Digital signage provides your dispensary with a unique opportunity to reach new heights using successful campaigns. With the right content strategy to get people to notice your dispensary and make purchases, you can take your dispensary from a budding business to a successful one.

Digital signage gives you an edge over other dispensary campaigns. It provides features that make it possible to effectively and efficiently deliver your brand message with compelling content that turns heads.

Digital signage makes an excellent part of a marketing strategy. With interactive digital displays, you can communicate messaging tailored to suit your audience and track the success rate of your messages.

6. Easy Instant Updates

One significant advantage that digital signage holds over static signage is the update ease it provides.

With static signage, it takes time to update your signs and boards. You have to go through a time-wasting process that involves designing and printing the signs before being able to incorporate them into your dispensary.

When you use digital signage, you enjoy easy, instant updates that make it easier to make changes as you like. This eliminates the cost of printing and reduces the upgrade/update waiting time.

Do you want to make quick inventory changes? Or would you like to update product prices on your digital sign? You can do so at the tap of a button.

This easy update feature makes it easier to communicate time-sensitive information to your customers. With digital signage, you can easily upload contents that announce promotion or discount offers available for a predetermined time range.

With digital signage, you can add or remove features anytime you like in your dispensary.

7. Excellent Customer Experience

Digital signage improves the average customer experience by improving satisfaction. It differentiates your services from those of dispensaries without vital signage, helping customers enjoy a more compelling, seamless experience.

By improving factors like awareness and convenience, you can help customers make more informed decisions as they move down the sales funnel. With quality digital signage solutions, customers will relish every transaction with you and make the most of their experience.

8. Better Online Presence

One way to increase brand visibility is by having a strong online presence. As of April 2022, there were 4.65 billion social media users worldwide. This means more than half the world's population uses one social media platform or the other.

Social media opens a door of opportunities for business owners. As a dispensary owner, you can use social media platforms to reach more people unaware of your brand. This will help you grow a large following of active community members and lead to better brand visibility and exposure.

Although getting new people to notice you on social media can be difficult, digital signage solves a portion of the problem by encouraging your physical customers to engage you on social media platforms.

By using your digital sign to display and promote your social media profiles, you can help walk-in customers become aware of your brand. This will encourage them to engage your posts, vote on polls, and leave comments on your page.

You can also incentivize the process by encouraging walk-in customers to leave engagements for a shoutout, free coupon, or any other freebies!

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