The Best and Worst Things to Show on Bank TVs

Banks and other financial institutions are increasingly using digital signage to boost customer engagement and provide a more interactive experience for customers.

For instance, banks can use digital signage to display relevant and up-to-date information about products and services, such as mortgage rates, loan terms, and savings accounts.

In the world of banking, trust is everything. Your bank will be more successful the more your clients can rely on you. You can use your TV to build customer loyalty, improve customer experience and boost revenue. However, displaying the wrong content can have the opposite effect. You end up losing money and customers.

This article explains the best and worst things to show on bank TVs.

Bank Digital Signage Content

Many banking organizations still rely on outdated USB-driven static content, but this type of content is no longer effective in today's digital world.

Customers now expect the in-branch experience to be as convenient as the online experience, so banks must take advantage of sophisticated digital signage solutions.

Digital signage solutions can help display relevant, engaging content that can provide customers with helpful information and make their experience smoother. Banks can use digital signage to ensure customers have a convenient, enjoyable, in-branch experience.

Digital signage in banking is a technology that enables banks to use screens for various purposes, such as marketing, organization, and motivation.

While many people think of signage as just advertising and billboards, banks can use it for much more. Implementing digital signage correctly can give banks an advantage over their competitors, as it is a powerful business growth tool that is often overlooked.

Digital signage can be anything from as small as your lobby TV to as huge as a video wall. If you have a TV in your bank, let us talk about how to use it to improve your customer experience.

Worst Things to Show on Bank TVs

It's natural to make mistakes with your bank's digital signage content, especially if you're just starting out. However, these mistakes can cost you a lot in the long run. We have, therefore, identified the worst things that some banks have shown on their TVs and digital signage that led to losses.

1. Showing Irrelevant Content

Displaying advertisements for products and services unrelated to banking can harm a bank's reputation and trustworthiness, making customers feel like the bank is prioritizing profits over their best interests.

This type of content can be distracting and take away from the bank's overall message or purpose, potentially confusing customers and making them less likely to use the bank's services. Displaying irrelevant advertisements can give the impression that the bank is not considering its customers' needs and not providing the best service possible.

To effectively reach and engage your customer base, it is essential to conduct a thorough study of their needs, social behavior, and preferences. Failing to do so can result in showing irrelevant content to your customers, which can lead to alienation and missed opportunities for sales.

Understanding your customers is essential for providing them with engaging and relevant content and can help you better connect with them and improve your business.

2. Displaying Political Messages

Playing political messages can significantly impact a bank's reputation and public perception.

For example, if a bank displays political messages that are seen as controversial or divisive, customers may be less likely to trust the bank or its services. Such messages can also create a hostile or uncomfortable working environment for employees and may lead to customer complaints or legal action.

Displaying political messages can also create the perception that the bank is endorsing a particular political viewpoint, which can lead to potential risks to the bank's reputation and financial standing. In general, banks should avoid displaying political messages to minimize any potential negative impacts.

3. Displaying the Same Content

Never leave the same information on your screens for weeks just because it was successful a few days earlier and appears appealing. Use the main advantage of digital signage, which is the easy and quick updating of material, saving the enterprise time and money.

With your marketing team, develop a content schedule and explain the rationale to them. Keep your clients interested in your products by occasionally posting new data and tales.

4. Displaying Only Salesy Content

You have been employing digital signage incorrectly if you have been continuously filling your screens with advertising and sales content. Don’t bombard your audience with brand advertisements.

Instead, provide other content, like some insightful stock market or gasoline price information. Stream a live news feed. Inform them of any changes in the weather.

5. Playing Static Content

While it may be tempting to rely solely on static content for your digital signage, such as bright visuals and easy-to-read features, it is essential also to take advantage of the multimedia capabilities of digital signage.

Consider leveraging videos, and Canva to create motion graphics that tell your brand story and use it to promote upcoming marketing campaigns and other events. By taking advantage of the full range of multimedia content available, you can ensure that your digital signage is engaging and effective.

Brilliant Content to Show on a Bank TV

Many banking customers have had negative experiences with bank staff or services and may feel frustrated or uncomfortable voicing their concerns to the management. This can have a serious impact on an organization's reputation, as well as its revenues, due to the large amount of competition in the market.

To help improve customer experience and create a more positive perception of banks, digital signage can be used to make life easier for customers and to help bank employees become more productive.

With the help of digital signage, banks, and financial institutions can create a more positive customer experience and build trust with their customers. These are some of the best content to show on bank TVs:

1. Brand Promotional Content

Break away from the conventional method of advertising your services through posters, flyers, or other printed media. Make the switch to digital signage and promote your services even further.

