The Best And Worst Things To Show On Hotel TVs

Having TVs in your hotel is not an endgame as you still have to figure out the best TV content for your guests.

TVs in hotels are an integral part of providing quality hospitality to guests who visit your hotel room. Like your furniture and the rest of your services, installing TVs in the rooms and lobbies is a cherry on top of providing the ultimate customer experience in your hotel.

With your guests and clients coming from different backgrounds and demographics, it can be difficult to know the best content to display for your hotel guest viewers.

Since TV content plays a role in how satisfied your clients are, it is essential that you only display the content your guests want to see. In this article, we will explore our finely-curated list of what people want to see on hotel TVs and what they will be better off without.

What’s A Hotel Room Without Good TV Content?

Lodging into a hotel room and turning on the TV set only to realize there is no good content to enjoy can be very frustrating and a big turnoff that will undoubtedly ruin your experience with the hotel.

Imagine settling in and turning on the TV as you normally would, only to realize you can only watch a few outdated channels without anything good showing.

The content on hotel TVs is a significant pain point for people who frequently find themselves in hotels. When you go to find relaxation in hotel rooms only to be confronted with a low-quality TV set with a barely interactive interface and a handful of channels nobody finds interesting, it's understandable you become disgruntled and question your choice of hospitality facilities.

Hotel TVs and their content significantly contribute to how satisfied your clients and guests are with your hotel facility. You could have the best services in the area, and all it takes is bad hotel TV content to ruin it for your clients.

Hotel TVs provide entertainment, engagement, and relaxation for many hotel guests. Great hotel TV, regardless of where it is installed, will keep your clients preoccupied, engaged, and relaxed.

TVs are a staple in many people’s lives. According to research, there are an estimated 122 million homes in the USA with TVs in the 2021-2022 TV season.

Numbers don’t lie. With many households owning at least one atv, it isn’t surprising that your guests expect to not only see a TV set in their room but also enjoy engaging TV content like they do at home.

Benefits Of Investing In Good Hotel TV Content

Providing guests with interesting TV content is a great way to stand out from your competition. With the many hotel establishments today, offering better value is your best bet at staying ahead of the curve and offering better satisfaction.

Taking great care to only offer the best content on your TV has numerous benefits. Some of these benefits include:

1. Better Satisfaction

Not every hotel takes great care to offer amazing TV viewing choices. When you do, it helps your guests feel valued.

Investing in your hotel TV systems to provide quality is a great way to increase the average customer experience and satisfaction. Many guests will agree that nothing beats coming into a hotel room stressed and having great content to relax with or spending time with companions simply enjoying quality entertainment.

Providing diverse content leaves an excellent impression on your guests. This sense of satisfaction breeds fondness and loyalty in your clients. This encourages them to perform positive actions that will contribute to your hotel’s success, like leaving positive reviews or recommending your hotel to friends and families through word of mouth. These types of clients are also more likely to return.

2. Build Brand Identity

When it comes to running a successful hotel business, every resource can be used to advertise your business brand and image. Even your hotel rooms are not left out.

Like your hotel business logo and motto, TV content can be customized to reflect and reinforce your brand image. This way, you are not only going to be known as the hotel that offers finely curated hotel TV content but one that also uses its TV content to show that your hotel is an up-to-date modern business venture that stands out from the competition.

With an extensive library of great TV content, you will have different content to choose from and reflect whatever atmosphere your brand offers. This offers your guests an immersive customer experience.

3. Keep Your Clients Entertained

The feeling of being in a hotel room and having nothing to keep you engaged can be frustrating.

Great content on hotel TVs is an avenue for your clients to relax and enjoy the hospitable experience that is your business objective. It will keep them engaged and entertained throughout their stay in your establishment.

The Best Things To Show On Hotel TVs

Regarding what to display on your hotel TV, it is important to note that not every content is fit for consumption. There are some continents that many hotel guests do not want to see and many more that guests do not want to see on TV.

Different guests have different preferences when it comes to choosing TV content to watch. Knowing what content to display to your guests and what to keep off the screens are essential in ensuring your guests are satisfied.

Some of the best things to show on hotel TV include:

1. Music Videos

Music is an intricate part of many people’s lives. It is one of the basic universal ways of expression in everyday human lives regardless of culture, gender, and age.

Music has a powerful ability to influence human behavior and mood. It has the power to make people happy, sad, and angry. It exerts mental and physiological responses that result in changes in mood and physical responses.

Music videos are equally powerful as they combine auditory and visual stimulation to affect their audience. They are interesting to watch and leave viewers entertained and engaged.

When it comes to choosing the best content to show on the hotel TV, music videos are an easy go-to option.

Admittedly, people have different tastes in music genres which might make it difficult to decide on what music video to play. In most cases, it is easier to simply filter your music library and settle for widely accepted genres like pop, hip-hop, rock, and country music.

