The Power of Digital Signage in Offices

Advantages of Digital Signage in Offices

Because digital signage boards offer engaging content to all employees, digital signage displays are a fast, simple and affordable way to boost employee engagement, increase productivity and enhance company culture. Replacing mass emails to employees or flyers in the cafeteria, digital signage for the workplace allows offices to share information with all employees seamlessly, in an eye-catching manner.

Engage Your Employees

Digital signage offers a platform to ensure that essential internal communications are delivered quickly and with maximum visibility to everyone. Use it to ensure that your staff is aware of important events, such as open enrollment for the company health plan, a holiday party, work holidays, etc. so that they won't miss out.

Offices can use digital signage to improve communication and keep employees updated with the latest information, displaying important news and announcements, upcoming events, and company goals. Digital signage can also remind employees of safety protocols, provide emergency alerts, and present new policies in an engaging way.

Improve Productivity

Using digital signage in the workplace boosts employee productivity by providing a faster way to transfer knowledge so that all employees can act confidently. When everyone has access to the same information they feel better informed, resulting in improved communication and work productivity.

If your industry permits, music is a great tool for increasing employee productivity in the office. Music can be a great way to increase productivity in the office. Studies have shown that listening to music can improve concentration and focus, reduce stress, and even improve memory.

Music can help to create a more positive working environment, improving the mood of workers and making them more likely to be productive. Music can also break up long tasks and set the pace for completing tasks more quickly.

Foster Company Culture

Corporate culture is shaped by internal communication. Digital signage can be an integral part of creating a thriving company culture with more workforce-focused content, such as employee recognition, celebrating employee birthdays, work anniversaries, introducing new workers, and baby announcements. Only about half of the U.S. workforce (51 percent) say they feel valued by their employer, and more than a third (36 percent) feel they haven’t received any form of recognition in the last year, according to a study by the American Psychological Association.

When employees feel acknowledged and appreciated in the workplace, it creates a culture of support and camaraderie, which in turn helps with employee retention. In fact, employee recognition has been shown to increase employee wellbeing and improves job satisfaction and commitment.

How to Use Digital Signage in Offices

Digital signage can take various formats in an office setting.  There are countless categories of information that can be shared to create a productive and inclusive office environment using simple workplace digital signage software..

Spread Important Announcements

Letting employees know the latest company news is critical -  digital signage is fast, easy, and eliminates the need for reading long emails. Once employees become acclimated to checking digital screens for these types of announcements, these events gain importance.

Highlight Upcoming Events

Let everyone know when specific events are happening via digital signage; whether informing employees about anything from a company retreat, a visit from an important client or guest, a company holiday party or the launch date of a new product or service, sharing this type of news is essential. Digital signage makes it possible to share this news to everyone at the same time in an eye-catching manner.

Add Some Fun with Videos

While bright text and images are eye-catching, video content is the most engaging. Whether you add video content from company events and celebrations, show employees in action either on site or at outside events, or add short, funny video clips to highlight an announcement (i.e. a clip of a slip and fall from a comedy movie to warm employees of construction in one area of the office). Integrating video content into your digital signage increases the message’s visibility;when the images are humorous, they further increase attention and appreciation.

Celebrate Successes

It’s important to celebrate successes – either on behalf of the whole company, or those of specific individuals or teams.  Meeting sales goals, completing a project on time, receiving awards or other demonstrations of recognition in the industry or community are all worth acknowledging and celebrating.  In addition, it’s import to acknowledge employee successes outside of the office as well ( such as: an employee completing a marathon or other sports challenge, participation in community service or other volunteering organizations, degree completion, or any other personal accomplishments by employees that merit celebrating).

Digital Office Signage from LoopTV

Adding digital signage to your office does not have to be an expensive or expensive undertaking. For example, Loop®TV offers an affordable way to create compelling digital signage with its simple interface of built-in software tools, allowing you to create announcements quickly and easily. Loop®.TV offers the power to change the frequency of content and messaging, all online.  Plus, Loop®.TV offers 150+ channels of music and non-music content that can play in your office should you want to add it to enhance the work environment.

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