Engage your audience with motion graphics, slide presentations, and more, and tell your brand's story in a more impactful way. Keep them updated with your products and services, such as insurance policies, loans, value-added services, and the latest offers, in a dynamic and engaging manner.

Branding is essential for banks to compete in today's market. To effectively communicate their brand's message to customers, banks must become more ingenious in their approach.

Digital signage is an ideal medium for displaying high-quality content that accurately represents the bank's brand. Play short videos and images that showcase the bank's brand on the TV.

It is vital to strike a balance between using digital signage for branding, which may have a boasting element, and combining it with content that both entertains and informs

2. Display Banking Formalities

Many people find filling out forms to open a savings/current account or create a fixed deposit account challenging. Even completing a basic KYC form may seem difficult for some.

Each bank has its own unique processes and procedures, so customers may need directions when visiting. Digital signage is a great way to convey important information to customers, as it can be organized into slideshows and is easy to read from a distance.

By providing helpful instructions to customers on your TVs, you can make their experience easier and more enjoyable by enabling them to find the help they need without having to seek out an employee.

Leverage digital signage to assist them in becoming familiar with banking procedures. Upload instructional videos that demonstrate how to perform specific tasks. Display this content on TVs near the entrance, in queues, and in waiting rooms.

3. Convey New Orders and Notices

Over time, a financial institution's rules and regulations constantly change. So, you can update the same on your portal whenever the central banking authority makes a new order. Display the same on your digital screens to interact with guests promptly and effectively.

The notification will be immediately distributed to all of your customers. Compared to informing customers of identical notices via emails and SMS, it improves customer experience five times more.

The banking industry is highly regulated by legislation and corporate administrators, which means new policies come out fairly regularly. To ensure you keep up with these changes, you can use digital signage to incorporate them into your content.

Options include creating a video that explains the policy, making a fun stop motion animation, or simply breaking it down in a powerpoint-style presentation on rotating slides.

4. Showcase Your Credibility

When implemented correctly, bank TV can be used to emphasize your credibility. Use it to feature awards you've won and your corporate social responsibility initiatives, run your ad campaigns, and showcase your accomplishments with aesthetically pleasing content.

Building trust with both existing customers and prospects is more important than simply selling. Showcasing positive reviews and testimonials from your clients on platforms such as Google and Facebook can create social proof of your success and be incredibly impactful, as nothing speaks louder than a satisfied customer's note of praise.

This will get you a new customer in visitors to your banking hall. Whether they came with their friend, your customer, or they are just passing by.

5. Explanatory Videos

Digitization of banking procedures has made things easier for all. However, many older people and non-tech-savvy individuals still don't understand the basics of it, like deposits, payments, checking e-passbook, and fund transfers through mobile bank apps.

To help these people understand the digital processes, you can use digital signage to run explanatory videos, like 'How to Use Your Bank Mobile App.' Mobile banking is a convenient option for everyone, and you can use digital signage to let people know that in a creative and engaging way.

6. Waiting Entertainment

TVs in banking halls will be a waste of space if you don't use them for entertaining visitors and customers. For example, you can run interactive content such as quizzes, polls, or trivia games on the TV.

You can also display videos of customer success stories, slow music, and videos of nature (ocean waves, mountains, etc.) or educational videos about their services.

Banks can also use digital signage to show financial news or stock updates or to display art or photographs. This will make people relax, and they will not know how long they have been waiting.

7. Display Content for Employees

Don't underestimate the importance of including your employees in your digital signage content strategy. Showing your employees appreciation and recognition can go a long way in creating a positive impression of your brand among customers.

Celebrating anniversaries, achievements, birthdays, awards, and other milestones can help to promote professional development within your organization. This can help to foster a sense of pride and loyalty among your employees and will reflect positively on your brand.

8. Creative Advertising

If you want to stand out from the crowd and create meaningful engagement with your customers, it's time to start thinking outside the box when it comes to bank marketing campaigns.

By developing creative marketing ideas for banks, you can create campaigns that will benefit your bank, enhance customer engagement, and potentially lead to more successful bank marketing campaigns.

9. Success Stories

If your bank has been around for a while, you have the advantage of being able to draw on a wealth of customer success stories as part of your bank's marketing campaigns.

It's important to remember that when you offer loans, mortgages, CDs, and other savings and bond structures, they should always be done to benefit the customer.

Sharing these stories on your bank TVs can help to promote your bank, build customer trust, and demonstrate that you are genuinely invested in the customer's success.

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