The Best (& Worst) Things to Show On Spa TVs

When creating the best atmosphere for your spa, the first things that you will typically think about are the facilities, services, and programs that your spa offers, such as a sauna, a pool, a hot tub, massages, mud baths, nail services, and much more depending on the type of spa that you operate.

Of course, a spa is much more than the facilities, services, and programs it offers: it is also an atmosphere. Many people go to spas to relax and unwind. While relaxing and unwinding, there is often also the feeling of self-improvement: whether that be improving one’s own natural beauty or improving the feeling of one’s body, muscles, and skin.

The spa's atmosphere should enhance this sense of relaxation, professionalism, and self-improvement. One of the best ways to set the atmosphere of a spa is by showing content on the TVs that one has around the spa. Moreover, TVs are a great way to inform people of the types of facilities, programs, and services the spas offer.

However, there are many pitfalls that a spa manager can fall into when choosing the right content to show on spa TVs, so you cannot just put anything on your spa TVs and assume that this will be the best way to enhance your customer's experience.

In this article, we go into depth on the best things to show on your spa TVs, so that you can use your TVs to optimize the experience your customers have at your spa. After that, we will go over some of the worst things to show on your spa TVs, so that you do not make the mistake of showing content that will take away from the spa experience.

After reading this article, you should feel confident about what to show and what not to show on your spa TVs, and in general, how to use your spa TVs in the most effective and beneficial manner.

The Best Things to Show on Spa TVs

1. Spa information

One of the most important things for a spa is to make sure that your customers and clients are well informed about what your spa offers so that they can make the most of their experience at your business.

Some of the most important information to show is the facilities that your spa offers. If your spa has a hot tub, or a whirlpool, or a sauna, then this information should be readily available and visible on a television near the reception area. Moreover, this information should not be conveyed only with words.

It would be highly beneficial to show pictures of the facilities along with a description of the facilities. People love to envision themselves in luxurious-looking places, so make sure that these pictures are top-notch, and you will likely entice new customers to take the plunge and spend some time at your spa.

Another bit of information to include with the images and the description is the hours of operation for each of the facilities. People will likely be disappointed if they check into your spa only to find that the facility they were so looking forward to making use of is not operating at that time of day.

As a rule of thumb, a spa should always make sure that its clients and potential clients have all the information required to know what to expect from your spa.

2. Calming visuals and music

There is nothing like calming visuals and music to set the mood for relaxation. Not all areas of the spa will need TV screens. For example, you would probably not put a television in a sauna. However, in massage rooms or even the lobby, you can really enhance the atmosphere with the right visuals and music.

As far as music goes, you will probably want to go with instrumentals, since lyrical songs will be too distracting and won’t serve their function as a background. There are many options for calming instrumental music, so you can curate the perfect playlist for your desired atmosphere.

For visuals to go along with the music, a great bet are images of nature, such as beautiful landscapes, winding rivers, and rustling leaves. The visuals also do not have to be static. You can incorporate videos. Videos of waterfalls and drone videos of landscapes can create a sense of awe and relaxation.

If you decide that you don’t want to play music, you could also choose to use nature sounds that correspond to the videos on the screen. There is a lot of room for creativity when it comes to curating the best visual and auditory playlist for relaxation, so have fun with it, and feel free to ask clients for feedback!

3. Information about services and programs

Just as you will want to highlight the facilities at your spa, you will also want to highlight the services and programs that you have to offer your clients. If you offer massages, you should put that on your screen with an image of someone getting a massage.

Moreover, if you offer packages with multiple services for an extended spa experience, those should also be promoted. These TV screens can act as your in-store marketing.

People may come to the spa thinking that they only want to take advantage of one service and then, once they come into your reception area and see all of the services and packages you offer, they may very well decide that they want to take advantage of many of your other facilities and services.

It should be left to your discretion whether you want to put the prices of your services on the screen along with the information and pictures. Some might find it more beneficial to direct the customer to ask the receptionist or some other staff member about pricing so that your sales staff can work their magic, while others might find it more beneficial to have the prices visible and easily accessed.

