The Best Places For Drone Photography In The World

Whether you are a drone photographer professionally or as a hobby, nothing beats seeing the world through the lens of your handy drone camera. The joy of discovering new places to explore unique perspectives, positions, and patterns that cannot be seen at ordinary heights can be compared to none.

Are you looking for places to take captivating pictures from a synoptic view? Look no further! We have provided you with a list of the best places for drone photography in the world!

How To Choose Amazing Places For Drone Shots

Drone photography is all about photography. Although still pictures taken on ground level also requires a creative perspective, it cannot be compared to the ability of drone photographers to picture what a view of a landscape will look like, thereby turning what will otherwise be considered commonplace into something magical.

While a sense of perspective is a great trait in many drone photographers, this artistic quirk isn’t enough. To have an attractive drone picture, you not only need to know how to fashion what is seemingly normal into a creative piece but also need to know the best locations to do so.

Sometimes, you don’t have to choose the most picturesque location or idyllic place for a creative picture. In the right setting, even something as seemingly ordinary as a roundabout in a city can create a visually appealing picture. Regardless, it is often a great idea to research beautiful places where you can showcase your creativity and produce masterpieces.

Choosing a location for the shoot is one of the challenging factors of drone photography. It often requires careful research of the areas and scouting for locations to fly. As a drone photographer, you are undoubtedly familiar with tools like Google Earth that lend a bird’s eye view of areas so you can visualize the best locations for your work.

Regardless of this handly 3D function Google Earth and other tools provide, it takes days or even weeks of careful searching and studying of intricate details of several States to find something impressive.

This is a lot of work. To help you narrow your research and reduce the time you will spend scouting areas, we have compiled a carefully curated list of the best places for drone photography in the world.

The Best Places For Drone Photography In The World

With our list, finding spectacular locations to capture jaw-dropping pictures should be a walk in the park. Although our list is not exhaustive of the places with great scenery and landscapes in the world, it is a great start to easing the challenge of finding places for drone footage.

1. Mauritius

Mauritius is not only a popular vacation hotspot but easily one of the most beautiful places in the world for gorgeous drone photographs. An island in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is located off the eastern coast of Africa and physiographically a part of the Mascarene Islands.

Mauritius is the epitome of idyllic scenery. With clear skies and an even clearer ocean view, tropical forests and towering green mountains, Mauritius is a colorful setting straight out of any photographer’s dreams.

From the ground on this tropical island, it is easy to get a picture-worthy view of the ocean with the volcanic mountains as a pleasant backdrop. From the air, the view is even more mind-blowing and pristine. With its exquisite scenery, it is easy to see why Mauritius is known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

Its diverse ecosystem of gorgeous lagoons, diverse flora, and exquisite beaches is not the only interesting part of the Island. Mauritius is special because of its diverse cultural heritage. The rich cultural history of the island lends it even more colorful and vibrant.

Essentially, Mauritius should make any drone photographer’s list of top places to visit for drone photography.

2. Scottish Highlands

At first glance, the Scottish Highlands look like a location straight out of a movie set. You know, the ones with broody Vikings or cowboys on a mission.

Scottish Highlands in itself looks brooding, but not in a dark, menacing way. Instead, it is a backdrop of majestic appearance and a cinematic view that looks straight out of a movie. This is not surprising as the wild scenery has been borrowed in the making of notable movies like Harry Potter and the Outlander series.

The landscape in Scottish Highlands is made up of lush green fields stretching for miles, greener mountains that look almost dark as they loom in the distance, and lakes that look even darker than the mountains. Scottish Highlands command a venerable adoration that looks great from the ground up and will undoubtedly look even better from a birds-eye view.

The Scottish Highlands is the most mountainous part of the United Kingdom. It possesses everything from alpine peaks to craggy hills that renders the area a rugged beauty. And that is not all.

Scottish Highlands is also spotted with beautiful calm and pristine lochs, a rich moss cover that contributes greatly to the area’s tropical beauty, and a background of a mysterious grey sky.

All in all, we greatly recommend the Scottish Highlands for a wild yet tranquil drone picture.

3. Australia

Our list is incomplete without the Great Southern Land. Also known as the Land Down Under- being in the southernmost part of the Southern Hemisphere- Australia might be the smallest continent. Still, it is bursting with rich scenery and a glorious landscape.

Australia is not only famous for its Kangaroos and other wildlife but also for its unique and diverse flora. Together, flora and fauna make up an enormous ecosystem that contributes to its high number of annual tourist visits.

The Great Barrier Reef might be one of Australia’s main attractions, but there are many more where that came from. Australia brags about a full range of different stunning views and landscapes you can explore with your drone. From snow-covered mountain peaks to gorgeous coral reefs with picturesque beaches, arid sandy deserts, soothing rivers, and lush tropical rainforests.

Australia is filled with a world of awe-inspiring wonders waiting to be seen through the lens of a drone camera. Since Australia is also filled with some of the world’s oldest geological features, you get a surprise in every picture frame.

While all of these are great, it is essential to note that Australia has strict flying restrictions on some National Reserves and Parks. To fly a drone in these places, you will need approval from the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS).

4. Micronesia

Micronesia is Oceania's sub-region and a country in the Western Pacific Ocean. It consists of over 2000 small islands and includes four main archipelagos.

Although Micronesia might sit far out of reach in an extremely remote location, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places a drone photographer can ever visit. It boasts of high volcanic mountains with peaks that hug the sky down to low-lying corals with mesmerizing rich colors.

The natural beauty and natural wonders of the area are one big reason why Micronesia is a leading field of tourism. It offers everything from hills to forests, mountains, valleys, a view of the vast seas, and of course, diverse wildlife. Micronesia is no doubt a Paradise and hidden gem waiting to be discovered, explored and captured through the lens of your camera.

