The Best and Worst Things to Show on Dispensary TVs

Every dispensary has a unique atmosphere and decor. One of the most critical aspects of this atmosphere is the TV screens. These screens can be used to show anything from advertisements to customer testimonials.

In this blog post, we'll discuss the best and worst things to show on dispensary TVs. We will look at the different types of content available, the benefits and drawbacks of each type, and how to choose the right content for your dispensary.

By the end of this post, you will have the knowledge to make the best decisions regarding your dispensary’s TV screens.

Digital Signage and Dispensaries

As recreational and medical cannabis sales become increasingly more accessible in states across the country, more and more people are entering dispensaries for the first time.

To ensure that all shoppers have the best experience possible, we've put together a few tips on the best content to display on your TV, whether in your lobby or the store.

The way you present information to your customers is crucial. Having multiple options for them to access this info is essential to making them feel comfortable in your dispensary and enticing them to purchase from you.

This way, they can choose which format works best for them. As such, it is wise to have an online menu and invest in dispensary TV menus to display the available products effectively.

If the wrong content is displayed in a dispensary, it may invite unwanted attention from local law enforcement. Depending on the exact content and local regulations, the dispensary may face fines or revoked license.

In some cases, the owners or operators could even face criminal charges for displaying the wrong content.

The Wrong Dispensary TV Content

One of the most important considerations when choosing a dispensary to patronize is the quality of the content shown on the in-store TVs. Unfortunately, more and more dispensaries are showing the wrong kind of content, which can be a major turn-off to customers.

Displaying the wrong content on a TV in a dispensary can have serious consequences, depending on the content. Depending on the jurisdiction, it could be considered a violation of local laws and regulations.

In addition, it could also be considered a violation of the terms and conditions of the dispensary. Such violations can lead to fines and even the closure of the dispensary in some cases. In addition, it is important to be aware of the audience of the dispensary and make sure the content displayed is appropriate for the viewers.

Inappropriate content can create a hostile atmosphere in the dispensary, leading to customers leaving and ultimately affecting a dispensary’s bottom line.

1. Offensive Content

Displaying offensive content on a TV in a dispensary can be very detrimental for various reasons. Offensive content includes content that is considered profane, racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise discriminatory.

Such content can be seen as promoting hatred or intolerance and can create a negative atmosphere in the dispensary. It can lead to customers leaving in a rage. Avoid displaying content that vilifies minority groups, political views, or religious beliefs.

This content can cause controversy in your dispensary, which is the last thing you want for your brand. It is essential to be aware of the audience of the dispensary and make sure the content displayed is appropriate for the viewers.

2. Sexual Content

Displaying sexual content on dispensary TV can be offensive to customers and employees, particularly those sensitive to such material.

It can create a negative or hostile work environment, making customers and employees uncomfortable and potentially discouraging prospective customers from returning to the dispensary. Additionally, it can damage the dispensary's reputation, potentially leading to legal issues if it is considered censorship or discrimination.

Displaying sexual content on TV in a cannabis dispensary is terrible because it can be seen as hyper-sexualizing or fetishizing queer characters, as well as promoting potentially dangerous behaviors such as underage smoking and substance abuse.

This type of content can also be seen as offensive and potentially damaging to minors and a violation of state and federal laws. Therefore, it is best to avoid displaying any type of sexual content on dispensary TV.

3. Advertisement for Alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs

Advertisements for alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs are bad for dispensary TV as they can negatively influence child and teen behaviors around the substances in question.

Studies have shown that exposure to advertisements, movies, and TV shows that depict substance use in a favorable light can encourage youth to start using these substances, as the positive associations formed at a young age may be predisposing to early substance use, leading to more problematic use down the line.

Furthermore, tobacco companies spend billions of dollars yearly on marketing, making it challenging to regulate the messages and images they send young people. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a ban on all tobacco advertising in all media, as well as limitations on alcohol advertising, to protect youth from the influence of these dangerous substances.

Content that glorifies the use of illicit substances or promotes the illegal use of marijuana in any way could be trouble for a dispensary, as it could put them at risk for legal action.

Additionally, content that encourages customers to misuse or abuse marijuana products could also be concerning for a dispensary.

4. Loud Music

Loud music can be distracting to your customers in a dispensary. This can make it difficult for customers to concentrate on their shopping and make an informed decision. Loud music can be a source of frustration for customers, making them feel uncomfortable in the dispensary.