One note is that if you are offering a special deal, you will probably want to promote that on your screen, as this will be the most effective way for piquing your customer’s interest. As said previously, the content that you put on your TV screens really should be viewed as marketing material.

For that reason, you will want to use the most enticing images and descriptions available. The benefit of TV screen marketing can totally backfire if the content is haphazard or unprofessional-looking.

People want to be sure that the people who will be taking care of their needs are professionals and that they can expect the best care, so the content that you show on your screens should satisfy this desire rather than make your customers doubt the quality of the services you are offering them.

4. Staff profiles

A great way to assure your customers of the credentials of your staff, while increasing the sense of familiarity the customer feels in your establishment is to display staff profiles on the screens. A staff profile might include a smiling picture of one of your staff members.

Next to the picture would be the position they occupy at your business. That is, what services they provide. Then there could be a blurb about their training and how long they have been practicing their service. To top it off, there could be a quote from the staff member describing why they got involved in this line of work and the type of experience they hope to provide for their clients.

There is no set template for staff profiles, but the examples given above are a great place to start when deciding what type of information to display on your staff profiles. Staff profiles are another incredible in-store marketing tool that puts faces to the services that are provided.

5. Event information

Depending on the type of spa you run, you may have certain events that you will want your customers to know about. Putting this information on TVs is truly the best way to get that information out there.

If someone is not interested in events, it could be irritating for the receptionist to inform them of upcoming events. It is much better to have this information up on a TV screen where people can choose to pay attention to the information or choose to ignore it.

6. Business mission statement

Our final recommendation for the best things to show on your spa TVs is your spa’s mission statement. Putting a succinct and sincere statement about the purpose and goal of the spa is a great way to increase the feeling of transparency and comfort for your customers. When you increase these feelings, it is more likely that you will get customers that want to come back again for more, and the backbone of almost all businesses is the repeat customer.

The Worst Things to Show on Spa TVs

1. Music videos

There is no doubt that music videos can be highly entertaining, but they are simply more fit for a bar or a restaurant than a spa. Music videos are flashy and visually stimulating, and these factors make them anathema to relaxation. This is not to say that all music videos are jarring or stimulating rather than relaxing but as a rule of thumb, music videos should be avoided on the TV screens of spas.

2. TV shows and movies

TV shows and movies are generally best to be avoided in spas. They require that people pay attention to the screen and do not help with relaxation. Some exceptions might be beauty-related TV shows if you are running a beauty spa, but you will likely want to keep people focused on the services that your spa provides rather than what some spa on TV provides. Simply put, TV shows and movies just are not great for setting the right atmosphere for a spa, and for that reason, they should probably be avoided.

3. News broadcasts

One of the major things you will want to avoid putting on your spa TVs is the news. It is no secret that whatever your political orientation or worldview, so much of today’s news is extremely stressful. This is why political news should be avoided but also news that is not explicitly political.

People come to the spa to relax and forget about the outside world for a little while. Putting on the news in such an environment can completely ruin the mood. People don’t want to hear about a wildfire or a horrendous crime while they are waiting to get a massage or while they are relaxing in the jacuzzi. Spas are like an oasis that needs to be protected to keep the proverbial water clean.

5. Unrelated beauty or spa programming

It might seem like a great thing to put on your spa TVs is programming that is beauty or spa related. There is plenty of content out there that shows makeovers or skin clearing treatments and other related things. However, you do not want to be showing people content that is not related to your own specific spa.

For example, you do not want to show the content of a mud bath that your spa simply does not offer. That would defeat the marketing potential of your spa TV screens. You want your customers to feel like your spa is offering them the best of the best care.

For that reason, it is inadvisable to show content that your spa cannot provide. This only increases the potential for your customers to feel unsatisfied with what you have to offer.

Time to Make the Most Out of Your Spa TVs

In this article, we have gone over the best and the worst things to show on your spa TVs. As should be clear, Spa TVs can serve many functions. They can help set the mood for relaxation. They can work as in-store marketing, and they can help create brand familiarity and promote brand loyalty. By following the best practices described in this article and avoiding things like music videos and news broadcasts, you can be sure to optimize your customer’s spa experience with your spa TVs.

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