As a bonus, Micronesia offers a colorful and rich culture with delicious food and many activities you can engage in.

5. The Atacama Desert

If you want peace and quiet in a magical location with such breath-taking beauty, the Atacama Desert is the right place for you. Located in Antofagasta, Chile, the Atacama Desert is the driest nonpolar desert in the world. It is also the only true desert to receive less precipitation than the polar deserts and the largest fog desert in the world.

Despite the Atacama Desert being the driest desert in the world, the mountain peaks are snow-capped. This begs the question- is the Atacama desert hot or cold?

The arid desert might have snow on its mountain peaks, but this is more due to the altitude of the mountains and has less to do with the temperature, as its temperatures can exceed 130 degrees Fahrenheit in the hottest months. However, the temperature remains relatively mild most months of the year.

The Atacama Desert sees tropes of tourists yearly but has a relatively low population of roughly one million people. This is great as you have fewer people to disturb with drone footage.

There is no vegetation in the desert as the land is sterile. However, you have more views from the lunar rock formations, looming volcanoes, the Moon Valley that looks like you imagine a moon will look, high-altitude geysers, salt flats, and saline lakes.

The Atacama Desert has similar soil samples to Mars- according to NASA- and is often used as a location for filming Mars scenes. There have also been rumors of extraterrestrial sightings in the desert.

Who knows? You might be able to capture something more interesting than you hoped for.

6. The Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii’s beauty is not a secret which explains why it is a vacation favorite for many tourists. The country is full of life and breathtaking scenery you will enjoy taking pictures of.

The Hawaiian Islands comprise approximately 132 islands in the North Pacific Ocean. There are six major islands, each with its interesting topography, sights, and adventure.

Although Hawaii is great for having fun on the beach or engaging in other enjoyable activities, it is also the perfect place to capture fascinating pictures. From plateaus to lava deserts, bamboo forests, the snow-covered peak of Mauna Kea, and tropical areas, the Hawaiian Islands are rich with various landscapes, terrains, and astonishing scenery.

You can never run out of options of scenes to capture in Hawaii. Hawaii easily makes the top of the list for a vacation merged with a drone photography shoot visit.

7. New Zealand

New Zealand is an island country in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean. It is a remote location but also easily one with beautiful, biodiverse landscapes.

New Zealand is filled with gorgeous locations and scenic delights often visited by tourists who come far and wide. It is a treasure trove of not-so-hidden exotic locations to create unforgettable vacation memories and, of course, stunning aerial pictures.

New Zealand truly has it all. From mesmerizing waterfalls to astonishing beaches, at any time of the day and season of the year, you will no doubt be impressed by the sights you will enjoy in this beautiful country.

The contrasting terrains in New Zealand do not stick apart like sore thumbs but instead blend in the seamless fashion of a natural masterpiece. New Zealand’s landscape is dramatic and lends a wonderful view for any drone photographer lucky enough to visit its territory.

8. Puerto Rico

The Caribbean Islands are notable for their exquisite beauty, and Puerto Rico is not left out. Existing as an unincorporated territory of the United States, Puerto Rico is located in the northeastern Caribbean.

Puerto Rico is considered a paradise, and rightfully so. The vibrant territory has a wealth of biodiversity and colorful culture that offers tourists an experience they will never forget.

Puerto Rico has a little bit of everything but is mainly made of mountainous and hilly terrain. Besides its mountain range, Puerto Rico is also composed of coastal plains, a rain forest, deserts, caves, oceans, rivers, and, of course, sandy beaches.

There is an endless variation of the type of drone pictures you can take in the territory. All scenes are magical and worth capturing. The most photographed site in Puerto Rico is the historic Old San Juan. However, there are more places you can have fun taking pictures of.

9. Arizona, U.S.A.

Arizona might be famous for its Grand Canyon, but it undoubtedly is home to other exquisite wonders.

Arizona is a southwestern U.S. state with a hot and dry climate. Despite its extreme temperatures, Arizona offers breathtaking natural beauty and exquisite views you will never regret seeing.

The Grand Canyon State is home to 22 national parks and monuments. These parks are major attraction centers that draw in thousands of tourists annually.

Arizona boasts of unique and diverse terrains along with numerous natural, cultural and recreational resources. From natural landscapes to man-made wonders like the Hoover Dam, Arizona is undoubtedly a great place to explore and take stunning aerial pictures.

Don’t know where to begin? With the Monument Valley, Sedona, Havasu Falls, and Antelope Canyon, among others, you can never run out of options for your drone photoshoot.

10. Kenya

When it comes to places to capture jaw-dropping drone pictures, Africa offers an extensive range of places with astounding views. While there are lots of places in Africa worth mentioning, Kenya undoubtedly makes the top of our list.

Kenya offers unique views of amazing landscapes worthy of pictures. Located in East Africa, Kenya is home to diverse wildlife and scenic landscapes that range from low coastal plains to mountains and plateaus.

From the National Parks to the villages themselves, there are lots of scenes from the exquisite natural landscape and colorful culture to capture.

Exploring The World With A Drone in Hand

Drone photography offers a way to explore the world and truly appreciate natural beauty from different angles and perspectives. Although drone photography is not the easiest hobby or profession, with every picture you capture, you will realize it is worth every time and resource you invest in the process.

Although our list is not exhaustive, we guarantee nothing but great sights from great heights in these places. Before you pack up your drone and hurry to a location, it is better to research drone restrictions, weather, and other important elements. With your trusty drone, the world is your model and everywhere is a great picture waiting to be taken!