The Top 10 Benefits Of Digital Signage Displays

Businesses and organizations in recent times have begun to adopt digital signage technology as a significant part of their brand. Traditional signage is becoming less popular, and digital signage is being explored as a better means of communication- and for a good reason too.

Interactive digital signage can be found in organizations and businesses like retail stores, cinemas, and even gyms. It has gained considerable traction as the number of companies adopting this technology increases.

Digital signage is recognized chiefly due to its numerous more significant benefits compared to traditional signage. Below, we have provided the top 10 benefits of digital signage displays.

What Is Digital Signage Display?

Digital signage is the modern form of traditional signage displays like static billboards and fliers. It is electronic signage that uses display technologies like LCD, Wall screens, and LED to display images, videos and texts.

Digital Signage has continued to grow over the years and positively impacted the business world with its exceptional communicative and interactive features. This technology is a passive system that drastically improves content creation and communication to interact with a large number of audiences in real-time.

Digital signage displays are electronic devices installed to display texts, videos, or multimedia content for informational or advertising purposes. With the continuous and rapid advent of technology, these displays are becoming increasingly popular and can be found in stores, malls, churches, and even train stations.

There are endless opportunities that lay in wait for digital signs for businesses. Digital signage has continuously proven to be more effective and beneficial for businesses than traditional signage.

Studies show that the global digital signage market reached $23.5 billion in 2021and is expected to average $63.3 billion in 2021. Further studies also showed that 60% of enterprises without digital signage in their stores plan to invest in the technology within the next two years.

Top Ten Benefits Of Digital Signage Display

Digital signage breathes life into the communication aspect of a brand’s business. It is designed to attract consumers’ attention and deliver a message dedicated to improving their experience.

Digital signage is an ingenious solution to connect with the public. A study shows that digital signage reaches about 135 million people a week.

Digital signage is undoubtedly a powerful tool that can be used to your business's advantage in different ways. The possibilities are endless, and the benefits run long.

To help you understand just how powerful digital signage can be to any business, we have compiled a list of the top 10 benefits of digital signage displays.

1. Attention-Grabbing

Imagine walking down the streets, noticing a large screen with bold letters, images and colors. With the screen practically yelling for attention, the content on display is bound to pull you in hook, line, and sinker.

The most obvious and important benefit of a digital signage display is its ability to grab attention regardless of where it is placed. Thanks to a society slowly becoming obsessed with technological devices with screens, it is almost impossible to see a looming screen with colorful content without being attracted to it.

While static billboards are equally attractive, they can in no way be compared with the dynamic abilities of a digital signage billboard. Research proves this by showing digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays.

Digital signage displays help you to stand out in a pool of contents. This attraction allows you to pass your information across to your audience quickly.

2. Better Recall Rate

While many traditional signs are attractive, chances are they are not interesting enough to strike a note with the viewer even when it is no longer in sight.

Digital signage displays capture not only the audience's attention but also have a significantly higher recall rate. According to Infographic, digital signage has a fantastic recall rate of 83% more than the essential traditional signage.

The goal with placing any sign is to ensure that the audience carries out actions on the CTA being displayed immediately. This CTA might be to visit a physical store, visit a website, or place an order to help a brand make sales.

With digital signage displays’ recall rate, you can rest assured that your audience will remember your brand long after the display is out of sight.

3. Dynamic Updates

A common problem with traditional signage is the inability to effect new changes without ordering a new sign. Making an update on a conventional sign can be tasking and require a lot of time to be implemented.

Digital signage displays, on the other hand, can be updated with the click of a button. It doesn't matter where the signage is placed in a location or at what time, if you decide you want to quickly update the price, goods available, or any other part of your content, all you need to do is edit and upload your content.

This feature makes it easy to quickly customize the content shown on digital signage displays to suit your business's immediate needs.

Do you want to announce the release of a new product or service? Or do you have a time-sensitive offer you wish to communicate to the public? This can be uploaded to your in-store or public digital signage displays in mere seconds.

4. Cost-Effective

Digital signage displays are a more cost-effective and budget-friendly option than traditional signage.

With digital signage, making content changes do not require the business to take down their sign physically. It doesn't require construction workers like it will bring down a static billboard. Digital signage displays do not require a complete replacement when an update is needed.

With traditional signs, it is often very challenging to effect changes without requiring a total replacement. This will need a printing fee, an installation fee for large static billboards, and even a shipping fee.