2. News

Even with the rise in popularity of online news consumption, watching the news on TV remains a significant part of many people’s lives.

The average number of viewers tuned into morning network news programming on major networks ABC, NBC, and CBS in 2020 amounted to between two and four million. Although this might not be considered a huge number, it still proves that enough people care about watching the local or national news at least once a day.

The whole point of a hotel establishment is not just to offer shelter but also to help your guests feel as close to home as possible. This includes making a news channel available for their consumption.

Showing the news on your hotel TV also breathes an air of professionality into your establishment.

3. Nature Videos

Guests come to hotels to relax, and nature videos help them do that. Playing nature videos is a wonderful way to help your guests explore the world's wonders from inside your establishment. Through your displays, they can see terrains and wildlife behavior they have never seen before.

Nature videos are not only captivating and entertaining but also a great way to help your clients let their guards down. Nature sounds automatically convince the brain to reduce a person’s fight-or-flight response, lowering their stress level, and helping them relax.

Research has repeatedly proven that nature sounds play a part in stress recovery through pleasant auditory stimulation. Combined with the visual stimulation of high-quality displays, nature videos yield the ability to increase the mood.

4. Sports

Sports are another widely chosen hotel TV content displayed for guest consumption. Sports content is gripping, exciting, and engaging to work with and is the perfect choice for keeping your guests entertained.

Watching sports is a favorite pastime all around the world. People spend more time watching sports on TV or on their devices than watching News. Sports can be displayed in your hotel lobby or shown on channels in hotel rooms.

5. Customized Content

Hotel contents don't always have to be some form of entertainment you can easily find on TV. Sometimes, it is a great idea to create customized content that will reinforce your brand image and help you build a more immersive customer-client transactional relationship.

With digital signage, you can tailor content to capture the attention of your guests with gripping messages. You have the freedom to create unique content and tailor it for specific viewers, a specific location in your hotel, or set it to be displayed at a particular time.

In cases like these, your customized content should be specific, easily understood, and engaging. It must satisfy a particular goal, solve your guest’s pain point, or be part of a much larger strategy dedicated to improving the customer experience and increasing sales in your hotel.

Digital signage offers numerous features that can be used to customize your content however you like. When creating unique digital signage, you need to ask yourself questions that will make it easier to align your message to your needs.

Two important questions you need to ask yourself when creating and displaying custom content on your hotel TVs are:

  • What is the purpose of my customized content
  • How will it help my clients?

Your content can be used to inform your clients about important information or entertain them and help them relax.

Regardless of the purpose of the content, remember to use keywords and eye-catching graphics.

Worst Things To Show On Hotel TVs

Hotel TVs are one of the most dreaded parts of staying in a hotel for many guests. Without great entertainment, the quality of your services suffers.

While there are lots of channels you can offer to your guests, there is some content that should be considered off-limit or not fit for client consumption. These are contents that are either unappealing, unnecessary, or simply don't speak well for your brand.

Some of the worst things to show on hotel TVs include:

1. Pay Per View Entertainment

The concept of pay-per-view entertainment is to help guests enjoy their favorite shows in your hotel as they do at home. It is designed to help clients connect to networks like Netflix, Hulu and HBO and continue enjoying whatever content they like.

Although there is nothing inherently wrong with the concept, it is important to note that most guests already have access to these networks on their devices. With their accounts easily accessible on their mobile devices and laptops, there is no point in paying extra bucks for the content they can enjoy on their devices.

Guests see pay-per-view entertainment as unnecessary and will use the hotel’s Wi-Fi connection to watch their favorite shows on their devices.

2. Adult Content

Unless your hotel policy states otherwise, hotels are often frequented by people of all ages. Guests often come alone or sometimes, with their underage.

With your hotel gates open to people across all age groups, it is essential to ensure you have the right content suitable for all age groups. This means adult content should not be welcome on your Hotel TV.

It isn’t only inappropriate to leave adult channels on and easily accessible like any other channel but also make pay-per-view adult movies available for rent. While many hotels may argue that the latter option makes for a better-controlled environment as guests will have to ask for the content first, it still doesn’t change the fact that it creates an unsafe environment for younger guests.

Pay-per-view adult content is an ingrained part of many hotels worldwide as a channel to take in fast cash. Unless you want your hotel to be a target of moral outrage, you should stick to regular, more acceptable content.

3. Religious Content

Displaying religious content on hotel TV might cause your establishment to be a breeding ground for religious bias.

While the predominant and world’s largest religion is still Christianity, the religious landscape is vast and accommodates about 10,000 distinct religions worldwide.

If your hotel is established in an area with only a few predominant religions, you will probably think it is a great idea to show content or programs on the major and influential religions in the area. However, this does more harm than good.

When you run a hotel, your guests come from all walks of life and religious demographic. Showing content that favors one religion will make your establishment look biased, damaging your customer-brand relationship.

To avoid this, it is better to focus on providing content that everyone will interact with and enjoy.

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