Finally, it can be detrimental to the customer experience, as customers may feel uncomfortable when loud music is playing. Keeping the music in a dispensary at a low and comfortable level is generally recommended.

Provide your customers with content that does not require audio to appreciate, and instead, play some calming music in the background. This will ensure that your dispensary is not disrupted by distracting noise.

The Best TV Content for Dispensary TVs

As cannabis and other drugs become more and more mainstream, many dispensaries are taking advantage of the latest technology to create a better customer experience.

One of the most popular ways to do this is to install televisions in the lobby and waiting areas to provide customers with an entertaining experience while they wait. Displaying the right content in dispensaries can be an effective way to help customers find the products they are looking for.

It can also help to create an organized and informative shopping experience and make it easier for customers to find detailed information about the products they are considering.

Besides, it can allow customers to learn more about the different strains and varieties of cannabis and make it easier for them to make an informed decision about their purchase.

This section will explore some of the best content available for these dispensary TVs, with an emphasis on content that is both informative and entertaining.

1. Digital Menu

Dispensary TV menus can be a great way to showcase products and encourage customers to purchase them. They can also be used to display advertisements for specials and discounts, which can help to draw in more customers.

Digital menus are quickly becoming the most popular choice for dispensaries looking to communicate items on sale and their prices. Unlike paper fliers and menu boards, digital menus offer several advantages that help to enhance a dispensary's brand image.

Digital menus are far more attractive than their paper counterparts and can feature colorful graphics and characters. These visuals create a dynamic menu board that quickly draws customers' attention. Digital menu boards eliminate the need to print and dispose of outdated menus.

Lastly, digital menu boards provide convenience as they can be updated in a few minutes with a few taps of a button.

Overall, digital menu boards offer a range of benefits to dispensaries looking to create a more attractive and cost-effective way to communicate their items and prices.

2. Calming Music Videos

Music can be a powerful tool for relaxation. Its soothing tones can slow heart rate and breathing, reducing stress and anxiety and providing comfort. Listening to certain types of music can also decrease muscle tension and blood pressure, resulting in a more relaxed state.

Furthermore, music can affect hormones like cortisol and oxytocin, which are related to stress and relaxation. Music can also affect dopamine release, which is connected to the pleasure and reward center of the brain.

Not only this, but music can also amplify the colors, smells, and tastes of the environment and change the way we perceive time and pitch, making the experience more immersive.

3. Cannabis-themed Entertainment

Playing TV shows in a dispensary can be a great way to engage customers and create a more inviting atmosphere. TV shows can showcase products and demonstrate how they can be used, as well as advertise specials and discounts.

Additionally, TV shows can provide entertainment, which can help to make customers feel more relaxed and comfortable. TV shows can also educate customers on topics related to the dispensary, such as health and wellness, cannabis laws, and more.

Ultimately, playing TV shows in a dispensary can be a great way to make the space more inviting and draw in more customers. There are some TV shows about cannabis that are worth watching.

These shows have been created in socially and racially diverse contexts that explore topics ranging from cultural representation, DIY gardening, and cannabis advocacy.

The abundance of viewable cannabis-related content gives platforms unique perspectives and stories from the cannabis world that have previously been excluded from the mainstream.

4. Calming Videos

Playing calming videos in a dispensary can be beneficial for various reasons. For example, it can help to create a relaxing atmosphere and may help to reduce anxiety and stress in patients who might be feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

It can also help drown out distracting and disruptive noises, making it easier for patients to focus on the task. Finally, calming videos may act as a form of visual therapy, providing positive mental stimulation and reducing the feeling of being rushed when it comes time for a patient's appointment.

It is good to play videos of nature, the ocean, and animals in the wild. You can connect to different channels that offer these kinds of videos, like NAT GEO Wild.

5. Customized Content

By utilizing customized content on their TV screens, dispensaries can create a unique experience for their customers. This content may include videos, images, text, background colors, and other elements.

It can be informative, entertaining, or a combination of both. For example, you could feature dental staff profiles to introduce patients to the doctors or provide animated tips and other family-friendly content.

You can display advertisements for new strains, flowers, and buds. You can also display customer testimonials. These will improve customer perception of your brand, and you will stand out. With the right customized content, dispensaries can make their space more engaging and inviting.09q

Take Your Dispensary to a Higher Level

This article discusses the best and worst content in dispensary TV systems. By finding the right content to show, dispensary owners can ensure that their customers get the best experience possible.

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