Getting a digital signage display is a one-time investment. As far as you have your software and hardware components, you can affect or implement any change you wish on your digital signage display.

With only minor issues- like digital software updates- to worry about, you do not require every other fee you will otherwise have spent on traditional signs.

5. Lower Perceived Wait Times

Businesses often find it challenging to manage waiting customers and a long queue effectively.

Customers find wait-times frustrating, often causing them to become upset and leading to a bad customer experience. While it is impossible to eliminate waiting periods completely, digital signage displays can make waiting seem more bearable.

Managing customer wait times is one of the significant factors in keeping your client happy and satisfied. The shorter a client waits, the more seamless they find their shopping experience. However, in cases where waiting is not optional, it is crucial to keep your customers entertained as they wait.

With digital signage displays, you can show your clients entertaining and informative content as they wait. This will keep them engaged, taking their mind off how long they are being kept waiting, thereby shortening their sense of perceived wait time.

While there are many digital signage services in the market today, none matches up to the level of entertainment Loop TV provides.

With Loop TV connected to your display, you can choose from more than a hundred audio and video channels of engaging content to display to your clients. With a ton of entertainment content ranging from music videos to movie trailers, you can provide your clients with an immersive experience as they wait in line.

6. Influence Purchasing Decision

The objective of a digital signage display is to communicate with the public and share information, mainly in the form of ads.

Digital signage displays can show upfront and attractive ads that convey offers, promotions, and announcements designed to increase the sales of your products or services and increase your business revenue.

With the powerful ability of in-store or public digital signage displays, businesses can quickly provide the public with a motivation to make purchases.

7. Video Leverage

A research source shows that the average attention of a person is between 2.8 to 8 seconds, with 90% of the information transmitted to the brain being visual. It also shows that visuals get 94% more views than text-based information.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with displaying text-based traditional signage content, these types of content will not elicit the kind of reaction that digital signage displayed content will.

With digital signage, businesses can mix customized texts with images and videos to create an attractive mix that immediately catches people’s eyes. Because videos are far more engaging, especially if done with catchy animations, it is easy to grasp customers’ attention and provide a more engaging experience.

The video feature of digital signage displays can also be leveraged to provide a seamless shopping experience. Do you have a hot new product you want to tell your customer about? Just show them.

Essentially, digital signage can be used as a communication and information tool in diverse ways.

8. Automatic Switch

Digital signage displays provide one medium for all types of content. It creates space to show all your content with the unique and functional digital signage scheduling feature.

With the scheduling capabilities, businesses do not need to worry about constantly switching content manually. It can be a lot of work remembering to change your display to show different specific contents each day, but with the automatic switch, you can simply program items to play at specified times throughout the day.

This enables you to allow all your content to be displayed, thereby providing your audience with relevant information throughout the day. Do you run a restaurant and have an extensive menu for each part of the day? Simply schedule your breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu to the specific times you want them to be displayed.

Scheduling your content to switch on your digital signage automatically will save you a lot of time and enable you to focus your resources on other parts of your business. It also takes away the stress of monitoring your sign and allows you to pay attention to other aspects of your business.

9. Increase Sales And Revenue

With the right combination of texts, images, and video content, businesses can directly impact the amount of sales they make and the revenue they earn. This is achievable by using digital signage to influence clients’ purchasing decisions directly.

According to studies, 80% of digital signage brands experience a 33% increase in sales. The interactive visual benefits play a direct role in influencing your revenues.

With digital signage, you can create immersive ads, communicate promotions, encourage impulse purchases, and create a positive customer experience to trigger more sales.

10. Greater Customer Satisfaction

Digital signage plays a huge part in providing a positive customer experience. It plays a significant role in keeping customers satisfied and ensuring they enjoy a seamless transaction while doing business with your brand.

Customers who interact with businesses that use digital signage experience a 46% increase in satisfaction. This is primarily due to features like reduced perceived wait time, better entertainment, and more engaging communicative and interactive content.

The Opportunities Are Endless

Digital signage provides businesses with unlimited benefits that impact their growth and sales. It helps to display loads of information to many people in real-time, making it one of the fastest and most effective communication methods.

With digital signage, you can discover and implement new ways to engage your customers, create genuine connections, and build great customer-brand relationships. While research shows the impressive benefits and opportunities digital signage has offered businesses in recent times, there is no doubt that the benefits will continue to multiply soon.

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